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March 26 Famous Birthdays

March 26 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 26th are hilarious. When it comes to family relations, they value their ties with them. They realize what it takes to raise a child and will take great responsibility when their time arises to have one or two.

March 26th born famous people might have loose lips. Sometimes, they just open their mouth and either something awful will come out or something really sweet. There’s no telling about what they will say.


If you share your birthday with famous people born on March 26th, you will need a spouse. This, too, should not be a problem as you know how to treat a lady or a man. These celebrities will typically put them first. With this in mind and considering someone who is your opposite but complements you, the union could last for a life time. The Aries born today loves to cook and does a great job. It is the best way to bring the people they love together.


Famous people born on March 26 are Aries and are a joy to have around. Perhaps, they are dependent on others for love and security. On the other hand, they are not in a hurry to marry. Their health is generally good but could benefit from regular check-ups.


March 26th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

26th March Good Traits:

  • Imaginative
  • Smart
  • Enthusiastic
  • Rational
  • Innovative
  • Balanced

26th March Bad Traits:

  • Rash
  • Secretive
  • Sarcastic
  • Insensitive

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March 26th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abby Macintosh, 1999, YouTube Star
Adrian Leijer, 1986, Soccer Player
Ahmed Qurei, 1937, Politician
Alan Arkin, 1934, Movie Actor
Alan Silvestri, 1950, Composer
Alasgar Alakbarov, 1910, Movie Actor
Alex Lawless, 1985, Soccer Player
Alexander Sverjensky, 1901, Pianist
Alfred Cohn, 1880, Screenwriter
Alicia Lagano, 1979, TV Actress
Amy Smart, 1976, Movie Actress
Anais Mitchell, 1981, Folk Singer
Anastasia Kostaki, 1978, Basketball Player
Aneri Vajani, 1986, TV Actress
Angel Gaston Diaz, 1981, Soccer Player

Ann Meyers, 1955, Basketball Player
Antanas Gustaitis, 1898, War Hero
Antoine L’Écuyer, 1997, Movie Actor
Archie Cruz, 1992, Rock Singer
Aris Paracuelles, 1984, Dancer
Ayumi Ishida, 1948, Movie Actress
Barry Horowitz, 1960, Wrestler
Baruch Dego, 1981, Soccer Player
Ben Hanlin, 1986, Magician
Benjamin Thompson, 1753, Scientist
Betty MacDonald, 1908, Non-Fiction Author
Bianca Kajlich, 1977, Movie Actress
Bill Edrich, 1916, Cricket Player
Billy Warlock, 1961, TV Actor
Bob Elliott, 1923, Comedian
Bob Woodward, 1943, Journalist
Bonnie Curtis, 1966, Film Producer
Brad McKay, 1993, Soccer Player
Brendan Ryan, 1982, Baseball Player
Brian Lee, 1987, Hockey Player
Brian Simon, 1915, Teacher
Brittney Wilson, 1991, TV Actress
Carl Wieman, 1951, Scientist
Carlos Weinberg, 1998, Pop Singer
Carly Chaikin, 1990, Movie Actress
Carly Humbert, 1993, YouTube Star
Carmindy, 1971, Makeup Artist
Casimere Jollette, 1996, Movie Actress
Chad Kelly, 1994, Football Player
Charly McClain, 1956, Country Singer
Chris Hansen, 1959, Journalist
Chris Santos, 1971, Chef
Chris Tolleson, 1990, Reality Star
Ciara Wilson, 2001, TV Actress
Clive Palmer, 1954, Politician
Connie Culp, 1963,
Courtney Lundquist, 1994, YouTube Star
Courtney Yates, 1981, Reality Star
Curtis Sliwa, 1954, Radio Host
Daniel Boys, 1979, Stage Actor
Daniella Mass, 1993, Pop Singer
Danimal Lector, 1985, Rapper
Danita Angell, 1986, Model
Darnell Wold, 1985, Entrepreneur

David Edgerton, 1927, Entrepreneur
David Schmitt, 1988, Rock Singer
Deandre Levy, 1987, Football Player
Devery Henderson, 1982, Football Player
Diana Ross, 1944, Soul Singer
Dick Nolan, 1932, Football Coach
Didier Pironi, 1952, Race Car Driver
Dillon Rupp, 1997, Vine Star
DJ Mendez, 1975, Rapper
Drew Mitchell, 1984, Rugby Player
Duncan Hines, 1880, Journalist
Dwayne McKell, 1993, Vine Star
Edward Bellamy, 1850, Novelist
Elaine Chao, 1953, Politician
Ella Anderson, 2005, TV Actress
Ella Jonas Farlinger, 2001, TV Actress
Ellen Hoog, 1986, Field Hockey Player
Ellen Hopkins, 1955, Young Adult Author
Ellia English, 1960, TV Actress
Emily Tosta, 1998, TV Actress
Eric Allan Kramer, 1962, TV Actor
Erica Jong, 1942, Novelist
Ernest Lee Thomas, 1949, TV Actor
Felix Neureuther, 1984, Skier
Flip Phillips, 1915, Saxophonist
Francesca Marie Smith, 1985, Voice Actor
Francis Lawrence, 1971, Director
Frederikke Dahl Hansen, 1994, Movie Actress

