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Famous Events For March 26

Famous Events For March 26 – Today In History

March 26: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 26  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 26th March 1027: John XIX crowned Conrad II the Salier Roman-German emperor.
2. 26th March 1150: The tradition of giving a gallon of flour to each resident, to keep a deathbed promise was started by the Tichborne family of Hampshire.
3. 26th March 1526: King Francois I returned to Spanish captivity in France.
4. 26th March 1534: Lübeck today accepted free Dutch ships into the East Sea.


5. 26th March 1636: The opening ceremony of the University of Utrecht was held today.
6. 26th March 1668: England today took control of Bombay in India.
7. 26th March 1692: King Maximilian was today installed as land guardian of South Netherlands.

18th Century – What Happened on March 26 – The 1700s

8. 26th March 1780: The first British Sunday newspaper today appeared as the British Gazette and Sunday Monitor.
9. 26th March 1790: The Naturalization Act was today passed by the US Congress. It required a 2-year residency.
10. 26th March 1793: In the Vendee region of France, a pro-royalist uprising took place today.
11. 26th March 1798: Under the rule of Bey Hamuda Pasha, Tunis signed a treaty of peace of friendship with the US following negotiations with William Eaton. The American Revolutionary War veteran had been recently appointed consul to the North African Kingdom.
12. 26th March 1799: Napoleon Bonaparte today captured Jaffa in Palestine.


19th Century – March 26 This Day That Year – The 1800s

13. 26th March 1804: The Louisiana Purchase was divided into the Territory of Orleans and the District of Louisiana.
14. 26th March 1804: Congress today ordered the removal of Indians east of the Mississippi to Louisiana.
15. 26th March 1812: A severe earthquake destroyed 90% of Caracas today. About 20,000 people perished in the quake.
16. 26th March 1821: Franz Grillparzer’s “Das Godene Vliess” Premiered in Vienna today.
17. 26th March 1824: Today marks the first performance of Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis.”
18. 26th March 1831: An interim government was established in Raseiniai as a Lithuanian revolt against Russian rule began. The uprising was led by the Polish in Warsaw and later joined by many people of Lithuania against Russian rule. Russian forces however quelled the rebellion.
19. 26th March 1836: General Santa Anna issued an order to the Mexican Colonel Jose Nicolas de la Portilla in triplicate to execute his Texan prisoners at Goliad.
20. 26th March 1845: A patent was awarded to the precursor of band-aid, adhesive medicated plaster today.
21. 26th March 1845: The corrugated sheet-iron lifeboat was today patented by Joseph Francis in New York.


22. 26th March 1862: Battle of La Glorieta Pass in New Mexico Territory.
23. 26th March 1863: The voters of West Virginia today approved the gradual emancipation of slaves.
24. 26th March 1864: The first blast furnace was today charged by British metalworkers in Scunthorpe. Iron ore has been mined in this area since 1860.
25. 26th March 1871: The Paris Commune was founded today by Parisians who revolted against their government and tried to secede by electing their government. The elected president of the country Adolphe Thiers however overcame this.
26. 26th March 1872: The fire extinguisher was today patented by Thomas J. Martin.
27. 26th March 1872: A powerful earthquake of 7.8 struck the Owens Valley in California today.
28. 26th March 1878: The world’s first official designated game reserve, the “Sabi Gave Reserve” was opened today.
29. 26th March 1878: The Hastings College of Law was today founded in San Francisco. It was named after the first Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, Serranus Clinton Hastings.
30. 26th March 1882: Oscar Wild arrived today in San Francisco to deliver a series of lectures. The next day he delivered the first lecture on “The English Renaissance” at Platt’s Hall at Bush and Montgomery.
31. 26th March 1885: The Canadian forces were today defeated by Louis Riel’s forces at Duck Lack, Saskatchewan.


