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February 28 Famous Birthdays

February 28 Famous Birthdays

The lucky numbers for famous people born on February 28 is one and three. As a Pisces born on this day, they are “lucky” in a lot of things and have an astonishing perception of people.

Typically, people born on the famous birthdays of February 28 have good understanding of the world. They are able to ride its roller-coaster with a smile on their face. They recognize that obstacles are only a means of providing a person with wisdom and strength.


For famous people born on February 28 resilience doesn’t mean that they are immune to stress and disease. So they  still should take into consideration their mental and physical well-being. By enrolling in an exercise program, they can kill two birds with one stone.


When it comes to choosing a profession, they have many options but teaching comes natural to them. If this doesn’t appeal to them, then I know the entertainment industry does. They love the limelight mainly because of the power it provides.

The traits of FEBRUARY 28th famous birthdays shows that they understand people and cannot be fooled by their superficial remarks. They need to take care of themselves, as they can be irritable. Although they are active, they could still benefit from exercise. They have awesome business sense and could teach or counsel.


February 28th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

28th February Good Traits:

  • Intuitive
  • Helping
  • Motivated
  • Accurate
  • Talented
  • Wise

28th February Bad Traits:

  • Excess
  • Restless
  • Reclusive
  • Envious

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February 28th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Cohen, 1976, Non-Fiction Author
Abby Champion, 1997, Model
Abish Mathew, 1987, Comedian
Adrian Dantley, 1955, Basketball Player
Afiea Nusrat Barsha, 1989, Movie Actress
Ainsley Harriott, 1957, Chef
Ainsley Harriott, 1957, Chef
AJ Smith, 1949, Sports Executive
Alex Tanas, 1986, Drummer
Alfred Burke, 1918, TV Actor
Ali Larter, 1976, TV Actress
Ali Tomineek, 1997, Rapper
Ali Traore, 1985, Basketball Player
Alice Kremelberg, 1990, Movie Actress
Alice M. Brock, 1941, Entrepreneur
Alisa Valdes, 1969, Novelist
Ally Chen, 1992, YouTube Star

Amir Hamzah, 1911, Poet
Anabelle Acosta, 1987, TV Actress
Andrei Selaru, 2001, YouTube Star
Angela Bailey, 1962, Runner
AngelaBaby, 1989, Model
Annie Bovaird, 1992, Voice Actor
Antonio Candreva, 1987, Soccer Player
Antonio Livramento, 1943, Hockey Player
Apollo Bowie-Flynn Rossdale, 2014, Family Member
Aroldis Chapman, 1988, Baseball Player
Arthur William Symons, 1865, Poet
Audrey Williams, 1923, Country Singer
Barry Fantoni, 1940, Comic Book Author
Barry McGuigan, 1961, Boxer
Bernadette Peters, 1948, Stage Actress
february-28-famous-birthdaysBigBStatz, 1990, YouTube Star
Billie Bird, 1908, TV Actress
Bobb’e J. Thompson, 1996, Movie Actor
Brandon Swift, 1990, Reality Star
BreezyLynn, 1999, YouTube Star
Brek Shea, 1990, Soccer Player
Brendan Robinson, 1990, TV Actor
Brent Barrett, 1957, Stage Actor
Brian Billick, 1954, Football Coach
Brian Jones, 1942, Guitarist
Briony Cole, 1983, Diver
Brooks Reed, 1987, Football Player
Bryan Donahue, 1985, Guitarist
Bubba Smith, 1945, Football Player
Bugsy Siegel, 1906, Criminal
Cam McCaul, 1986, BMX Rider
Carlos Dunlap, 1989, Football Player

Charles Durning, 1923, Movie Actor
Charles Gayle, 1939, Saxophonist
Charles Halford, 1980, TV Actor
Charles Howard, 1877, Business Executive
Charles Jenkins, 1989, Basketball Player
ChaseFace, 1990, YouTube Star
Chris Hayes, 1979, News Anchor
Chris Wooding, 1977, Children’s Author
Christine Adams, 1974, Movie Actress
Christopher Columbus Kraft, 1924, Engineer
Cindy Wilson, 1957, Pop Singer
Cristina Raines, 1952, TV Actress
Cyrus Spencer, 1990, Dancer
Daniel Brochu, 1980, Voice Actor
Daniel Handler, 1970, Novelist
Danielle Victoria, 1993, Model
David Hellenius, 1974, Comedian
Dean Smith, 1931, Basketball Coach

