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Dating An Artist: Pros And Cons

Things You Should Know Before Dating an Artist

I always get fascinated when I hear the word artist. Not because they are extraordinary people but because they are ordinary people who make extraordinary things. Let’s see who it is when it comes to dating an artist.

Many are very creative and work with great passion. Looking at how they turn real-life stories into great graphical works and how they are inspired to use their brush and paint to create things out of the blue makes them special. So while talking about special, are they also special when it comes to dating.


So dating an artist is like any other relationship. But it comes with complications and having to make choices. But the only difference is that they are artists and emotionally attached to what they do.

While dating an artist has its pros and cons, so unlike my previous article, “4 Reasons, You Shouldn’t Date an Artist,” I am here to discuss the pros and cons when dating an artist.


Pros of Dating An Artist

1. Creativity

So artists are crazily creative. But they can create something out of nothing, yet that piece can be very inspiring if their creativity extends to all spheres of life. If you are bored, your artist partner’s creative instinct can bring up something both of you can enjoy.

Suppose you won’t ever be bored when you date an artist. They can also bring out the creativity in you. So, when you date an artist, you will find it useful to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do.


2. Normal Nature

When People see artists be very complex people who have no time for any other thing except painting. But that pre-conceived notion is never true. But great artists like Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gosh and many others all had a relationship. They got married and had children. They are just like any other person with love life and must be seen as such.


3. Inspire Others

So living with a person who works by inspiration can also inspire you to pick up interest. Everything is possible in the artist’s mind, so they work to achieve whatever they set to do. So, you can be inspired by their works and the zeal by which they work.

Their inspiration moves with determination. Once they get inspired to work on a piece, they get determined to achieve it. Not just achieving a mediocre piece but a perfect one, which matches exactly what their inspiration picked.

That is why they paint, clean, do it repeatedly until they achieve what they want. So having a partner with the determination to achieve will make everything look possible for you if they can infect with this to become determination driven.

4. They Paint

Painting is costly, so getting someone who will paint you for free will be a bonus when dating an artist. Imagine getting a stunning bust paint of yourself as a gift during an anniversary. By getting them, a Gift Won’t be a Headache.

Hence, it is straightforward to impress your partner with a gift. Once you know a person’s interest, it becomes easier to give them something special. If you can look out for something, they lack the painting tools or equipment has worn out and replace it as a gift. It can be a canvas, or watercolor paper, Masonite, or any other thing you think they need.

Cons of Dating An Artist

5. Work Schedule Can Affect You

Many artists can be consumed in their work that every aspect of their life, including relationships, can suffer. If they are passion and inspiration-driven, and once they get the vibe, nothing can stop them. It can be at any time of the day, whether deep in the night or when spending some time with you.

Since they don’t get on schedules, they will jump onto their canvas to get things to happen. So you can’t get the needed attention and time when dating an artist.

6. Money Factor

Many people wished to be on the cardboard, but money becomes a problem because painting is nothing cheap when the rich people who love artwork mostly patronize an artist’s work.

If they can earn big at a gallery opening, but that source of income is not constant. So most artists struggle to make a living. So if you are looking for a partner with a constant stream of income, don’t date an artist.

7. You will  be Very Jealous

Some artists go to the extreme to earn cash. But they sometimes have to do live nude painting for their clients. Seeing your partner draw the opposite sex in their nude form can be a great turn-off.


So from that, they interact a lot with people they see as potential clients. Seeing your partner frequently interacting with people, especially the opposite sex, can turn on your jealous nature.

8. Cherish their Privacy

Artists don’t want to be disturbed when drawing, painting, or picking inspiration for their next masterpiece. But if they want to be alone to focus on what they are doing. While they enjoy such privacy, it also affects you, as you would want to spend some special time with them.

dating an artist

Dating An Artist: Conclusion

When choosing is now yours to make, as you are now previewed to some pros and cons, making a choice is now very easy. So, be open-minded and go in without having reservations or stay off without having misconceptions about artists. So, Good luck!

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