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Famous Events For January 19

Famous Events For January 19 – Today In History

January 19: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 19  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 19th Jan 1493: By the Treaty of Barcelona, France gave up Roussillon and Cerdagne to Spain.
2. 19th Jan 1547: The Earl of Surrey Henry Howard was executed on this day for treason in the Tower of London.
3. 19th Jan 1607: On this day the Agustin Church in Manila was officially completed. It is now the oldest church in the Philippines.
4. 19th Jan 1668: On this day Spain was divided by a treaty between King Louis XIV and Emperor Leopold I.


18th Century – What Happened on January 19 – The 1700s

5. 19th Jan 1785: On this day the first manned balloon flight took place in Ireland.
6. 19th Jan 1795: On this day democratic revolution brought the oligarchy to an end in Amsterdam.

19th Century – January 19 This Day That Year – The 1800s

7. 19th Jan 1806: On this day the Cape of Good Hope was occupied by Britain.
8. 19th Jan 1808: The first Dutch aviation law was signed on this day by Louis Napoleon.
9. 19th Jan 1812: On this day the 1st Duke of Wellington and British Prime Minister Arthur Wellesley ordered British soldiers of the Light and third divisions to storm Ciudad Rodrigo.
10. 19th Jan 1825: Food storage tin cans were patented on this day by Ezra Daggett and Thomas Kensett.
11. 19th Jan 1839: The British East India Company conquered Aden on this day.
12. 19th Jan 1861: In the US Civil War Fort Massachusetts and Ship Island were taken by Mississippi troops on this day.


13. 19th Jan 1861: In the US Civil War Georgia secedes from the Union on this day.
14. 19th Jan 1863: On this day General Mieroslawski was appointed as the Dictator of Poland.
15. 19th Jan 1865: This day marked the establishment of NV Suriname Bank.
16. 19th Jan 1865: In the US Civil War, Fort Anderson was occupied by the Union on this day.
17. 19th Jan 1871: The first Negro lodge of US Masons was approved on this day.
18. 19th Jan 1883: The first electric lighting system using overhead wires built by inventor Thomas Edison begins service at Roselle, New Jersey.
19. 19th Jan 1885: The British Desert Column and Mahdist forces were engaged in the battle of Abu Klea in Sudan. 76 British and 1,100 Mahdists were killed.
20. 19th Jan 1886: On this day the first Ski Club, Aurora Ski Club was founded in Minnesota.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 19th – The 1900s

21. 19th Jan 1903: This day marks the first regular transatlantic radio broadcast between the US and England.
22. 19th Jan 1903: Announcement was made on this day of “Tour de France” a new bicycle race.
23. 19th Jan 1910: On this day Congress incorporated the US National Institute of Arts & Letters.


24. 19th Jan 1910: Germany and Bolivia end the treaty of commerce/friendship on this day.
25. 19th Jan 1913: Raymond Poincaré was installed as president of France today.
26. 19th Jan 1915: There was a German Zeppelin attack over Great Britain, the first of its kind. Four people died in the attack.
27. 19th Jan 1917: The ammunition factory in Essex exploded on this day. 300 people died in the explosion.
28. 19th Jan 1918: The Constitution Assembly was disallowed by the Soviets.
29. 19th Jan 1919: National elections were held in Germany to form a National Constituent Assembly and draft a constitution.
30. 19th Jan 1920: On this day the US Senate votes against membership in the League of Nations.
31. 19th Jan 1920: According to news dispatches received on this day Russia was to do away with capital punishment.
32. 19th Jan 1920: In a roundup of radical leftists 4000 individuals mostly members of the Industrial Workers of the World union who were suspected to be radical leftists were rounded up in one night.
33. 19th Jan 1920: During the flu epidemic a group of 600 volunteer nurses were on task to help fight against the epidemic.


