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Famous Events For May 12

Famous Events For May 12 – Today In History

May 12: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – May 12  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 12th May 254: Catholic Pope Lucius I was today succeeded by Stephan I.
2. 12th May 919: Duke Henry of Saxony today became King. He became King Henry of Oostfankischreich.
3. 12th May 1082: In the battle of Mailberg, Leopold II of Australia was beaten by Vratislav II of Bohemia.
4. 12th May 1215: The English Barons today served an ultimatum on King John, which led to the preparation of the Great Charter, the Magna Carta, a charter which was agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede.


5. 12th May 1328: P Rainalducci was today chosen as anti-Pope Nicolas V by Holy Roman Emperor IV and the assembly of priests.
6. 12th May 1551: In Lima in Peru the San Marcos University was opened on this day.
7. 12th May 1459: Rao Johdpur today founded the Sun City in India.
8. 12th May 1588: Paris was today occupied by the Catholic League under Duke Henry De Guise.
9. 12th May 1604: The Spanish Garrison of Aardenburg surrendered to Mauritius today.
10. 12th May 1640: There was an uprising against King Philip IV of Spain.
11. 12th May 1689: England and Netherlands today formed the League of Augsburg.

18th Century – What Happened on May 12 – The 1700s

12. 12th May 1733: In Prague, Maria Theresa was today crowned Queen of Bohemia.
13. 12th May 1780: In the Revolutionary War British troops today occupied Charleston in South Carolina.
14. 12th May 1789: The Revolutionary War soldiers today formed The “Society of St. Tammany. It later became an infamous group of the political bosses of New York City.


15. 12th May 1792: A patent was today issued to a toilet that flushes itself at regular intervals.
16. 12th May 1797: There was a mutiny by the sailors of the British Royal Navy on the Thames in England and a blockade of London.

19th Century – May 12 This Day That Year – The 1800s

17. 12th May 1821: In Valtetsi the first major battle of the Greek War of Independence against the Turks occurred today.
18. 12th May 1835: Naturalist Charles Darwin today visited Copper Mines in North Chile.
19. 12th May 1849: Willem Alexander PFL was today crowned in Amsterdam as King Willem III.
20. 12th May 1862: In Louisiana, Baton Rouge was today occupied by the Federal troops.
21. 12th May 1864: The Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse took place during the US Civil War in Virginia today.
22. 12th May 1864: Col Emory Upton of the US Union who was 24 years old was today promoted to Brigadier General.


23. 12th May 1865: The last land action in the Civil War took place today at the Palmito Ranch in Texas.
24. 12th May 1870: Manitoba today became a province of Canada.
25. 12th May 1871: In Louisiana in Kentucky, segregated street cars were integrated today.
26. 12th May 1881: Tunis today became a French protectorate through the treaty of Bardos.
27. 12th May 1890:Prizefightingg was legalized today in Louisiana.
28. 12th May 1897: The Turkish army today beat Greece in the Battle of Thessaly.
29. 12th May 1898: To eliminate black voters Louisiana today adopted a new constitution with a “grandfather clause”.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day May 12th – The 1900s

30. 12th May 1900: CrownCityy was today occupied by lord Robert’s troops.
31. 12th May 1901: President McKinley visited San Francisco today.
32. 12th May 1902: About 14000 anthracite coal miners in Pennsylvania responded to a strike called by the United Mine Workers and struck work because mine owners had refused to recognize U M W.


33. 12th May 1908: Nathan B Stubblefield today obtained a patent for Wireless Radio Broadcasting.
34. 12th May 1911: W Morgan Schuster, the American economic expert today arrived in Persia on invitation and assumed charge of Persia’s finances with almost dictatorial powers. This caused resentment in Russia.
35. 12th May 1911: In London the first inter Empire championship opened today.
36. 12th May 1915: Armenia was today plundered by Croatia. 250 people were killed.
37. 12th May 1915: The idea of “Book Week” was today presented by Franklin K Mathews.
38. 12th May 1921: This day marks the first observance of National Hospital Day.
39. 12th May 1925: Kirgizstan and Uzbekistan today became autonomous Soviet Republics.
40. 12th May 1926: Today an airship was flown over the North Pole for the first time. Umberto Nobile flew the airship.
41. 12th May 1926: Ano-confidence motion moved against the minority government of Chancellor Hans Luther forced him to resign for the 2nd time German Chancellor.
42. 12th May 1926: The thirty-day general strike in Britain ended today but the coal mine workers continued the strike.

43. 12th May 1928: The International law to control drugs introduced the second opium law.
44. 12th May 1928: Mussolini today brought an end to women’s rights in Italy.
45. 12th May 1929: This year’s Pulitzer Prize was awarded to Julia Peterkin for “Scarlet Sister Mary”.
46. 12th May 1930: Mark Connelly was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for “Green Pastures”.
47. 12th May 1933:Too help the needy and the farmers Federal Emergency Relief Administration and Agricultural Adjustment Administration were formed.
48. 12th May 1936: Jazz musician and composer Duke Ellington’s “Cocktails for Two” hits number 1.
49. 12th May 1936: “Poisoned Kiss” by Ralf Vaughan Williams premiered in London today.
50. 12th May 1937: George V was today crowned King of England.
51. 12th May 1938: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, the drug popularly known as LSD was manufactured by Sandoz Laboratories.

