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June 29 Famous Birthdays

June 29 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JUNE 29, even when they are giving someone a hand up, they like to tell them what to do. This Cancer is bossy. They like to call it independence but we really know that they can be demanding and invade someone’s personal and private space.


As a quality that is not becoming for the famous people born on June 29. They can be moody and unreceptive. They take their marriage vows seriously and would never cheat, but one will never know until it happens. As a lover, they may start planning a wedding even before he or she spends the night.


By default, famous people born on June 29 can be incredible professionals who could find a lucrative career. They have the ladder of success all planned out. They should be careful and plan their meals according to the schedule if they are to maintain a healthy weight and eat their biggest meal during lunch.

Famous people born on June 29th, occasionally are a moody Cancer who is independent. On the other hand, they may have held on to some childlike qualities. It is typical that they will walk away from an argument.


June 29th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

29 June Good Traits:

  • Determined
  • Realistic
  • Idealistic
  • Indispensable
  • Affectionate
  • Committed

29 June Bad Traits:

  • Procrastinating
  • Passive
  • Dull
  • Lethargic
  • Anxious
  • Possessive

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June 29 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abz Love, 1979, Pop Singer
Ada Cornaro, 1881, Movie Actress
Adam G Sevani, 1992, Movie Actor
Addison Timlin, 1991, TV Actress
Akiko Fukushima, 1973, Golfer
Al Jackson, 1977, Comedian
Alan Blumlein, 1903, Entrepreneur
Alejo Sauras, 1979, Movie Actor
Aleks Paunovic, 1969, TV Actor
Alexander Friedmann, 1888, Scientist
Alexander Wraith, 1984, Screenwriter
Alexys Nycole Sanchez, 2003, Movie Actress
Allen Heinberg, 1967, Screenwriter
Alyssa Valdez, 1993, Volleyball Player
Amanda Donohoe, 1962, TV Actress
Ana Free, 1987, Pop Singer
Ana Heichel, 2002, Vine Star
Andrew Murstein, 1964, Entrepreneur
Andy O’brien, 1979, Soccer Player
Anne-Sophie Mutter, 1963, Violinist
Anthony Meyer, 1961, Entrepreneur
Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 1900, Poet
Aundrea Fimbres, 1983, Pop Singer
Austin Fryberger, 1995, TV Actor
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, 1966, Politician
Bebe Coronel, 1992, Instagram Star
Ben Ofoedu, 1972, Pop Singer
Bill Kirchen, 1948, Guitarist
Blair Dreelan, 1984, Pop Singer
Bob Haro, 1958, BMX Rider
Bobby Veach, 1888, Baseball Player

Bradley Bell, 1964, Screenwriter
Bradley Stryker, 1977, TV Actor
Bret McKenzie, 1976, Comedian
Brian d’Arcy James, 1968, Stage Actor
Brian Herbert, 1947, Novelist
Cara Williams, 1925, TV Actress
Carl Hester, 1967, Equestrian
Carmen Sarahí, 1983, Voice Actor
Celia Thaxter, 1835, Poet
Charlamagne Tha God, 1980, Radio Host
Charles J. Precourt, 1955, Astronaut
Charlotte Jackson, 1979, TV Show Host
Charron, 1991, Rapper
Cherie Piper, 1981, Hockey Player
Christina Chang, 1971, TV Actress
Christopher Egan, 1984, TV Actor
Chuck Hughes, 1982, Chef
Cid Corman, 1924, Poet
Claude Humphrey, 1944, Football Player
Colette Butler, 1982, YouTube Star
Colin Hay, 1953, Rock Singer
Colin Jost, 1982, Comedian
Corey Allen, 1934, Movie Actor
Courtney Green, 1995, Reality Star
Curtis Paradis, 1991, YouTube Star
Dado Villa-Lobos, 1965, Guitarist
Dan Dierdorf, 1949, Football Player
june-29-famous-birthdaysDavid Oh, 1991, Pop Singer
Dawn Meehan, 1970, Reality Star
Dennis Osadebay, 1911, Poet
Dennis Pitta, 1985, Football Player
Devin Toner, 1986, Rugby Player
Diydan Lopez, 1993, YouTube Star
Dizaster, 1984, Rapper
DJ Shadow, 1972, DJ
Don Carlos, 1952, Reggae Singer
Don Dokken, 1953, Metal Singer
Don Moen, 1950, Rock Singer
Don Rosa, 1951, Cartoonist
Durte Dom, 1995, Rapper
EckoSoldier, 1993, YouTube Star
Ed Gardner, 1901, TV Actor
Eddie Mabo, 1936, Activist
Edward Maya, 1986, Composer
Elina Born, 1994, Pop Singer
Ellen Pollock, 1902, Movie Actress
Ellie Ana, 2009, YouTube Star
Ellie James, 1995, YouTube Star
Elman Rustamov, 1952, Politician
Emily Skinner, 1970, Stage Actress
Eric Hill, 1983, Reality Star
Erica Mohn Kvam, 1996, Instagram Star
Errol Christie, 1963, Boxer
Ethan Dettenmaier, 1972, Screenwriter
Ever Banega, 1988, Soccer Player