34. 19th Jan 1921: On this day Pact of Union was signed by Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.
35. 19th Jan 1927: The British government decides on this day to send troops to China.
36. 19th Jan 1935: The first men’s briefs called “Jockey” were sold in Chicago by Coopers Inc. on this day.
37. 19th Jan 1937: On this day millionaire Howard Hughes flew from Los Angeles to New York City in 7h28m25s and set an air record.
38. 19th Jan 1938: On this day the General Motors Company begins mass production of diesel engines.
39. 19th Jan 1942: On this day Burma was invaded by the Japanese forces.
40. 19th Jan 1942: In the middle of World War II, the Premier of Burma U Saw was arrested by the British for conspiring with the Japanese.
41. 19th Jan 1943: On this day the Joint Chiefs of Staff decide to invade Cicily.

42. 19th Jan 1944: The US federal government gave up its control of the nation’s railroads on this day.
43. 19th Jan 1947: Steam ship SS Himera runs aground at Athens on this day. 392 people were killed.
44. 19th Jan 1949: On this day Cuba recognized Israel.
45. 19th Jan 1949: The salary of the President of the United States was hiked on this day. It was increased from $75,000 to $100,000.
46. 19th Jan 1950: This day marks the maiden flight of Canada’s military plane Avro Canada CF-100.
47. 19th Jan 1952: Allowing the participation of blacks was approved on this day by the PGA.
48. 19th 1953: Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens was named on this day as the Athletic Commission secretary.

49. 19th Jan 1955: Board game “Scrabble” made a debut on this day in the board game market.
50. 19th Jan 1955: President Eisenhower allowed the news conference to be filmed and used on TV for the first time on this day. This marked the beginning of a new era of news reporting.
51. 19th Jan 1957: The USSR performed an atmospheric nuclear test on this day.
52. 19th Jan 1960: The US-Japanese Security pact was signed by US President Eisenhower and Japanese Prime Minister Kishi.
53. 19th Jan 1963: In the 51st Women’s Australian Open Championships Margaret Court beats Jan Lehane O’Neill in straight sets, 6-2, 6-2.
54. 19th Jan 1963: In the 51st Men’s Australian Open Championship Roy Emerson beats Ken Fletcher in straight sets. 6-3, 6-3, 6-1.
55. 19th Jan 1966: In India Indira Gandhi was elected as the 3rd Prime Minister of India.
56. 19th Jan 1968: Terence O’Neill, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland calls for “a new Endeavour by organizations of Northern Ireland to cross denominational barriers and advance the cause of better community relations”.

57. 19th Jan 1970: Dutch bishop favors married priests.
58. 19th Jan 1974: This day marks the fall of the Belgium government of Leburton.
59. 19th Jan 1977: Kumbh Mela in India attracted 15 million people which was the world’s largest crowd gathering.
60. 19th Jan 1977: Miami, Florida witnesses a snowfall on this day. This is the first time in the history of the city that a snowfall has occurred. The Bahamas also had snowfall.
61. 19th Jan 1978: On this day Judge William h Webster was appointed as head of the FBI.
62. 19th Jan 1978: The last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany leaves the Volkswagen plant in Emden on this day. However, its production continued in Latin America till 2003.
63. 19th Jan 1979: Marked the release of the former Attorney General of the US, John N Mitchell on parole from federal prison.
64. 19th Jan 1981: Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali manages to talk a despondent 21-year-old out of committing suicide.
65. 19th Jan 1981: On this day an agreement was signed by the US and Iran for the release of American hostages.

66. 19th Jan 1982: In the Star Elementary School-Oklahoma a heater exploded killing six children and a teacher.
67. 19th Jan 1983: Apple announces its first personal computer with a graphical user interface and computer mouse. It was called the “Apple Lisa”.
68. 19th Jan 1983: SS chief of Lyon in Nazi-France, Klaus Barbie was arrested on this day in Bolivia.
69. 19th Jan 1984: The request of Quadriplegic Elizabeth Bouvia to starve herself to death in a public hospital was rejected by the California Supreme Court on this day.
70. 19th Jan 1985: In a collision between a car and train in Buda Ill four people die.
71. 19th Jan 1986: Prime Minister of Israel Simon Peres visits the Netherlands on this day.
72. 19th Jan 1986: On this day Israel was recognized by Spain.
73. 19th Jan 1987: Alabama gets first Republican governor since 1874 when Guy Hunt became its governor.

