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Famous Events For February 28

Famous Events For February 28 – Today In History

February 28: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – February 28  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 28th Feb 1066: Westminster Abbey opened on this day.
28th Feb 1569: The Lithuanian delegation on this day pulled out of union talks with Poland and departed Lublin.
2. 28th Feb 1570: There was an anti-Portuguese upraising on Ternate, Moluccas.
3. 28th Feb 1574: Two Englishmen and one Irishman were burnt for heresy, on orders of the Holy Office of the Inquisition.


4. 28th Feb 1638: Scottish Presbyterians signed a National Covenant at Greyfriars, Edinburgh.
5. 28th Feb 1646: Roger Scott was on this day tried in Massachusetts for sleeping in a church.
6. 28th Feb 1667: The British Colony of Surinam fell into Dutch hands.

18th Century – What Happened on February 28 – The 1700s

7. 28th Feb 1704: A school for blacks was opened in New York City on this day by Frenchman Elias Neau.
8. 28th Feb 1708: There was a slave revolt in Newtown, Long Island in New York City. It left 11 dead.
9. 28th Feb 1759: Pope Clement XIII on this day allowed the bible to be translated into various languages.
10. 28th Feb 1778: Enlistment of slaves was on this day authorized by the Rhode Island General Assembly.
11. 28th Feb 1784: John Wesley, whose teachings emphasized field preaching along with piety, probity, and responsibility chartered the Methodist church today.


19th Century – February 28 This Day That Year – The 1800s

12. 28th Feb 1810: The first US fire-insurance joint stock company was on this day organized in Philadelphia.
13. 28th Feb 1813: The Kalisz Union against Napoleon was on this day formed by Russia and Prussia.
14. 28th Feb 1827: The 1st US railroad was chartered to carry passengers and freight. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company was incorporated.
15. 28th Feb 1844: The US Secretary of State Able P Upshur, Navy Secretary Thomas W Gilmer and several others were killed when a 12-inch gun aboard USS Princeton exploded.
16. 28th Feb 1847: During the Mexican War Colonel Alexander Dolphin and his ragtag Missouri Mounted Volunteers rode to victory in the Battle of Sacramento.
17. 28th Feb 1849: Steam Ship California arrived on this day in San Francisco with San Francisco postmaster John W Geary, carrying mail for the Pacific coast.
18. 28th Feb 1849: The first boatload of Gold Rush prospectors arrived on this day in San Francisco from the East Coast.
19. 28th Feb 1850: The University of Utah opened on this day in Salt Lake City Utah.


20. 28th Feb 1852: A French ship arrived on this day in San Francisco with 200 emigrants, including common thugs, criminals, some honest workers, and political prisoners who were considered undesirable.
21. 28th Feb 1854: The Republican Party was on this day formally organized at Ripon in Wisconsin by some 50 slavery opponents.
22. 28th Feb 1859: As per the requirement of the Arkansas legislature Blacks had to choose between slavery and exile.
23. 28th Feb 1861: The territories of Nevada and Colorado were created on this day.
24. 28th Feb 1862: Karle Goldmark’s opera “The Queen of Sheba” premiered in Paris today.
25. 28th Feb 1870: By the decree of Sultan Abd-ul-Aziz of the Ottoman Empire, the Bulgarian Exarchate was established on this day.
26. 28th Feb 1871: The 2nd Enforcement Act set federal control of congressional elections.
27. 28th Feb 1878: The US Congress on this day authorized large-scale silver certificates.
28. 28th Feb 1879: Southern blacks on this day fled political and economic exploitation in the “Exodus of 1879”.
29. 28th Feb 1893: Edward Acheson on this day patented an abrasive in Pennsylvania. He called it “carborundum”.
30. 28th Feb 1896: France dismisses Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day February 28th – The 1900s

31. 28th Feb 1900: The defenders of Ladysmith, under General Sir George White, were relieved after a 119-day siege by the Boers.
32. 28th Feb 1902: Jules Massenet’s opera premiers in Monte Carlo.
33. 28th Feb 1908: In Tehran, there was an assassination attempt on Shah Mohammad Ali which failed.
34. 28th Feb 1909: President Roosevelt visited the Austrian embassy today and became the first American President to do so.
35. 28th Feb 1916: Haiti became the first US protectorate.
36. 28th Feb 1917: It was reported today by the Associated Press that Mexico and Japan would ally with Germany if the US entered WW I.
37. 28th Feb 1918: Warren Grad, representative of District 3 in Ohio introduced the bill to protect war materials. It was proposed to levy a $10,000 fine and 30 years of imprisonment for the destruction of war material.

