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Famous Events For July 5

Famous Events For July 5 – Today In History

July 5: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 5  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 5th July 767: Duke Nepi named his brother Pope Constantine II.
2. 5th July 1294: Pietro Del Murrone was elected as Pope Coelestinus V.
3. 5th July 1295: The Audi Alliance, the alliance between Scotland and France against England formed today.


4. 5th July 1450: Walraven van Meurs was named bishop of Munster by Pope Nicolas V today.
5. 5th July 1596: The 2nd Earl of Essex, Robert Devereux led the English fleet’s capture of Cadiz today.
6. 5th July 1610: John Guy with 39 other colonists set sail to Newfoundland from Bristol today.
7. 5th July 1626: Austrian Boers were defeated today in the battle of Lenz.
8. 5th July 1643: The first recorded tornado in the US strikes Essex County in Massachusetts.
9. 5th July 1687: The Royal Society in England published “PRINCIPIA” Isaac Newton’s work outlining the laws of motion and universal gravitation, today.

18th Century – What Happened on July 5 – The 1700s

10. 5th July 1750: Slaves in Curacao revolted today.
11. 5th July 1755: The Olive Branch Petition to King George III was drafted by the second Continental Congress today.


12. 5th July 1791: Point Grey (now Vancouver in British Columbia) was discovered by Jose Maria Narvaez today.

19th Century – July 5 This Day That Year – The 1800s

13. 5th July 1803: The convention of Artlenburg led to the French occupation of Hanover.
14. 5th July 1807: The invading British forces lost the second battle of Buenos Aires today.
15. 5th July 1809: French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte defeated Archduke Charles in the battle of Wagram.
16. 5th July 1811: In Venezuela, 7 provinces declared themselves independent of Spain today.
17. 5th July 1814: The British and the Canadians were defeated by Americans at Chippewa, Ontario.


18. 5th July 1830: France invaded Algeria, which marked the beginning of 40 years of conquest.
19. 5th July 1834: In Oregon Country, a provincial government was formed today.
20. 5th July 1841: Travel agency, the first of its kind, opened by Thomas Cook.
21. 5th July 1852: An abolitionist and fugitive slave Fredrik Douglass delivered his lecture “What to the Slaves is Fourth of July”, condemning the celebration as a hypocritical sham, to the ladies’ “Anti-Slavery Society” Rochester.
22. 5th July 1865: The first-speed limit law in the world was created by Great Britain today.
23. 5th July 1865: The US Secret Service started its operations today under the Treasury Department.
24. 5th July 1878: Establishment of the coat of arms Baku governorate.
25. 5th July 1884: The second Chinese Exclusion Act was accepted by the US Congress today.
26. 5th July 1887: The 4’s crew of Columbia University became the first American boat to win London’s Henley Regatta in the Visitor’s Challenge Cup.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 5th – The 1900s

27. 5th July 1900: The Dutch 1st Chamber passed the Compulsory Education Law today.
28. 5th July 1904: British Isles won the International Lawn Tennis Championship by beating Belgium at Wimbledon. The tournament later came to be known as the Davis Cup tournament.
29. 5th July 1907: Norman Brooks of Australia won the Wimbledon title by beating Arthur Gore 6-4, 6-2, 6-2, becoming the first non-Englishman and the first left-hander to win the tournament.
30. 5th July 1914: Germany offered war aid to Austria to fight against Russia and Serbia.
31. 5th July 1922: In Rio de Janeiro there upraising of social righteousness.
32. 5th July 1922: Women voted for the first time in the Dutch elections which Christian parties won.
33. 5th July 1922: The Netherlands held its first general elections today.

34. 5th July 1924: Military revolted at Sao Paulo in Brazil.
35. 5th July 1930: American Helen Moody won her 4th straight Wimbledon title today beating fellow American Elizabeth Ryan 6-2, 6-2.
36. 5th July 1933: The German party Catholic Center was disbanded today.
37. 5th July 1935: The US National Labor Relations Act was signed by President Franklin D Roosevelt today.
38. 5th July 1935: The “Hawaii Calls” radio program was broadcast for the first time today.
39. 5th July 1935: In Wimbledon, 8 times Wimbledon champion Helen Wills Moody won her 7th title today beating Helen Jacobs 6-3, 3-6, 7-5.
40. 5th July 1937: Hormel Foods Corporation introduced the luncheon meat Spam into the market.
41. 5th July 1940: Diplomatic relations between Britain and the Vichy government in France were broken today.

