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Famous Events For January 7

Famous Events For January 7 – Today In History

January 7: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 7  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 7th Jan 1558: The French recapture Calais, the last English possession of mainland France.
2. 7th Jan 1566: Marks the election of Antonio “Michele” Ghislieri as Pope Pius V.
3. 7th Jan 1579: The signing of the offensive and Defensive alliance between England and Netherlands.
4. 7th Jan 1598: After the death of Feodor I, Boris Godunov seized the Russian throne.
5. 7th Jan 1601: There was a revolt against Queen Elizabeth in London which was led by Robert, Earl of Essex.
6. 7th Jan 1608: Jamestown in Virginia is destroyed by fire.


7. 7th Jan 1610: Astronomer and Physicist Galileo Galilei discovered three satellites of Jupiter, Lo, Europa, and Ganymede.
8. 7th Jan 1618: Philosopher and Statesman Francis Bacon becomes the Lord Chancellor of England.
9. 7th Jan 1654: A fire that broke out after a heavy storm destroyed almost two-thirds of De Rijp Netherlands. One person dies.
10. 7th Jan 1698: Marks the departure of Peter the Great, the Russian Tsar from the Netherlands to London.

18th Century – What Happened on January 7 – The 1700s

11. 7th Jan 1714: An Englishman Henry Mill patents the typewriter.
12. 7th Jan 1761: Afghan army beats Marathas in the battle of Panipat.
13. 7th Jan 1782: Bank of North America, the first U.S. Commercial Bank opens in Philadelphia.
14. 7th Jan 1785: First flight across the English Channel in a balloon by Jean Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries.
15. 7th Jan 1797: The modern Italian flag was used for the first time on this day.
16. 7th Jan 1789: On this day Americans voted for the electors that would choose George Washington as the first President of the U.S.


19th Century – January 7 This Day That Year – The 1800s

17. 7th Jan 1830: The first railroad station in the U.S. is opened at Baltimore.
18. 7th Jan 1861: In the U.S. Civil War fort Marion at St Augustine was taken over by Florida troops.
19. 7th Jan 1887: Marks the completion of a worldwide bicycle trip by Thomas Stevens after traveling 13,500 miles in close to three years.
20. 7th Jan 1890: The fountain pen was patented by W.B. Purvis.
21. 7th Jan 1892: Mine explosion in Krebs, Oklahoma kills 100. Blacks who were trying to help in the rescue of white survivors were driven away with guns.
22. 7th Jan 1896: The Boston Cooking School Cookbook was published by Fanny Farmer. This was her first cookbook.
23. 7th Jan 1897: The patent for motion picture film was received by W.K. Dickson.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 7th – The 1900s

24. 7th Jan 1904: Inventor and Noble Laureate Guglielmo Marconi was involved in the establishment of the first international radio distress signal “CQD”.
25. 7th Jan 1911: The Dutch Scout Organization was established in Amsterdam.
26. 7th Jan 1911: Airplane bombing experiments with explosives done for the first time.
27. 7th Jan 1913: The patent to crack petroleum was granted to William M Burton.
28. 7th Jan 1914: A steamboat passes through the Panama Canal for the first time.
29. 7th Jan 1916: Germany notifies the US State Department that it will strictly abide by the international rules for Maritime Warfare. This was in response to pressure exerted by President Wilson.
30. 7th Jan 1916: Fort Vaux at Verdun was captured by the German troops.
31. 7th Jan 1919: Guerilla fighters of Montenegro rebel but are not successful in preventing Serbia’s annexation of Montenegro.


