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Famous Events For June 29

Famous Events For June 29 – Today In History

June 29: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 29  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 29th June 512: A monastic chronicler in Ireland has recorded a solar eclipse.
2. 29th June 1149: At the Battle of Inab Nur ad-Din defeated and killed Raymond of Antioch.
3. 29th June 1194: Sverre was crowned King of Norway today.
4. 29th June 1312: Henry VII was crowned as Holy Roman Emperor today.
5. 29th June 1428: Jacob of Bavaria signed a cease-fire agreement with Phillips the Good today.
6. 29th June 1529: The Treaty of Barcelona was signed by Emperor Karel V and Pope Clemens VII.


7. 29th June 1534: French explorer Jacques Cartier discovered Prince Edward Island in Canada.
8. 29th June 1540: Thomas Cromwell, former Lord Privy Seal and Chancellor of the Exchequer of England was indicted as a heretic today.
9. 29th June 1552: Girolamo Cardano, the Italian mathematician, and physician arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland to treat the Archbishop of St Andrew’s, John Hamilton for over two thousand gold crowns.
10. 29th June 1613: During the performance of the play “Henry VIII”, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London burned down today.
11. 29th June 1682: Sofia named herself Regent of Russia.
12. 29th June 1694: French grain transports were attacked by the Dutch fleet.


18th Century – What Happened on June 29 – The 1700s

13. 29th June 1755: 515 prominent Filipinos were baptized as Catholics today.
14. 29th June 1767: The British today passed the Townsend Revenue Act levying taxes on America which helped to intensify opposition to British rule.
15. 29th June 1776: Virginia State adopted its constitution and Patrick Henry was made its governor.
16. 29th June 1786: Alexander Macdonell along with five hundred Roman Catholic highlanders left Scotland today to settle down in Glengarry County, Ontario.

19th Century – June 29 This Day That Year – The 1800s

17. 29th June 1800: Freemason Lodge was established in Alkmaar today.
18. 29th June 1850: Sir Robert Peel, ex-Prime Minister of Britain fell off his horse today. He died three days later.


19. 29th June 1858: China cedes the north bank of the Amur River to Russia vide the Treaty of Algun.
20. 29th June 1863: George Armstrong Custer at the age of 23 was appointed as Union Brigadier General today.
21. 29th June 1863: The very 1st National Bank opened in Davenport, Iowa today.
22. 29th June 1864: 100 people were killed in the Grand Trunk Railway accident today.
23. 29th June 1864: Samuel Crowther, bishop of Niger was the first black to become bishop of the Church of England.
24. 29th June 1867: Pope Pius IX declared Gorcumse a holy martyr.
25. 29th June 1888: The first known recording of classical music was made on a wax cylinder in Egypt today.
26. 29th June 1891: The US National Forest Service was organized today.
27. 29th June 1891: Street railway commences operation in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 29th – The 1900s

28. 29th June 1903: British government protests against abuses in Belgium Congo.
29. 29th June 1922: France today granted one square kilometer at Vimy Ridge to Canada freely and for all time to the government of Canada, granting free use of land exempt from all taxes.
30. 29th June 1925: Canada House was opened today in London, England.
31. 29th June 1926: Arthur Meighen returned to office today as prime Minister of Canada.
32. 29th June 1927: The first flight from the West Coast arrived in Hawaii today.
33. 29th June 1929: Mexico and the Vatican signed Concord today.
34. 29th June 1931: Pope Pius XI published an encyclical on Nun abbiamo bisogno (we do not need fascism and Mussolini) today.
35. 29th June 1936: Empire State Building broadcasted high definition TV-343 lines.
36. 29th June 1939: Dixie Clipper today completed its first commercial plane flight to Europe.
37. 29th June 1940: The US today passed the Alien Registration Act which requires all Aliens to register.

38. 29th June 1943: US forces land at Nassau Bay, near Sala Maua, New Guinea.
39. 29th June 1943: In anticipation of the Allied force’s invasion of Europe Germany began withdrawing its U-boats from North Atlantic.
40. 29th June 1944: Germany launches a counterattack at Caen.
41. 29th June 1944: Seven Jews were shot dead by Nazi Paul Touvier today.
42. 29th June 1944: Cherbourg was today conquered by the US 7th army.
43. 29th June 1945: Ruthenia which was formerly in Czechoslovakia and was annexed by the Soviet Union became Ukrainian SSR.
44. 29th June 1946: In Palestine, 2,700 Jews were arrested as alleged terrorists by Black Sabbath Brits today.

