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January 19 Famous Birthdays

January 19 Famous Birthdays

If you born like the other famous people born on January 19, you are certainly a smooth Capricorn. You are known to be a fighter but you have periods where you are not too sure of yourself.

Famous people born on January 19 are responsible individuals who actually understand people. This could be due to their psychic gifts as they are able to get into people’s heads and know what their true feelings are. They care what people think of them and how they see them.


People born on January 19 famous birthday are not the type to give advice and not practice what they preach. They want people to respect them. So they carry themselves in a way that deserves this treatment. Actually, they inspire people and have the ability to change their lives.


Family ties are important to famous January 19 people as they cherish the times together. They are extremely talented and can do or be anything they want. It is not just a cliché in their case. However, you do not want to back this goat into a corner.

Famous people born on January 19 have the ability to be coldblooded. They enjoy the feel of expensive shirts and shoes. The famous January 19 birthday horoscope for Capricorn states they can have anything they so desire. They are likely to get what they want.


January 19th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

19th January Good Traits:

  • Competent
  • Hard Working
  • Intelligent
  • Reliable
  • Loyal

19th January Bad Traits:

  • Insecure
  • Self Doubt
  • Anxious
  • Unpredictable

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January 19th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Harber, 1959, TV Show Host
Aaron Yonda, 1973, YouTube Star
Abdulaziz Al Jasmi, 1993, YouTube Star
Al Joyner, 1960, Triple Jumper
Aleksandrs Cauna, 1988, Soccer Player
Alex Schmidt, 1994, Model
Alexander Woollcott, 1887, Journalist
Alexandra Orlando, 1987, Gymnast
Alexey Vorobyov, 1988, Pop Singer
Alexis Bellino, 1977, Reality Star
Alfredo Ferrari, 1932, Engineer
Alison Baker, 1953, Novelist
Altemio Sanchez, 1958, Criminal
Aly Antorcha, 1996, Instagram Star
Andy Schrock, 1984, YouTube Star
Angela Chang, 1982, TV Actress
Angham, 1972, Pop Singer
Anjan Dutt, 1953, Movie Actor

Antero Manninen, 1973, Cellist
Antoine Fuqua, 1966, Director
Antonio Faraò, 1965, Pianist
Antonio Faraò, 1965, Pianist
Ari Millen, 1982, TV Actor
Arvydas Macijauskas, 1980, Basketball Player
Ashley Lilley, 1986, Movie Actress
Ben Schoeman, 1905, Politician
Ben Tapuai, 1989, Rugby Player
Ben Watts, 1967, Photographer
Benjamin Ayres, 1977, TV Actor
Benny Feilhaber, 1985, Soccer Player
Bitsie Tulloch, 1981, TV Actress
Bradley Fish, 1970, Guitarist
Brion Gysin, 1916, Performance Artist
Brooke Noury, 1995, Instagram Star
Cameron Adler, 1991, Bassist
january-19-famous-birthdaysCamilo Martinez, 2001, Pop Singer
Candice Hillebrand, 1977, Movie Actress
Carl Brashear, 1931, War Hero
Carman, 1956, Rock Singer
Celeste Cid, 1984, TV Actress
Chick Gandil, 1888, Baseball Player
Christoph Sumann, 1976, Biathlete
Cindy Sherman, 1954, Photographer
Claudio Marchisio, 1986, Soccer Player
Coral Smith, 1979, Reality Star
D Double E, 1980, Rapper
Dainius Adomaitis, 1974, Basketball Player
Dame Gruev, 1871, War Hero
Damien Chazelle, 1985, Screenwriter
Dan Reeves, 1944, Football Coach
Dani Thorne, 1993, TV Actress
Danny Haynes, 1988, Soccer Player
Danny Myers, 1980, Rapper
David Courtney Marr, 1945, Scientist
David Tredinnick, 1950, Politician
Dean Schofield, 1979, Rugby Player

Denise Boutte, 1982, TV Actress
Denoe Leedy, 1900, Pianist
Desi Arnaz Jr., 1953, Drummer
Destiny Chukunyere, 2002, Pop Singer
Dewey Bunnell, 1952, Folk Singer
Dolly Parton, 1946, Country Singer
Dominique Battiste, 1996, Dancer
Douglas Lockhart, 1976, Cricket Player
Drea De Matteo, 1972, TV Actress
Drew Powell, 1976, TV Actor
Dustin Poirier, 1989, MMA Fighter
Edgar Allan Poe, 1809, Poet
Edwidge Danticat, 1969, Novelist
Eleanor Mondale, 1960, Family Member
Elliot Clawson, 1883, Screenwriter
Elly Awesome, 1993, YouTube Star
Elvis Dumervil, 1984, Football Player
EpicLLOYD, 1977, YouTube Star
Eric Mangini, 1971, Football Coach
Erick Torres, 1993, Soccer Player