32. 7th Jan 1922: Dail Eireann ratifies the Anglo-Irish treaty by a vote of 67-54.
33. 7th Jan 1927: The inauguration of the first transatlantic telephone service between New York and London.
34. 7th Jan 1929: Influenza epidemic in the US. Death toll crosses 200000. Guidelines were issued to avoid crowds and also when fever is noticed spend time in bed till the fever has passed.
35. 7th Jan 1929: Marks the first appearance of the adventure comic strip “Tarzan”.
36. 7th Jan 1930: Francium (Fr), the last naturally occurring element was discovered by Marguerite Perey.
37. 7th Jan 1931: The Committee for Unemployment Relief announced that there are 4 to 5 million people unemployed in the US.
38. 7th Jan 1931: Marks the first solo non-stop flight by Guy Menzies from Australia to New Zealand. He took 11 hours and 45 minutes and crash-landed on the west coast of New Zealand.
39. 7th Jan 1932: Chancellor Heinrich Brüning of Germany declared that Germany could not and would not resume reparation payments.

40. 7th Jan 1935: A Franco-Italian agreement was signed between French foreign minister Pierre Laval and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.
41. 7th Jan 1942: The World War II siege of Bataan began.
42. 7th Jan 1944: The production of the first US jet fighter Bell P-59 was announced by the US Air Force.
43. 7th Jan 1946: Cambodia becomes an autonomous state inside the French Union.
44. 7th Jan 1947: The test match between Australia and England ends in a draw after 6 days. This was the first match to draw in Australia since 1882.
45. 7th Jan 1948: A pilot for the Kentucky Air National Guard, Thomas Mantel crashed his plane while pursuing an object that was supposed to be a UFO.
46. 7th Jan 1948: President Harry Truman raises taxes for the Marshall Plan.
47. 7th Jan 1950: Fire in the Mental Health Wing of the Mercy Hospital in Davenport kills 41 people.
48. 7th Jan 1952: Marks the fall of the French Plevin government.

49. 7th Jan 1953: President Harry Truman announced that the U.S. had developed the Hydrogen Bomb.
50. 7th Jan 1954: Marks the unveiling of a TV receiver called Duoscopic receiver, which allowed watching two different shows at the same time.
51. 7th Jan 1954: IBM holds the first public demonstration of the Machine Translation System in New York at its head office.
52. 7th Jan 1956: Marks the world record first wicket stand in a test match between India and New Zealand. Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy of India created the record scoring 413 runs. Mankad scored 231.
53. 7th Jan 1958: The USSR reduces the strength of its army to 300,000.
54. 7th Jan 1959: Fidel Castro’s new government in Cuba was recognized by the US.
55. 7th Jan 1960: Marks the testing of Polaris missile.
56. 7th Jan 1962: Indonesian President Sukarno escapes an assassination attempt.
57. 7th Jan 1962: John Hall Wheelock was awarded the Bollingen Prize for poetry.

58. 7th Jan 1963: A representative from Iowa is reported to have proposed to have secret voting policy changed and a record of how each member voted is recorded. This will make it known where each representative stood on each political issue addressed.
59. 7th Jan 1963: Rise in 1st class postage from 4 cents to 5 cents.
60. 7th Jan 1968: Spacecraft Surveyor 7 lifts off. This was the last spacecraft in the Surveyor series.
61. 7th Jan 1968: Cost of 1st class postage again increased from 5 cents to 6 cents.
62. 7th Jan 1972: A plane belonging to the Iberian Airlines crashes into an 800 ft peak on the Island of Ibiza killing 104 people.
63. 7th Jan 1973: In the US Mark Essex injures 13 and kills 9 which includes a police offer before being shot by police.
64. 7th Jan 1973: Olly Croft, OBE founded the British Darts Organization, which organizes tournaments for armatures and professionals.
65. 7th Jan 1973: The Bollingen Prize for poetry was awarded to US poet James Merril.