Freya Tingley, 1994, Movie Actress
Freya Van den Bossche, 1975, Politician
Gene Gurie, 2003, TV Actor
Genna Bain, 1983, YouTube Star
George Daniel, 1990, Drummer
George Groves, 1988, Boxer
Giovanna Yannotti, 1987, Movie Actress
Gregory Corso, 1930, Poet
Guccio Gucci, 1881, Fashion Designer
Haley Ramm, 1992, Movie Actress
Hanna Larsson, 2000, Family Member
Harrison Houde, 1996, TV Actor
Harry Kalas, 1936, Sportscaster
Hiromi Uehara, 1979, Composer
Howard Werth, 1947, Rock Singer
Hugo Duncan, 1950, Radio Host
Hugo Rheinhold, 1853, Sculptor
Igor Mitoraj, 1944, Sculptor
IRezi, 2000, YouTube Star
Isaac C. Kidd, 1884, War Hero
J. L. Austin, 1911, Philosopher
James Bryant Conant, 1893, Scientist
James Buescher, 1990, Race Car Driver
James Caan, 1940, Movie Actor
James Iha, 1968, Guitarist
James L. White, 1936, Poet
James Moody, 1925, Saxophonist
Jason Chaffetz, 1967, Politician
Jason Dubois, 1979, Baseball Player
Jason Lytle, 1969, Rock Singer
Jason West, 1977, Politician
Jay Sean, 1981, R&B Singer
Jed Wallace, 1994, Soccer Player
Jeff Chang, 1967, Pop Singer
Jennifer Grey, 1960, Movie Actress
Jermichael Finley, 1987, Football Player
Jessica Hart, 1986, Model
Jessica Hernandez-Cruz, 1992, YouTube Star
Jesus Salvador Trevino, 1946, Director
Jimmy Howard, 1984, Hockey Player
Joe Anderson, 1982, Movie Actor
John Raja, 1995, YouTube Star
John Rowles, 1947, Pop Singer
John Stockton, 1962, Basketball Player
Johnny Crawford, 1946, TV Actor
Jon Huntsman, 1960, Politician
Jon Reep, 1972, Comedian
Jonathan Groff, 1985, Stage Actor
Jonny Craig, 1986, Soul Singer
Joseph Campbell, 1904, Non-Fiction Author
Josh Paler Lin, 1989, YouTube Star
Jozef De Beenhouwer, 1948, Pianist
Judith Baldwin, 1946, TV Actress
Julia Chow, 1990, YouTube Star
Juliana Paes, 1979, Soap Opera Actress
Justise Winslow, 1996, Basketball Player
Kathryn Bernardo, 1996, TV Actress
Kayla Raparelli, 1996, Pop Singer
Kedar Jadhav, 1985, Cricket Player
Keira Knightley, 1985, Movie Actress
Kenny Chesney, 1968, Country Singer
Kevin Davies, 1977, Soccer Player
Kid Rainen, 1981, Dancer
Krista Miller, 1970, YouTube Star
Kyle O’Quinn, 1990, Basketball Player
Kyle Van Noy, 1991, Football Player
Kyung-Wha Chung, 1948, Violinist
Larry Page, 1973, Entrepreneur
Lauren Samuels, 1988, Stage Actress
Laurence Thoms, 1980, Skier
Leeza Gibbons, 1957, TV Show Host
Leigh Harline, 1907, Composer
Leonard Nimoy, 1931, TV Actor
Leslie Mann, 1972, Movie Actress
Lew Tabackin, 1940, Saxophonist
Lilla Crawford, 2001, Movie Actress
Lincoln Chafee, 1953, Politician
Louise Thompson, 1990, Reality Star
Luc Bernard, 1986, Game Designer
Luke Askew, 1932, Movie Actor
Luke Ford, 1981, Movie Actor
Mahmoud Abbas, 1935, Politician
Manu Feildel, 1974, Chef
Marcus Allen, 1960, Football Player
Marissa Lopez, 1987, Chef
Martin Bella, 1964, Rugby Player
Martin McDonagh, 1970, Playwright
Martin Short, 1950, Movie Actor
Matt Barber, 1983, Movie Actor
Matt Burke, 1973, Rugby Player
Matt Davidson, 1991, Baseball Player
Matt Grevers, 1985, Swimmer
Matteo Guidicelli, 1990, TV Actor
Mattie Moss Clark, 1925, Gospel Singer
Mayu Watanabe, 1994, Pop Singer
Michael Imperioli, 1966, TV Actor
Michael Peca, 1974, Hockey Player
Michael Taylor, 1991, Baseball Player
Michel Breal, 1832, Scientist
Mikel Arteta, 1982, Soccer Player
Mirinda Carfrae, 1981, Triathlete