Erick Torres Padilla, 1993, Soccer Player
Erin Sanders, 1991, TV Actress
Ervin Nyiregyhazi, 1903, Pianist
Eugene Manlove Rhodes, 1869, Novelist
Felipe Colombo, 1983, TV Actor
Felix Biernat, 1999, Pop Singer
Frank Caliendo, 1974, Comedian
Freddy Leyva, 1995, Pop Singer
Fritz Weaver, 1926, TV Actor
George Sasaki, 2000, YouTube Star
Giovanna Grigio, 1998, Soap Opera Actress
Glen Moss, 1983, Soccer Player
Guy Madison, 1922, Movie Actor
Hamida Javanshir, 1873, Civil Rights Leader
Hannah Snowdon, 1993, Tattoo Artist
Harlan Cleveland, 1918, Politician
Harrison Webb, 1997, YouTube Star
Harry Davenport, 1866, Movie Actor
Hayley Chapman, 1992, Sports Shooter
Heather Fuhr, 1968, Triathlete
Helen Housby, 1995, Netball Player
Henry Bessemer, 1813, Entrepreneur
Hikaru Utada, 1983, Pop Singer
Hod O’brien, 1936, Pianist
Holly Piirainen, 1983,
Horace Parlan, 1931, Pianist
Iiro Rantala, 1970, Pianist
Ischtar Isik, 1996, YouTube Star
Ish Kabibble, 1908, Comedian
Ismael Blanco, 1983, Soccer Player
Ivan Rudsky, 1996, YouTube Star
Jack Germain, 1995, Vine Star
James Watt, 1736, Inventor
Janis Joplin, 1943, Rock Singer
JaVale McGee, 1988, Basketball Player
Javier Perez-de Cuellar, 1920, Politician
JB Pritzker, 1965, Entrepreneur
Jean Stapleton, 1923, TV Actress
Jean-Michel Menard, 1976, Curler
Jeff Pilson, 1959, Bassist
Jeff Van Gundy, 1962, Basketball Coach
Jenson Button, 1980, Race Car Driver
Jessica Harlow, 1990, Instagram Star
Jim Morris, 1964, Baseball Player
Joan Regan, 1928, Pop Singer
Jodie Sweetin, 1982, TV Actress
Joe Schmidt, 1932, Football Player
Joel Cassady, 1989, Drummer
John Fitzwilliam Stairs, 1848, Entrepreneur
John H. Johnson, 1918, Journalist
John Luke, 1906, Painter
Johnny Boychuk, 1984, Hockey Player
Johnny Haymer, 1920, TV Actor
Jonathan Cooper, 1990, Football Player
Jordan Atkins-Loria, 1990, DJ
Joseph Nye, 1937, Non-Fiction Author
Josh Rice, 1988, R&B Singer
Juan Soler, 1966, TV Actor
Julian Barnes, 1946, Novelist
Junior Seau, 1969, Football Player
Justyna Kowalczyk, 1983, Skier
Karen Elson, 1979, Model
Karl Ravech, 1965, Sportscaster
Katey Sagal, 1954, TV Actress
Kayla Radomski, 1991, Dancer
Kelly Coffield Park, 1962, TV Actress
Ken Hirai, 1972, R&B Singer
Ken Lawson, 1976, TV Actor
KermitPlaysMinecraft, 1994, YouTube Star
Kim Henkel, 1946, Screenwriter
Kim Yoo-suk, 1982, Pole Vaulter
Kipp Marcus, 1970, Screenwriter
Kyle Porter, 1990, Soccer Player
La5ty, 1990, YouTube Star
Langley McArol, 1976, TV Actor
Larry Clark, 1943, Film Producer
Levi Pottorff, 2010, Family Member
Lidya Jewett, 2006, TV Actress
Lil Scrappy, 1984, Rapper
Lime, 1993, Pop Singer
Lindee Link, 1995, Pop Singer
Logan Lerman, 1992, Movie Actor
Luc Longley, 1969, Basketball Player
Luke MacFarlane, 1980, TV Actor
Mac Miller, 1992, Rapper
Macy Kate, 1998, Pop Singer
Mady Christians, 1892, Movie Actress
Magda Tagliaferro, 1893, Pianist
Mark Roberts, 1961, Screenwriter
Marsha Thomason, 1976, TV Actress
Martin Grossman, 1965, Criminal
Matt Hill, 1968, Voice Actor
Matt Roskilly, 1994, Bassist
Matthew Webb, 1848, Swimmer
Matthias Ginter, 1994, Soccer Player
Max Fowler, 1991, TV Actor
Melina Dimambro, 1995, Blogger
Meredith Andrews, 1983, Rock Singer