32. 26th March 1885: Today Eastman Film Company of Rochester in New York manufactured the first commercial motion picture film. George Eastman had perfected the method of bonding photographic emulsion on thin strips of celluloid.
33. 26th March 1886: The first cremation in England took place today.
34. 26th March 1895: King Alfonso today started Spain’s Arbor Day by planting a pine sapling.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 26th – The 1900s

35. 26th March 1903: American Hotel opened in Amsterdam today.
36. 26th March 1909: Russian troops today invaded Persia to support Muhammad Ali as the Shah in place of the constitutional government.
37. 26th March 1910: William H. Lewis was today appointed Assistant Attorney General of the United States.

38. 26th March 1910: The United States today forbade immigration to criminals, anarchists, paupers, and the sick.
39. 26th March 1913: Dayton in Ohio was almost destroyed when rivers Scioto, Miami, and Muskingum reached flood stage simultaneously.
40. 26th March 1913: Bulgaria today captured Adrianople. This brought an end to the 1st Balkan War.
41. 26th March 1918: During World War I, the Germans today took the towns Nouon, oye, and Lihons on the Western Front.
42. 26th March 1918: The architect of the American air power in World War I, Col. Raynal Bolling, a resident of Greenwich in Connecticut was shot dead today by a German patrol in France.
43. 26th March 1924: George Bernard Shaw’s “Saint Joan” premiered in London today.
44. 26th March 1926: Oil companies in the U.S. today bought 190,000 tons of kerosene from Russia for a sum of $3.2 million.
45. 26th March 1926: Today, ACD de Graeff was appointed Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies.

46. 26th March 1926: On this day in America, the first lip reading tournament was held.
47. 2 6th March 1927: The German film company UFA was today purchased by Alfred Hugenberg.
48. 26th March 1927: Today marks the formation of the Faumont-British Film Corporation.
49. 26th March 1930: A sum of $50,000 was today appropriated by the Congress for the Inter-American highway.
50. 26th March 1931: A peace treaty was signed today by Iraq and Trans-Jordan (Transjordan).
51. 26th March 1931: New Delhi was today made the capital city of British India in place of Calcutta.
52. 26th March 1934: Britain introduced driving tests from this day.
53. 26th March 1934: All slanderous criticism of the state institutions in the press was banned in Switzerland. The press has threatened the suspension of publications if the ban was not heeded.
54. 26th March 1936: Today, Corning Glass Works, shipped a 200” telescope lens from New York to Cal Tech.
55. 26th March 1936: The parliamentary debate was aired for the first time by New Zealand Ratio.
56. 26th March 1937: During the Second Annual Spinach Festival in Crystal City Texas, a 6-foot-tall concrete statue of the cartoon character Popeye was unveiled.
57. 26th March 1937: William H. Hastie, today became the first black federal judge in the Virgin Islands.
58. 26th March 1938: Herman Goering today warned all Jews to leave Austria.
59. 26th March 1938: NBC ratio today broadcast the performance of Howard Hanson’s 3rd Symphony.

60. 26th March 1940: The elevated floor of a warehouse collapsed in Santa Rosa killing 9 homeless people, including two women. Some were Pomo Indians known in the area as fruit pickers and odd lob laborers.
61. 26th March 1942: In a stone quarry in Easton Pennsylvania 20 tons of gelignite killed 21 people.
62. 26th March 1942: In North Africa a German offensive took place under the leadership of Colonel-General Rommel.
63. 26th March 1943: Battle of Komandorski Islands in the Pacific Ocean.
64. 26th March 1943: Today, a US Army nurse, Elsie S. Ott became the first woman to receive an air medal.
65. 26th March 1944: Today 705 British bombers attacked Essen.
66. 26th March 1945: Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, and Patton launched an attack at Remagen on the Rhine.
67. 26th March 1945: The US 7th Army crossed the Rhine at Worms today.
68. 26th March 1945: Today the Japanese resistance ended on Iwo Jima.