Frank Currey, 1925, War Hero
Frank Loesser, 1910, Composer
Fred Grandy, 1948, Movie Actor
Fred Jussi, 1935, Photographer
Frederic Dard, 1921, Novelist
Gary Busey, 1944, Movie Actor
Gary Hayes, 1980, Radio Host
Gary Rydstrom, 1959, Sound Designer
George Balcan, 1932, radio
George Hincapie, 1973, Cyclist
George Pisi, 1986, Rugby Player
George Sampson, 1993, Movie Actor
Georgia Cook, 2004, TV Actress
Gerardo Nunez, 1961, Guitarist
Giacomo Leopardi, 1798, Poet
Giorgio Napolitano, 1925, World Leader
Gordon L. Park, 1937, Politician
Grace Hall, 1986, R&B Singer
Greg Hetson, 1960, Guitarist
Hale Smith, 1925, Composer

Harmon Killebrew, 1936, Baseball Player
Harrison Gilbertson, 1993, Movie Actor
Hayley Dee, 1996, YouNow Star
Ian Paice, 1948, Drummer
Igor Krutoy, 1954, Composer
Ilan Mitchell-Smith, 1969, Movie Actor
Iveta Lukosiute, 1980, Dancer
Jaclyn Stapp, 1980, Children’s Author
James K. Baxter, 1926, Poet
Jamie Deen, 1967, Chef
Janet Tashjian, 1956, Young Adult Author
Jared Ryan Tousley, 1998, YouNow Star
Jason Davidson, 1991, Soccer Player
Jeff Burton, 1967, Race Car Driver
Jeff Jones, 1960, Basketball Coach
Jena Lee, 1987, Pop Singer
Jeremy Powers, 1983, Cyclist
Jess Fink, 1981, Cartoonist
Jessica Castro, 1984, Reality Star
Jessy Erinn, 1994, Instagram Star
Jewel Mische, 1990, TV Actress
Jill Michele Melean, 1979, Comedian
Joan Davis, 1907, Movie Actress
JoAnne Akalaitis, 1937, Director
Joe Johnson, 1981, Basketball Player
Joel SmallishBeans, 1993, YouTube Star
John Bradshaw, 1933, Self-Help Author
John Feldmann, 1967, Rock Singer
John Haines, 1924, Poet
John Hench, 1908, Animator
John Part, 1966, Darts Player
Jon Barwise, 1942, Philosopher
Jordan Jones, 1990, Australian Rules Footballer
Jordi Cruz, 1978, Chef
Joshua Weidling, 1990, YouTube Star
Jovanie, 2001, Rapper
Judith Hoag, 1968, TV Actress
Jules Alice, 2007, YouTube Star
Julia Lathrop, 1858, Civil Rights Leader
Julian Calor, 1993, DJ
Julien Josselin, 1990, YouTube Star
Kaiser Orion Griffith, 2014, Family Member
Karen Taylor, 1976, Comedian
Kate Lynch, 1959, Movie Actress
Katherine Jenkins, 1980, Pop Singer
Kathleen Wilhoite, 1964, Movie Actress
Kathleen Zuelch, 1965, Film Producer
Katsumi Kabe, 1995, Guitarist
Kawhi Leonard, 1991, Basketball Player
Kayla Parker, 1971, Gospel Singer
Kayley Melissa, 1990, YouTube Star
Kelli Hollis, 1976, TV Actress
Ken Done, 1940, Painter
Kenneth Snelson, 1927, Sculptor
Kevin Kelley, 1967, Boxer
Kevin Manno, 1983, Radio Host
Kevin Renteria, 1991, TV Actor
Kia Pegg, 2000, TV Actress
Kigeli V, 1936, Royalty
Kim Little, 1990, Soccer Player
Kimberlin Brown, 1961, Soap Opera Actress
Kirsi Ylijoki, 1969, Soap Opera Actress
L’udmila Pajdusakova, 1916, Scientist
Leroy Anderson, 1908, Composer
Leslie Browne, 1957, Movie Actress
Lily Rabe, 1982, Movie Actress
Lisa Zimouche, 1999, Soccer Player
Little Eva, 1943, Pop Singer
Lloyd Richards, 1919, Director
Lorenzo James Henrie, 1993, TV Actor
Luca Facinelli, 1997, Family Member
Lucie Aubrac, 1912, Teacher
Majeed Amjad, 1914, Poet
Maria Conchita Alonso, 1957, World Music Singer
Mario Castaneda, 1962, Voice Actor
