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Dating A Maid: 7 Reasons

Dating A Maid: Are You In Love With Her?

Dating a maid is not an obvious choice for most men except to keep her as a side chick. Oh yes, we are talking about a maid here. The perception about that profession alone prevents many men from attempting, except those on the same level as maids. As it is said, birds of the same feathers flock together. So in a typical sense, you will find a driver, the gardener, or the gatekeeper dating a maid.


In some parts of the world, maids are treated with contempt as second-class citizens. Aside from that, many regard them as husband snatchers with promiscuous lifestyles, especially the beautiful ones. These claims can be valid to some extent, but that does not make it a telescope where all maids are to be viewed.

As I always say, even twice, they may not have the same traits, and there are exceptions to every rule. That being said, there is much more than meets the eye when one decides to go in for a maid. So enough of the stereotype, let’s delve into why you need to date a maid.


Dating A Maid: Pros and Cons

1. They Are Good Care Takers

Being good caretakers is an unmistakable quality of all maids. They can manage the entire house singlehandedly. In this era where most women are or want to be corporate, a good maid will take all the house chores, including cooking, mopping, and laundry. This is one reason most married men end up sleeping with their maids because they do things wives cannot do. Hook up with a maid and know your household is in good hands.


2. They Pay Attention To Details

It is worth knowing that maids are very attentive, or let me say, they have an eagle eye. They can pay attention to details; they can place a needle exactly where they took it. With this, they can notice quickly when something goes wrong in the house.


They are also good at studying people’s moods, making it easy for them to know how to act and at what point. When you have such a partner, she can read your mood very well and might never be on your wrong side.

3. They are Flexible

Life comes with lots of unpredictability, and each day has its demand. This makes it sometimes very difficult to plan in totality. But, if you have a maid by your side, never be worried because they are very flexible and can meet you at the point of need. If she can respond to the needs of her employers, be sure that she will extend it to you.

4. They are Caring

Maids are very caring and always try to manage the home as if it was theirs. They care for the entire family, especially the children who need much attention. This is not to say that all maids have this quality since every profession has bad nuts. However, the majority of them prove to be very caring. If you have such a lady as your partner, be rest assured that she will extend care to you.

5. Dating a Maid Can Mean Reliability

Assign her a task, and rest assured that she will deliver it on time. Per their job descriptions, maids hardly disappoint. Yes, they can go to any extent to ensure they meet a deadline, making them very reliable. Being with a trustworthy person is one of the necessities for a successful relationship.

6. They are Trustworthy

Tell a maid a secret, and she will protect it with her life. Maids are very trustworthy when it comes to keeping secrets. Not only that but for their employers to entire a whole house and children into their care takes a high level of trust. No wonder some married men find it convenient to date their maids. They assured that action would be a secret between only the two.

7. They Are Innovative

A maid may have a hand in a bit of everything in the house, from arranging the flower pots, positioning artifacts in the place, and designing the home during celebrations. They can be very innovative in dealing with life issues with the experience gathered in their line of work.

Despite all the above, the ultimate choice of a partner is subject to individual differences and preferences. The power is still in your hands to choose a suitable partner.

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