66. 7th Jan 1974: “War Games” takes place in London at the Heathrow Airport. This was a defense drill for military preparedness. This happened in the backdrop of an unofficial report that an Arab was planning to shoot down an American or an Israeli plane.
67. 7th Jan 1974: Netherlands rations gasoline.
68. 7th Jan 1975: OPEC agrees to raise crude oil prices by 10%. This marks the beginning of world economic inflation.
69. 7th Jan 1977: The establishment of Human Rights Charter 77 in Prague.
70. 7th Jan 1978: The Angolan constitution is revised to include a state security law.
71. 7th Jan 1979: The Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh was captured by Vietnamese forces, overthrowing the government of Khmer Rouge.
72. 7th Jan 1980: American President Jimmy Carter authorizes a loan of $1.5 billion for bailing out Chrysler Corporation.
73. 7th Jan 1983: President Ronald Regan ends arms embargo on Guatemala.
74. 7th Jan 1983: Australia wins the test series against England 2-1 and regain the Ashes.
75. 7th Jan 1984: Brunei joins the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and becomes its 6th member.

76. 7th Jan 1985: Marks the launching of the Japanese space probe “Sakigake” to Halley’s Comet.
77. 7th Jan 1986: Economic sanctions against Libya were announced by US President Ronal Regan.
78. 7th Jan 1987: Indian Cricketer Kapil Dev takes 300th wicket. He was 28 and became the youngest cricketer to achieve this milestone.
79. 7th Jan 1987: Libyan positions in Duadi Doum were harassed by French airplanes.
80. 7th Jan 1989: Marks the opening of the International Conference on Limitation of Chemical Weapons in Paris.
81. 7th Jan 1989: Following the death of Emperor Hirohito in Japan, his son Crown Prince Akihito becomes the Emperor of Japan.
82. 7th Jan 1990: Lynn Jennings sets 5KM indoor world records. He ran the distance in 15:22.64.
83. 7th Jan 1990: Fearing the safety of its visitors because of the accelerated leaning, the Leaning Tower of Pisa was closed to the public.
84. 7th Jan 1991: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein prepares his troops for a long and violent war against the US.
85. 7th Jan 1992: Video-telephone was released by AT&T costing $1,499.
86. 7th Jan 1993: Surprise attack launched by the Bosnian Army on Kravice, a village in Srebrenica.
87. 7th Jan 1994: Five people were killed when a United Express commuter plane crashed in Ohio.
88. 7th Jan 1996: A major Winter Blizzard strikes the US paralyzing Washington to Boston in the eastern United States. Many highways were closed with up to 4 feet of snow.
89. 7th Jan 1996: Alvaro Arzu gets elected as President of Guatemala.
90. 7th Jan 1998: Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern signs an affidavit denying affair with US President Bill Clinton.
91. 7th Jan 1999: Trial for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton begins. He was originally accused of lying under oath and obstructing justice.

21st Century – January 7 This Day In History – The 2000s

92. 7th Jan 2000: A former cabinet minister of the UK Jonathan Aitken released from prison. He had 9 months of the 18-month sentence.
93. 7th Jan 2006: Tom DeLay steps down as House of Majority leader in the US following newspaper articles and the possibility of charges of corruption.
94. 7th Jan 2009: Russia cuts off gas supply to Europe through Ukraine. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin while endorsing this move publicly called for greater international involvement in the energy dispute.
95. 7th Jan 2009: US deficit expected to exceed $1 trillion more than double the previous year’s figure of $455 billion.
96. 7th Jan 2011: Mixed gender handshake (men and women shaking hands with each other) banned in the Islamic-controlled town of Jowhar in Somalia.
97. 7th Jan 2011: Muslim gunmen open fire on a crowd of Coptic Christians in Egypt leaving nine dead.
98. 7th Jan 2014: In Bangladesh Sheik Hasina wins general elections.
99. 7th Jan 2015: Thirty-eight people were killed and sixty-three injured in a car bomb explosion in Sana’a, the capital city of Yemen.
100. 7th Jan 2015: The offices of the satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” were attacked by terrorists in Paris killing 12, including Jean Cabut and cartoonist Stéphane Charbonnier, and injuring 11.

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