Mark Radcliffe, 1958, Radio Host
Marlhy Murphy, 2002, YouTube Star
Martin Truex Jr., 1980, Race Car Driver
Matt Miller, 1983, Journalist
Matthew Good, 1971, Rock Singer
Matthew Mercer, 1982, Voice Actor
Matthew Weiner, 1965, TV Producer
MC Magic, 1970, Rapper
Melora Hardin, 1967, TV Actress
Michael Nutter, 1957, Politician
Michael Whelan, 1950, Illustrator
Micky Arison, 1949, Business Executive
Mike Richardson, 1950, Comic Book Author
Mike Vallely, 1970, Skateboarder
Nathan Vandergunst, 1999, YouTube Star
Nawal Al Zoghbi, 1972, Pop Singer
Neil Perry, 1957, Chef
Nelson Eddy, 1901, Opera Singer
Nicole Scherzinger, 1978, Pop Singer
Nikita Willy, 1994, Movie Actress
Omar Doom, 1976, Movie Actor
Oriana Fallaci, 1929, Journalist
Ott Sepp, 1982, Movie Actor
Pat Crawford Brown, 1929, TV Actress
Paul Zenon, 1964, Magician
Pedro Ayala, 1911, World Music Singer
Pedro Figari, 1861, Painter
Pedro Guerrero, 1956, Baseball Player
Pedro Santana, 1801, Politician
Petar Kocic, 1877, Novelist
Peter Fitzsimons, 1961, Rugby Player
Peter Van Dievoet, 1661, Sculptor
Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, 1893, Scientist
Princess Andre, 2007, Family Member
Princess Tenko, 1959, Magician
Quintin Demps, 1985, Football Player
Ray Harryhausen, 1920,
Rebeca Stones, 2000, YouTube Star
RebelTaxi, 1992, YouTube Star
Richard Lewis, 1947, Comedian
Rick Honeycutt, 1954, Baseball Player
Robert Evans, 1930, Film Producer
Robert Homayoon, 1985, YouTube Star
Ronald Davis, 1937, Painter
Rosa Mota, 1958, Runner
Russell Fabito, 1998, Family Member
Ruth Warrick, 1916, Soap Opera Actress
Sam Bailey, 1977, Pop Singer
Sam Farrar, 1978, Bassist
Sarah Gracie, 1992, Twitch Star
Sauce Walka, 1990, Rapper
Sean Murphy, 1984, Race Car Driver
Sean Patrick O’Malley, 1944, Religious Leader
Serena Deeb, 1986, Wrestler
Shannon Boxx, 1977, Soccer Player
Sharon Lawrence, 1961, TV Actress
Shenaz Treasury, 1981, Model
Shigechiyo Izumi, 1865,
Shin Dongho, 1994, Pop Singer
Sho Shallow, 1996, Rapper
Skip Lackey, 1971, TV Show Host
Slawomir Mrozek, 1930, Playwright
Slim Pickens, 1919, Movie Actor
Soon-tek Oh, 1943, Voice Actor
Soren Fulton, 1991, Movie Actor
Stephanie Lemelin, 1979, TV Actress
Steven Hauschka, 1985, Football Player
Stokely Carmichael, 1941, Civil Rights Leader
StraightUpKnives, 1992, Twitch Star
Suzette Quintanilla, 1967, Family Member
Suzie Mathers, 1984, Stage Actress
Tajja Isen, 1991, TV Actress
Theoren Fleury, 1968, Hockey Player
Tommy Cavanagh, 1928, Soccer Player
Tony Hudson, 1958, Baseball Player
Tripp Eisen, 1965, Guitarist
Troy Deeney, 1988, Soccer Player
Tyler Harvey, 1995, Soccer Player
Vaneeza Ahmad, 1971, Model
Vasko Popa, 1922, Poet
Wang Feng, 1971, Rock Singer
Wendy Kopp, 1967, Entrepreneur
Wilbert Robison, 1863, Baseball Manager
Will Kemp, 1977, Movie Actor
William James Mayo, 1861, Doctor
Willy Holtzman, 1951, Playwright
Yehuda Levi, 1979, Movie Actor
Zhang Pengxiang, 1980, Chess Player
Zoe Cassavetes, 1970, Screenwriter
Zorica Brunclik, 1955, Folk Singer
Zuleikha Robinson, 1977, TV Actress


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