Misty Stone, 1986, Model
Mohamad Zoror, 1998, Vine Star
Molly Parken, 1997, Family Member
Morgan De Sanctis, 1977, Soccer Player
Morgan Elizabeth, 2001, YouTube Star
Mundane Matt, 1982, YouTube Star
Nacho Novo, 1979, Soccer Player
Nancy Pelosi, 1940, Politician
Natacha Peyre, 1985, Model
Natalia Livingston, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Natasha Leggero, 1974, Comedian
Nate Kaeding, 1982, Football Player
Nicolas Collins, 1954, Composer
Nina Agdal, 1992, Model
Noland Ammon, 1996, TV Actor
Nurgul Yesilcay, 1976, Movie Actress
Okami_Artist, 1994, Illustrator
Olena Mishchenko, 1995, YouTube Star
Othmar Ammann, 1879, Engineer
Oton Postruznik, 1900, Painter
Paige Spiranac, 1993, Golfer
Paige Vanzant, 1994, MMA Fighter
Patrick Suskind, 1949, Playwright
Paul De Leeuw, 1962, Comedian
Paul Erdos, 1913, Mathematician
Paul Kim, 1981, R&B Singer
Paulin Tokala Kombe, 1977, Soccer Player
Payte Parker, 1999, YouTube Star
Pierre Boulez, 1925, Composer
Quinn Sullivan, 1999, Guitarist
Rafael Méndez, 1906, Trumpet Player
Ramy Youssef, 1991, TV Actor
Rashad Jennings, 1985, Football Player
Ravi Zacharias, 1946, Religious Leader
Ray Mancini Jr, 1996, Reality Star
Raymond Arrieta, 1965, TV Show Host
Richard Dawkins, 1941, Novelist
Rob Kearney, 1986, Rugby Player
Robert Frost, 1874, Poet
Robert Nason Beck, 1928, Scientist
Roberto Bolle, 1975, Dancer
Roberto Garza, 1979, Football Player
Roch Voisine, 1963, Pop Singer
Roisin Conaty, 1979, Comedian
Romeo Neri, 1903, Gymnast
Rowan Hills, 1991, TV Actor
Rudolf Dassler, 1898, Entrepreneur
Rufus Thomas, 1917, R&B Singer
Ryan Arcidiacono, 1994, Basketball Player
Ryan Barr, 1996, TV Actor
Sam Pepper, 1989, YouTube Star
Samuel Greg, 1758, Entrepreneur
Sandra Day O’Connor, 1930, Supreme Court Justice
Sara Gross, 1976, Triathlete
Sara Jean Underwood, 1984, Model
Scarlett Stitt, 1999, Movie Actress
Sergio Livingstone, 1920, Soccer Player
Seri Pixel Biologist, 1988, YouTube Star
Seth Lakeman, 1977, Folk Singer
Shaheer Sheikh, 1984, TV Actor
Shelby Hamilton, 1998, Model
Shirali Muslimov, 1805,
Shirin Neshat, 1957, Screenwriter
Simon Kjaer, 1989, Soccer Player
Sophie Daguin, 1801, Dancer
Sterling Hayden, 1916, Movie Actor
Sterling Sulieman, 1984, TV Actor
Steve Augustine, 1977, Drummer
Steven Fletcher, 1987, Soccer Player
Steven Tyler, 1948, Rock Singer
Steward Ceus, 1987, Soccer Player
Strother Martin, 1919, Movie Actor
Suvi Koponen, 1988, Model
Syngman Rhee, 1875, World Leader
Teddy Pendergrass, 1950, R&B Singer
Tennessee Williams, 1911, Playwright
Tinto Brass, 1933, Director
Todd Barry, 1964, Comedian
Toni Elias, 1983, Race Car Driver
TR Knight, 1973, TV Actor
Trey Azagthoth, 1965, Guitarist
Tristan Gallant, 1990, YouTube Star
Unmukt Chand, 1993, Cricket Player
Vicki Lawrence, 1949, TV Actress
Viktor Frankl, 1905, Scientist
Von Miller, 1989, Football Player
Wayne Embry, 1937, Basketball Player
William Blount, 1749, Politician
William Hague, 1961, Politician
William Percival Gray, 1912, Lawyer
William Westmoreland, 1914, War Hero
Xiumin, 1990, Pop Singer
Yesica Toscanini, 1986, Model
Yessica Hernandez, 1992, Comedian
Yoshitaka Amano, 1952, Illustrator
Yui, 1987, Pop Singer
Yuri Gidzenko, 1962, Astronaut
Yuya Yagira, 1990, Movie Actor


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