42. 5th July 1941: Disbanding of political parties by German occupiers.
43. 5th July 1943: 96 ships of the US invasion fleet set sail to Sicily.
44. 5th July 1943: U-boat U-535, sunk by Liberator bombers.
45. 5th July 1943: The USSR begins a battle of Koersk with 6000 tanks.
46. 5th July 1944: The first rocket airplane MX-324 was taken on its maiden flight by Harry Crosby today.
47. 5th July 1945: Clement Attlee led the Labor Party to win the British Parliamentary elections today.
48. 5th July 1945: The liberation of the Philippines was declared during World War II.
49. 5th July 1946: The debut at the Paris Fashion Show of the bikini swimsuit design by Louis Reard.
50. 5th July 1948: In Britain, the National Health Service Act became effective from today.

51. 5th July 1950: The Law of Return was passed guaranteeing all Jews’s right to live in Israel.
52. 5th July 1951: The junction transistor was invented by physicist Dr. William Shockley today.
53. 5th July 1954: Maiden flight by B-52A bomber today.
54. 5th July 1954: The first television news bulletin was broadcast by BBC today.
55. 5th July 1955: London Dock workers returned to work today ending their six-week-long strike.
56. 5th July 1956: France raised tobacco tax by 20% today due to war in Algeria.
57. 5th July 1957: In test cricket, Tom Graveney scored 258 runs in the 3rd test match against West Indies at Trent Bridge. The match ended in a draw.
58. 5th July 1959: Indonesia restored its constitution today.
59. 5th July 1960: Mongolia adopted its constitution today.
60. 5th July 1962: After 132 years of French rule, Algeria gained its independence today.

61. 5th July 1966: Transit fares in New York City raised from 15 cents to 20 cents.
62. 5th July 1966: After 3rd night of rioting in Omaha, National Guards were mobilized.
63. 5th July 1968: Musician and Beatle John Lennon sold the Psychedelic painted Rolls Royce today.
64. 5th July 1970: An Air Canada DC-9 aircraft crashed 7 miles off Toronto killing 109 people.
65. 5th July 1971: The 26th amendment to the US Constitution, reducing the voting age to 18 was certified today.
66. 5th July 1973: Herald “Dicky” Bird made his debut as test cricket umpire in the England Vs New Zealand test match at Leeds today. He has officiated in 66 test matches and 69 one-day international matches.
67. 5th July 1975: After 500 years of Portuguese rule, Cape Verde Islands got its independence today.
68. 5th July 1977: In Pakistan Army led by Gen Zia ul-Haq seized power today.
69. 5th July 1978: USSR conducted a nuclear test today at Eastern Kazak/Semipalatinsk USSR.
70. 5th July 1981: USSR performed a nuclear test at Eastern Kazak/Semipalatinsk USSR today.

71. 5th July 1985: In Zimbabwe, the African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) led by Robert Mugabe won the parliamentary election for the 2nd term today.
72. 5th July 1989: P.W. Botha, the South African President visited Anti-Apartheid Activist Nelson Mandela today.
73. 5th July 1991: France performed a nuclear test at Mururoa atoll today.
74. 5th July 1994: The United States announced today that it will no longer accept unrestricted immigration from Haiti.

21st Century – July 5 This Day In History – The 2000s

75. 5th July 2001: East Timor and Australia signed an agreement today to share the royalties from oil and natural gas production from Timor. The Timor Sea separates the two countries.
76. 5th July 2006: North Korea conducted tests on short-range missiles, SCUD missiles, and long-range missiles today.

77. 5th July 2006: North Korean missile tests prompted the convening of an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council in New York City today.
78. 5th July 2009: Ethnic rioting in Urumqi, Xinjiang, in People’s Republic of China.
79. 5th July 2013: There was a bomb attack in a Shia mosque in Bagdad Iraq which killed at least 15 people.
80. 5th July 2016: A report released by the FBI stated that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in handling classified E-mails. It did not recommend prosecution.

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