38. 28th Feb 1922: The British on this day declared Egypt as a sovereign state, but British troops continued to remain in Egypt.
39. 28th Feb 1924: To protect the American interest during the election conflict, US troops were on this day sent to Honduras.
40. 28th Feb 1925: “Tea for Two” by Marion Harris hit the #1 spot.
41. 28th Feb 1925: The Theater Museum of Amsterdam was formed on this day.
42. 28th Feb 1925: Congress today authorized a special handling stamp.
43. 28th Feb 1926: It was reported today that 2000 new homes have been built in Abilene, Texas since the year 1920.
44. 28th Feb 1928: Smokey the Bear was created on this day.
45. 28th Feb 1933: Francis Perkins was appointed Secretary of Labor. She became the first female in the cabinet.
46. 28th Feb 1933: Free expression of opinion was on this day abolished in Germany by the German President Von Hindenburg.
47. 28th Feb 1933: The German Communist Party (KPD) was disallowed by Hitler.
48. 28th Feb 1935: Dr. Wallace H Carothers discovered Nylon today.
49. 28th Feb 1939: Franco’s regime in Spain was recognized by Great Britain.

50. 28th Feb 1940: The New York City station W2XBS today television broadcast for the first time the college basketball games.
51. 28th Feb 1940: “Queen Elizabeth”, the super liner was launched in Britain.
52. 28th Feb 1940: King Farouk arrived at Tanis in Egypt for the opening of the sarcophagus of the 21st dynasty King Psusennes I, which was discovered by archeologist Pierre Montet.
53. 28th Feb 1942: A race riot broke out in Sojourner Truth Homes in Detroit today.
54. 28th Feb 1942: The US destroyer Jacob Jones was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine U-578 off the coast of New Jersey. Out of the 102 crew members, only 11 survived.
55. 28th Feb 1942: Japanese today landed in Java which was the last Allied bastion in Dutch East Indies.
56. 28th Feb 1942: During the battle of Sunda Strait USS Huston was sunk by the Japanese.
57. 28th Feb 1943: The Nazi heavy water plant near Rjukan was destroyed by Norwegian commandos flown in from Britain.
58. 28th Feb 1945: US tanks crossed the Erft River after breaking the natural defense line west of Rhine.
59. 28th Feb 1946: The US army on this day declared that it would use a V-2 rocket to test radar as an atomic rocket defense system.
60. 28th Feb 1947: Britain and France today signed a 50-year pact to curb Germany.
61. 28th Feb 1948: The last batch of British troops left India today, marching through the Gateway of India monument in a ceremony.

62. 28th Feb 1950: The French Assembly in Paris today decided to reduce the sale of Coca-Cola.
63. 28th Feb 1951: The preliminary report issued by the Senate Committee headed by Estes Kefauver indicated that at least two major crime syndicates were operating in the United States.
64. 28th Feb 1953: The structure of DNA molecule was on this day discovered by Francis Crick and James Watson. They described the structure as a double helix consisting of two long strings coiled around one another.
65. 28th Feb 1953: On this day Greece, Turkey, and Yugoslavia signed a five-year defense pact in Ankara.
66. 28th Feb 1953: Soviet Prime Minister Joseph Stalin today met Nikita Khrushchev, Bulganin, and Malenkov.
67. 28th Feb 1954: The US on this day performed an atmospheric nuclear test at Bikini Island.
68. 28th Feb 1956: There was a train crash in Swampscott Massachusetts which killed 13 people.
69. 28th Feb 1956: Computer core memory was on this day patented.
70. 28th Feb 1958: A school bus plunged into the Big Sandy River in Kentucky drowning 24 children and driver.
71. 28th Feb 1959: Discoverer I was on this day launched.
72. 28th Feb 1961: US President John F Kennedy on this day named Henry Kissinger as special advisor.
73. 28th Feb 1963: President John F Kennedy seeks Congress for civil rights law giving voting rights safeguards against racial discrimination.
74. 28th Feb 1968: General Earl Wheeler on this day had written to President Lyndon B Johnson requesting more troops in Saigon.
75. 28th Feb 1970: Bicycles were allowed to cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