45. 29th June 1946: British mandatory government Palestine arrested 100 leaders of Yishnuv today.
46. 29th June 1949: South Africa began the implementation of apartheid. Mixed marriages were not permitted.
47. 29th June 1949: Withdrawal of US troops from Korea after World War II.
48. 29th June 1950: In the World Cup soccer game the US beat England 1-0 today.
49. 29th June 1954: The US Atomic Energy Commission voted against the reinstatement of physicist Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, who was regarded as the father of the atomic bomb.
50. 29th June 1956: The US Federal Interstate Highway System Act was today signed
51. 29th June 1961: In protest against the racial policies of the South African government, the International Labor Organization (ILO) called for South Africa’s withdrawal at the Geneva Conference.

52. 29th June 1967: Israel removed barricades for the re-unification of Jerusalem.
53. 29th June 1970: US today ended its two-month-long military offensive on Cambodia.
54. 29th June 1972: USSR today launched Prognoz 2 into Earth’s orbit.
55. 29th June 1972: The Supreme Court today ruled in a split verdict of 5-4 that the death penalty was cruel & unusual.
56. 29th June 1974: A military coup takes place in Ethiopia today.
57. 29th June 1977: The death penalty for rapists and adults was ruled out by the Supreme Court today.
58. 29th June 1977: In South Africa United Party (UP) and the Democratic Party (DP) merged to form the opposition party, the New Republic Party (NRP).
59. 29th June 1981: In Tehran, 72 people were killed in a bomb attack on the Islamic Party headquarters.

60. 29th June 1989: South Africa’s National Party adopted a five-year program of its objectives, including a political reform plan to give the Black majority role in national and local government for which the African National Congress responded that it would consider a one-man vote system only.
61. 29th June 1990: In New Zealand, Dr. Penney Jamieson became the first woman in the world to be appointed as diocesan Anglican bishop.
62. 29th June 1991: Southern California was struck by an earthquake of magnitude 6 on the Richter scale.
63. 29th June 1992: In Algeria, military officers assassinated President Mohamed Boudiaf while he was delivering a speech during the opening of a cultural center in Annaba today.
64. 29th June 1994: The United States today reopened Guantanamo Naval Base for processing refugees.
65. 29th June 1997: Russia today launched Progress M-35 Soyuz.

21st Century – June 29 This Day In History – The 2000s

66. 29th June 2002: Vice-President Dick Cheney served as acting president today for about two and a half hours while President George Bush was undergoing Colonoscopy procedure.
67. 29th June 2002: A Naval clash between North Korea and South Korea resulted in the sinking of a North Korean vessel and the death of six South Korean sailors.

68. 29th June 2006: US Supreme Court today ruled that President George W Bush’s plan to try Guantanamo Bay detainees in military tribunals violated U.S. and International law.
69. 29th June 2007: Two car bombs were found today at Piccadilly Circus situated at the heart of London.
70. 29th June 2008: Thomas Beatie, the world’s first pregnant man gave birth to a daughter today.
71. 29th June 2009: Financier Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for conducting a massive Ponzi scheme.
72. 29th June 2012: In India, 16 Maoist Naxalite insurgents were killed by the Police today.
73. 29th June 2012: In Japan, the Japanese Prime Minister’s office in Tokyo was today blocked by 15,000 anti-nuclear protesters.
74. 29th June 2012: In Iraq, 3 bombs in Balid killed 6 and injured 45 people.
75. 29th June 2014: The Founder of the Islamic State, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi announced the establishment of a worldwide ‘Caliphate’ at the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, Iraq.
76. 29th June 2015: It is reported by Beijing Times that 30% of the Great Wall of China has disappeared due to natural forces and pilferage of bricks.

77. 29th June 2016: Aston B Carter, the US Defense Secretary today lifted the Pentagon’s ban on transgender people serving in the US armed forces.
78. 29th June 2017: In Victoria, Australia, Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell was charged with a sexual offense.
79. 29th June 2017: The Romanian parliament today confirmed Mihai Tudose as Prime Minister. He succeeds Sorin Grindeanu.
80. 29th June 2017: Iraqi forces today re-took the destroyed Great Mosque of al-Nuri from the Islamic State. It was a symbolic site where their leader had declared a Caliphate.

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