69. 26th March 1945: The U.S. battle fleet was today attacked by Kamikazes near Kerama Retto.
70. 26th March 1945: Syria today, declared war on Germany.
71. 26th March 1947: FBI director J. Edgar Hoover warned HUAC that communists had launched “a furtive attack on Hollywood” 12 years earlier.
72. 26th March 1950: Senator Joe McCarthy named Owen Lattimore, an ex-State Department adviser, as a Soviet spy.
73. 26th March 1951: The design of the United States Air Force flag was approved today.
74. 26th March 1953: Eisenhower today offered increased aid in Indochina (Vietnam) to France.
75. 26th March 1953: It was announced today by Dr. Jones Salk of the University of Pittsburg that a vaccine against polio had been successfully tested in a small group of adults and children. The vaccine had undergone further testing and gained federal approval for public use.
76. 26th March 1955: The United States today set off the second H-bomb blast in four weeks in the Marshall Islands at Bikini Island. It was 750 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
77. 26th March 1958: The US Army today launched America’s third successful satellite, Explorer 3.
78. 26th March 1960: Iraq today executed 30 people after an attack on President Kassem.
79. 26th March 1961: John F Kennedy today met with British Prime Minister Macmillan in Washington to discuss increased communist involvement in Laos.
80. 26th March 1979: Camp David peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.
81. 26th March 1979: OPEC makes a full 14.5% oil price increase for 1979. This is effective from April 1st.
82. 26th March 1983: The U.S. today performed a nuclear test at its Nevada test site.

83. 26th March 1985: Pope John Paul II proclaims first-ever World Youth Day,
84. 26th March 1989: The first free elections were held in USSR today. 190 million people exercised their franchise. Boris Yeltsin won the election.
85. 26th March 1991: Fuel pipeline explodes under 58th Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City.
86. 26th March 1995: The Schengen Treaty goes into effect today.
87. 26th March 1996: The International Monetary Fund approves a $10.2 billion loan to Russia.
88. 26th March 1997: Thirty-nine bodies were found in the Heaven’s Gate cult suicides.
89. 26th March 1998: In the Oued Bouaicha massacre in Algeria, fifty-two people were brutally killed with axes and knives. Thirty-two of the massacred were babies under the age of two.

21st Century – March 26 This Day In History – The 2000s

90. 26th March 2001: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, opens an oil pipeline from the giant Tengiz Field to the Russian port of Novorossiysk on Monday. This gives the Central Asian producer its first direct link to the international market.
91. 26th March 2005: The government of Taiwan today called upon 1 million Taiwanese to demonstrate against the Anti-Secession Law of the People’s Republic of China. About 200,000 to 300,000 people participated in the walk.
92. 26th March 2006: Prohibition of smoking in all substantially enclosed public places comes into effect in Scotland.

93. 26th March 2006: The 18th Commonwealth Games ended today in Melbourne, Australia.
94. 26th March 2012: A top official in Tunisia’s ruling Islamist Ennahda Party says that Islamic law will not be enshrined in the country’s constitution, preserving the North African nation’s civil state.
95. 26th March 2013: President Barack Obama today chose veteran agent Julia Pierson as Secret Service director. She became the first woman to lead the male-dominated agency.
96. 26th March 2013: Saudi Arabia said investigations have shown that members of a spy ring arrested last week were working for Iranian intelligence.
97. 26th March 2014: Pope Francis permanently removed German bishop Franz-Peter Terbartz-ban Elst from his Limburg diocese after the uproar caused among the faithful, by his 31 million-euro new residence complex.
98. 26th March 2014: It was today ruled by the World Trade Organization, that China has violated international trade rules with its restrictions on the export of 17 “rare earths” and two other minerals that have key industrial and high-tech uses.
99. 26th March 2014: A Turkish court ordered the telecommunications authority to restore access to Twitter, issuing an injunction five days after the government blocked access to the social network.
100. 26th March 2014: There was a protest by the university students at the Madrid university against the education reforms and cutbacks in grants and staffing. Spanish police arrested more than 50 students during the strike.

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