76. 28th Feb 1971: A British soldier died when his vehicle was attacked by petrol bombs. He died of inhaling chemicals from fire extinguishers used to douse the fire.
77. 28th Feb1972: US President Richard Nixon ends on this day his historic weeklong visit to China.
78. 28th Feb 1974: Britain’s Labor party won the Parliamentary elections. No party had an overall majority resulting in a hung parliament.
79. 28th Feb 1974: Diplomatic relations were re-established between the United States and Egypt after a break of seven years.
80. 28th Feb 1975: A London subway train smashed into the end of a tunnel at Moorgate underground station. 43 people were killed in the crash.
81. 28th Feb 1975: US performs nuclear test in Nevada test site.
82. 28th Feb 1975: The European Union signed another trade deal in Lome, Togo to keep markets open to former European colonies in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands.
83. 28th Feb 1980: US performs nuclear test in its Nevada test site.
84. 28th Feb 1986: In a street ambush in central Stockholm, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot dead and his wife Lisbeth was wounded.
85. 28th Feb 1987: A nuclear weapons treaty was proposed by Gorbachev. The objective of signing the agreement was to eliminate both US and Soviet nuclear weapons from Europe.
86. 28th Feb 1991: Iraq today accepted all 12 resolutions made by the United Nations bringing the Gulf War to an end.
87. 28th Feb 1994: The US fighter planes on this day shot down four Serbian planes that were used in a bombing mission and which flying in a no-fly zone. This was part of NATO to enforce UN resolutions to end the conflict in former Yugoslavia.

21st Century – February 28  This Day In History – The 2000s

88. 28th Feb 2001: A car veered off the motorway onto the railway line near Selby causing the crash of the Newcastle to London passenger train. The crash left 10 dead and 60 injured.
89. 28th Feb 2001: A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nisqually Valley near Olympia. It was felt many miles around and was the largest quake in the history of the State.
90. 28th Feb 2005: There was a series of mass anti-Syria demonstrations in Beirut against the Syrian involvement in Lebanon. This caused the pro-Lebanon Syrian Prime Minister, Omar Karami to resign.
91. 28th Feb 2007: Republican Senator John McCain today announced his presidential nomination on the David Letterman show.
92. 28th Feb 2008: A new study of US prisons indicates that there are an all-time high number of people in US prisons.
93. 28th Feb 2008: The former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra who returned to Thailand after a long period of exile was arrested on corruption charges.
94. 28th Feb 2008: Germany today converted its diplomatic office in Prishtina into an Embassy and became the first country to recognize Kosovo.
95. 28th Feb 2008: President Bush on this day told the people of the US that the country’s economy was not going into a recession. Following the slow-down He said that the tax measures which are due to start in May, were designed to get consumers shopping again.
96. 28th Feb 2010: The closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics is being held at the B.C. Palace Vancouver. This is the first time that the closing ceremony is held in an indoor venue.
97. 28th Feb 2010: A severe storm “Xynthia” lashed across Europe including parts of Spain, Portugal, and France. A death toll of 45 due to drowning was reported. It was feared that the death toll may go up.
98. 28th Feb 2011: Thousands of protestors all dressed in white in San Pedro Sula in Honduras marched against the increased criminal violence in the country. They called for increased public security.

99. 28th Feb 2013: A restaurant boat used for private parties on the river Tigris sank in Bagdad. Five people died and three others are reported missing.
100. 28th Feb 2014: Ukrainian authorities today accused Russia of deploying troops and occupying government buildings in the region of Crime.

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