52. 12th May 1940: Today Nazis began their blitzkrieg conquest of France by crossing the RiverMeusee.
53. 12th May 1940: Moerdijkbrug was today conquered by German tanks.
54. 12th May 1940: St Maarten was today occupied by French Marines.
55. 12th May 1940: Nazi Germany began to conquer France by crossing the Muese River.
56. 12th May 1941: The world’s first programmable fully automatic computer was today presented by Konrad Zuse in Berlin.
57. 12th May 1942: In Auschwitz 1,500 Jews were gassed today.
58. 12th May 1942: An American cargo ship was today sunk in the Mississippi River by a Nazi U-boat.
59. 12th May 1943: This day marks the surrender of Axis forces in North Africa.
60. 12th May 1943: Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain arrived today in the USA.
61. 12th May 1943: In Tunisia in North Africa, the German troops surrendered today.
62. 12th May 1949: Indian politician and diplomat Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit arrived in the USA as the first foreign woman ambassador.
63. 12th May 1949: Russia today lifted the blockade of roads leading to West Germany. The blockade was broken by the US and the British who lifted supplies to the citizens of West Germany.

64. 12th May 1951: The first Hydrogen Bomb was today tested on Enewetak Atoll.
65. 12th May 1952: Gajendra Singh was coroneted today as Maharaja of Jodhpur.
66. 12th May 1956: Cyclone and Tidal Wave struck East Pakistan.
67. 12th May 1958: The United States today performed an atmospheric nuclear test at Enewetak.
68. 12th May 1959: Elizabeth Taylor today married Eddy Fischer. It was her fourth marriage.
69. 12th May 1961: The world chess championship was won for the 3rd time by MikhailBotvinnikk.
70. 12th May 1963: Race Riots broke out today in Birmingham, Alabama.
71. 12th May 1965: Letters were exchanged between Israel and Germany to establish diplomatic relations.
72. 12th May 1967: The Neth Nonviolent Coordination Committee was today disbanded by Provo.
73. 12th May 19677: The British government today agreed to develop Stansted Airfield, currently used for pilot training to London’s third airport.

74. 12th May 1970: Harry A Blackmun was today confirmed as a Justice of the Supreme Court.
75. 12th May 1970: The US today performed a nuclear test at its Nevada test site.
76. 12th May 1971: At a civil ceremony in St. Tropez in France, singer Mike Jagger of Rolling Stones today married Bianca Perez Morena de Macias.
77. 12th May 1973: A “not guilty” verdict for DanielEllsbergg and Antony J Rosso Jr. was delivered today in the Pentagon Paper Trials.
78. 12th May 1975: Cambodian forces today seized the US merchant ship Mayaguez.
79. 12th May 1978: The commerce department of the US today said that the names of hurricanes will no longer be only female.
80. 12th May 1979: The 125-match winning streak on the clay court of tennis star Chris Evert came to an end today.
81. 12th May 1980: Kitty Hawk, the American balloon that was piloted by Maxie Anderson and his son Kristian, completed the first non-stoptrans-North-Americann balloon flight and landed in Quebec, Canada today.
82. 12th May 1982: The US Football League was formed today.
83. 12th May 1982: This year’s Pulitzer Prize was awarded to John Updike for “Rabbit is Rich”.
84. 12th May 1982: A Spanish traditional priest who opposed Vatican II reforms and considered Pope Paul II as its perpetrator was today stopped in his attempt to attack the Pope with a bayonet in Fatima, Portugal.
85. 12th May 1984: France performed a nuclear test today.
86. 12th May 1984: Imprisoned anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela sees his wife for the first time in 22 years.

87. 12th May 1984: the world exposition World of Rivers opened today in New Orleans.
88. 12th May 1985: In New York today Amy Eilberg was ordained as the the first woman Rabbi.
89. 12th May 1986: Dr. James C Fletcher was today appointed by President Ronald Regan as NASA administrator.
90. 12th May 1989: Islamic fundamentalists today kidnapped retired British pilot Jack Mann.
91. 12th May 1989: The last of the graffiti-covered subway cars of New York City retired today.
92. 12th May 1991: A new cancer drug was announced today. This drug is found in the bark of a rare tree which is found in the Pacific Northwest.
93. 12th May 1992: Ingrid Baeyens today became the first Belgian woman to climb Mount Everest.
94. 12th May 1997: After 400 years of conflict, Russia and Chechnya signed a peace deal today.

21st Century – May 12 This Day In History – The 2000s

95. 12th May 2008: A massive earthquake of magnitude 8.0 struck China killing more than 69,000 people.
96. 12th May 2011: Queen Elizabeth II of Britain today became the second longest reigning monarch of that country.
97. 12th May 2012: After completing radiotherapy treatment for cancer in Cuba, President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez returned to his home today.

98. 12th May 2013: It was today announced by the World Health Organization that the coronavirus which is also referred to as Saudi SARS can be transmitted by person-to-person contact.
99. 12th May 2014: 21st-century Fox intends to sell its European assets to BskyB unit, which will enhance BSkyB’s standing in the pay-TV sector. Regulatory approvals are awaited.
100. 12th May 2015: Nepal was today struck by a second earthquake of 7.3 magnitude in less than three weeks after an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude had struck the nation causing devastation and claiming thousands of lives.

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