Debora Green, 1951, Criminal
Dennis Hennig, 1951, Pianist
Diego Ribas da Cunha, 1985, Soccer Player
Dino Zoff, 1942, Soccer Player
Doko Rosic, 1932, Movie Actor
Don Francks, 1932, Movie Actor
Donnie Iris, 1943, Rock Singer
Dorothy Stratten, 1960, Model
Earl Scheib, 1908, Entrepreneur
Eder Alvarez Balanta, 1993, Soccer Player
Ellie White, 1984, World Music Singer
Emiliyan Stanev, 1907, Novelist
Emmelie De Forest, 1993, Pop Singer
Eric Franklin, 1957, Dancer
Eric Lindros, 1973, Hockey Player
Eric Moore, 1981, Football Player
Ernest Renan, 1823, Historian
Fefe Dobson, 1985, Pop Singer
Felix Feist, 1910, Director
Fiona Kay, 1988, Blogger
Francis Hughes, 1956, Criminal
Frank Bonner, 1942, TV Actor
Frank Gehry, 1929, Architect
Gabriela Bandy, 1994, Model
Gary Walker, 1973, Football Player
Gavin MacLeod, 1931, TV Actor
Geoff Daniela, 1987, Rugby Player
Georgina Leonidas, 1990, Movie Actress
Gilbert Gottfried, 1955, Comedian
Glyn Jones, 1905, Poet
Greg Holden, 1983, Folk Singer
Gregor Stahli, 1968, Skeleton Racer
Guiomar Novaes, 1895, Pianist
Guy Maddin, 1956, Director
Gyo Obata, 1923, Architect
Hannibal Harbo Rasmussen, 2000, TV Actor
Harvey Parnell, 1880, Politician
Hayden Fry, 1929, Football Coach
Helene Mambu-Ma-Disu, 1948, Doctor
Hugo Leverdez, 1998, Movie Actor
Hunter Jumper, 1989, Soccer Player
Iajuddin Ahmed, 1931, Politician
Ibrahim Amada, 1990, Soccer Player
Ickey Woods, 1966, Football Player
Ilene Graff, 1949, TV Actress
Imran ibn Mansur, 1990, Blogger
Ivo Karlovic, 1979, Tennis Player
Jack Abramoff, 1958, Entrepreneur
Jack Harper, 1996, Soccer Player
Jake Bugg, 1994, Rock Singer
Jamaal Tinsley, 1978, Basketball Player
James E. Burke, 1925, Entrepreneur
Jan Ceulemans, 1947, Soccer Player
Jana Munster, 1998, Movie Actress
Jason Aldean, 1977, Country Singer
Jay Hayden, 1987, Pop Singer
Jean-Baptiste Arban, 1825, Trumpet Player
Jeff Niemann, 1983, Baseball Player
Jelena Jankovic, 1985, Tennis Player
Jessica McDonald, 1988, Soccer Player
Jessica Strother, 1995, Model
Joe South, 1940, Country Singer
Joel Pimentel, 1999, Pop Singer
John Fahey, 1939, Guitarist
John Montague, 1929, Poet
John Thomason Jr., 1893, Illustrator
John Turturro, 1957, Movie Actor
Jorge Rivera, 1972, MMA Fighter
Jose Coronel Urtecho, 1906, Poet
Joseph Armstrong, 1995, Drummer
Josh Green, 1992, Movie Actor
Josh McRoberts, 1987, Basketball Player
Josh Taylor, 1998, Pop Singer
Josh Zare, 1993, Pop Singer
Julia Allison, 1981, author
Kalyn Nicholson, 1994, YouTube Star
Kangana Ndiwa, 1984, Soccer Player
Karissa Tynes, 1987, TV Actress
Karl Leisner, 1915, Religious Leader
Karolina Kurkova, 1984, Model
Karsan Ghavri, 1951, Cricket Player
Katy Wix, 1980, TV Actress
Kaya Stewart, 2000, Pop Singer
Kayley Hyde, 1992, YouTube Star
Kelly Bishop, 1944, TV Actress
Ken Whisenhunt, 1962, Football Coach
Kenneth Wherry, 1892, Politician
Ketti Frings, 1909, Playwright
Kevin Windham, 1978, Motorcycle Racer
Khloee Jae, 2011, Model
Lance Hoyt, 1977, Wrestler
Laura M Buitrago, 1998, YouTube Star
Lauren Santo-Domingo, 1976, Entrepreneur
Leanne Dunstan, 1993, TV Actress
Lee Carsley, 1974, Soccer Player
Lester Giri, 1995, Drummer
Lil Shawn, 1998, Reality Star
Lim Chin Siong, 1933, Politician
Linus Pauling, 1901, Scientist
Lou Bernstein, 1911, Photographer
Louis-joseph De Montcalm, 1712, War Hero
Louna Maroun, 1988, YouTube Star
Lucian Bute, 1980, Boxer
Luke Towler, 1997, Pop Singer
Madisen Beaty, 1995, Movie Actress
Mag Ruffman, 1957, TV Actress
Malik Zaire, 1995, Football Player