Michael Alvarado, 1990, Pop Singer
Michael Crawford, 1942, Movie Actor
Michael Mauti, 1990, Football Player
Michael Nolin, 1939, Film Producer
Mike Bettes, 1972, TV Show Host
Mike Dalton, 1988, Wrestler
Mike Reid, 1940, TV Actor
Minor Cooper Keith, 1848, Entrepreneur
Misty Edwards, 1979, Gospel Singer
Nancy Dickerson, 1927, Journalist
Natalia Bryant, 2003, Family Member
Natalie Cook, 1975, Volleyball Player
Natassia Malthe, 1974, TV Actress
Neil Gang, 1994, YouTube Star
Nicholas Colasanto, 1924, TV Actor
Nina Bawden, 1925, Children’s Author
Noah Georgeson, 1975, Music Producer
Olga Kaniskina, 1985, Race Walker
Ottis Anderson, 1957, Football Player
Oveta Culp Hobby, 1905, Politician
Owy Posadas, 1998, YouTube Star
Pasha Kovalev, 1980, Dancer
Pat Patterson, 1941, Wrestler
Patricia Highsmith, 1921, Novelist
Paul Cezanne, 1839, Painter
Paul DiGiovanni, 1988, Guitarist
Paul Eerik Rummo, 1942, Poet
Paul McCrane, 1961, TV Actor
Paul Rodriguez, 1955, Comedian
Paula Deen, 1947, Chef
Peter Kreis, 1900, Race Car Driver
Peter Lynch, 1944, Entrepreneur
Phil Everly, 1939, Pop Singer
Phil Nevin, 1971, Baseball Player
Rachel Luttrell, 1971, TV Actress
Rahma Mezher, 1987, World Music Singer
Rainer Brandt, 1936, Movie Actor
Ralph Perk, 1914, Politician
Ricardo Arjona, 1964, World Music Singer
Richard Lester, 1932, Director
Rima Kallingal, 1984, Movie Actress
Rob Delaney, 1977, Comedian
Robert E. Lee, 1807, Politician
Robert G. Heft, 1941,
Robert MacNeil, 1931, TV Show Host
Robert Palmer, 1949, Rock Singer
Romeo Lacoste, 1989, Reality Star
Ron Killings, 1972, Wrestler
Sam Winnall, 1991, Soccer Player
Sara Mearns, 1986, Dancer
Sarah Fisher, 1993, TV Actress
Sarah Helen Whitman, 1803, Poet
Seth Numrich, 1987, Stage Actor
Shawn Johnson, 1992, Gymnast
Shawn Wayans, 1971, Movie Actor
Shelley Fabares, 1944, TV Actress
Shirley B. Eniang, 1990, YouTube Star
Shirley Ellis, 1929, Soul Singer
Simon Rattle, 1955, Composer
Simone Melchior Cousteau, 1919, Family Member
Soumitra Chatterjee, 1935, Movie Actor
Stefan Abingdon, 1989, YouTube Star
Stefan Bengt Edberg, 1966, Tennis Player
Stephen Biddle, 1959, Historian
Steve DeBerg, 1954, Football Player
Steve Staunton, 1969, Soccer Player
Svetlana Khorkina, 1979, Gymnast
Takahiro Sunada, 1973, Runner
Tannishtha Chatterjee, 1984, Movie Actress
Thom Mayne, 1944, Architect
Thomas Kinkade, 1958, Pop Artist
Thomas Vanek, 1984, Hockey Player
Tia Ward, 1989, Blogger
Tippi Hedren, 1930, Movie Actress
Trever O’Brien, 1984, Movie Actor
Trevor Douglas, 1998, Pop Singer
Trevor Williams, 1945, Bassist
Tricia Miranda, 1980, Choreographer
Valeria Orsini, 1990, Model
Varun Tej, 1990, Movie Actor
Veanne Cox, 1963, Stage Actress
Waite Phillips, 1883, Entrepreneur
Warren Hughes, 1969, Race Car Driver
Wayne Hemingway, 1961, Fashion Designer
Wendy Moniz, 1969, Soap Opera Actress
Wiley, 1979, Rapper
William F. Allen, 1883, Politician
William Ragsdale, 1961, TV Actor
William11, 2008, Vine Star
Yellow Mellow, 1989, YouTube Star
Yusuke Yamamoto, 1988, TV Actor
Z-Ro, 1977, Rapper
Zachary Mabry, 1990, Movie Actor
Zachary Pittman, 1994, Star
Ziaur Rahman, 1936, World Leader
Zyon Cavalera, 1993, Drummer


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