74. 19th Jan 1988: The Whitbread Book of the Year prize goes to Christopher Nolan a disabled writer.
75. 19th Jan 1989: On this day President Ronald Regan pardoned George Steinbrenner for illegal funds for Nixon.
76. 19th Jan 1990: The protests in Johannesburg against the cricket players defying a boycott on playing in apartheid South Africa were broken by the Police.
77. 19th Jan 1991: This day Eastern Airlines shuts down its operations.
78. 19th Jan 1992: On this day IBM announced a $5B loss for 1992.
79. 19th Jan 1993: On this day Israel recognized the Palestinian Liberation Organization as no longer criminal.
80. 19th Jan 1996: On this day Boris Yeltsin had claimed a victory over the Chechen army, a group known as the “rebel forces”.
81. 9 Jan 1997: Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat returns to Hebron after more than 30 years and joins celebrations over the handover of the last Israeli-controlled West Bank city.

21st Century – January 19 This Day In History – The 2000s

82. 19th Jan 2006: On this day a terrorist blew himself up in Tel Aviv. He only managed to injure 20 people besides killing only himself.
83. 19th Jan 2006: A Slovakian Air Force plane Antonov An-24 crashed in Hungary.
84. 19th Jan 2006: Russia on this day had the coldest spell in the last 30 years. Mercury dipped to -32°C. Schools were closed and power was rationed.

85. 19th Jan 2007: A 17-year-old Turkish ultranationalist Ogün Samast assassinated Armenian Journalist Hrant Dink in front of his office.
86. 19th Jan 2009: Taleban militant extremists bombed 5 more schools. They had destroyed 150 government schools in the last one year. This was in opposition to education for girls which according to them is un-Islamic.
87. 19th Jan 2010: Kraft Foods raised their bid again to take over Cadbury’s. It was not sure if the American confectioner Hershey would come up with a higher bid.
88. 19th Jan 2010: United States Navy troops land near the Haitian presidential palace with aid material to provide aid for earthquake victims.
89. 19th Jan 2011: Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer was put on trial on a charge of money extortion and breaking banking secrecy laws.
90. 19th Jan 2011: Somali pirates seized a Mongolian bulk carrier sailing off the coast of Oman.
91. 19th Jan 2011: Today Tunisia freed all its remaining political prisoners.
92. 19th Jan 2012: Kodak, the famous film and camera company files for bankruptcy protection on this day.
93. 19th Jan 2012: “Megaupload” a file-sharing website was shut down by US officials on this day and the founders of the website were arrested in New Zealand on charges of violating piracy laws.
94. 19th Jan 2013: Professional road cyclist and seven-time Tour de France winner, on this day admits to doping in all his seven victories.
95. 19th Jan 2013: Heathrow Airport in London cancels 100 flights due to heavy snowfall in Great Britain and Ireland. Many passengers spent the night sleeping on the floor at the terminal.
96. 19th Jan 2013: NASA’s Curiosity rover found calcium deposits on Mars. It was similar to deposits found on Earth. It cracks when the water circulates and the rock fractures.
97. 19th Jan 2014: 2008 French Open Champion and former world number one Ana Ivanovic beats Serena Williams, a five-time Australian Open champion in the fourth round.
98. 19th Jan 2014: About 30 buildings in the historic village of Laerdalsoyri in Norway were gutted by fire in the night. The village was known for its wooden buildings and unique architecture. There were some injuries but no casualties.
99. 19th Jan 2016: It was revealed that China’s economic growth was the lowest in 25 years. It was put at 6.9% in 2015.
100. 19th Jan 2016: On this day Sarah Palin officially endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential bid at a rally in Ames, Iowa.

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