Mara Justine, 2002, Pop Singer
Mareliz Glaze, 1997, YouTube Star
Mario Andretti, 1940, Race Car Driver
Mark Ferguson, 1961, TV Actor
Marketa Irglova, 1988, World Music Singer
Marquis Teague, 1993, Basketball Player
Maxine Bahns, 1971, Movie Actress
Megan McDonald, 1959, Children’s Author
Melanie Chandra, 1984, TV Actress
Mercedes Ruehl, 1948, TV Actress
Michael Bisping, 1979, MMA Fighter
Michelle Horn, 1987, Movie Actress
Mike Brady, 1948, Pop Singer
Mike Figgis, 1948, Director
Mike Rucker, 1975, Football Player
Mike Wofford, 1938, Pianist
Milan Christopher Gordy, 1984, Model
Milton Caniff, 1907, Cartoonist
Molly Picon, 1898, Stage Actress
Monica Farro, 1976, World Music Singer
Movsas Feigins, 1908, Chess Player
Murray Gold, 1969, Composer
Natalia Vodianova, 1982, Model
Nayeli Rangel, 1992, Soccer Player
Nialle Rodney, 1991, Soccer Player
Nicolas Rossolimo, 1910, Chess Player
Nigel Godrich, 1971, Music Producer
Nolan Gross, 2003, Movie Actor
Noureen Dewulf, 1984, TV Actress
Olivia Palermo, 1986, Reality Star
Olivia Scriven, 1997, TV Actress
Ozwald Boateng, 1967, Fashion Designer
Park Hyung Seok, 1992, Model
Patrick Monahan, 1969, Rock Singer
Patrick Shea, 1948, Lawyer
Paul Krugman, 1953, Journalist
Paulo Futre, 1966, Soccer Player
Pepe Mel, 1963, Soccer Player
Pete Williams, 1952, Journalist
Peter Alliss, 1931, Golfer
Peter Medawar, 1915, Scientist
Peter Stebbings, 1971, TV Actor
Phil Gould, 1957, Drummer
Quinn Shephard, 1995, Movie Actress
Rae Dawn Chong, 1961, TV Actress
Rafael Amaya, 1977, TV Actor
Randi Zuckerberg, 1982, Business Executive
Rein Taagepera, 1933, Politician
Ricky Steamboat, 1953, Wrestler
Robert Heffernan, 1978, Race Walker
Robert Sean Leonard, 1969, TV Actor
Robloxfave, 1999, YouTube Star
Rodiney Santiago, 1982, Reality Star
Roger Baulu, 1910, TV Show Host
Rory Cochrane, 1972, TV Actor
Roy Donders, 1991, Reality Star
Rudy Mancuso, 1992, Vine Star
Rukku Nahar, 1996, TV Actress
Ryan Allen, 1990, Football Player
Samuel Bower, 1994, Music Producer
Sander Van Doorn, 1979, DJ
Sanders Bohlke, 1984, Folk Singer
Sarah Bolger, 1991, TV Actress
Saul Zaentz, 1921, Film Producer
Sebastien Bourdais, 1979, Race Car Driver
Sepp Maier, 1944, Soccer Player
Sidra Smith, 1971, Family Member
Sophia Munster, 1998, Movie Actress
Stanley Baker, 1928, Movie Actor
Stephanie Beacham, 1947, TV Actress
Stephanie Sigman, 1987, Movie Actress
Stephen Spender, 1909, Poet
Steve Grand, 1990, Country Singer
Steven Chu, 1948, Scientist
Suzanne Mubarak, 1941, Political Wife
Svetlana Alliluyeva, 1926, Politician
Sylvia Field, 1901, TV Actress
Sylvia Hatchell, 1952, Basketball Coach
Tasha Smith, 1971, TV Actress
Taylah Roberts, 1995, Model
Tayshaun Prince, 1980, Basketball Player
Thomas Numme, 1970, TV Show Host
Tim Bresnan, 1985, Cricket Player
Todd Haley, 1967, Football Coach
Tom Aldredge, 1928, TV Actor
Tom Spencer, 1951, Baseball Player
Tommy Tune, 1939, TV Actor
Torrei Hart, 1978, Reality Star
Trinh Cong Son, 1939, Composer
Uno Prii, 1924, Architect
Varsha Usgaonkar, 1968, Movie Actress
Victor Gardener, 1968, TV Actor
Villiam Figus-Bystry, 1875, Composer
Vincente Minnelli, 1903, Director
Virginia Hamilton Adair, 1913, Poet
Walid Ramoul, 1997, Dancer
Walter Tevis, 1928, Novelist
William Zorach, 1887, Sculptor
Witt Lowry, 1991, YouTube Star
Ylona Garcia, 2002, Reality Star
Yung Sherman, 1995, Music Producer
Yuri Lotman, 1922, Historian
Zero Mostel, 1915, Stage Actor


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