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Choosing The Right Feng Shui Master

How To Choose The Right Feng Shui Master?

Everyone wanted a thriving home or a business that spells success. Choosing the Right Feng Shui Master helps most businessmen and homeowners find arrangements that can ease the flow of “chi” in their surroundings.

Feng Shui is not limited to Asians or Chinese. Any believer in the presence of vital yet unseen energy can help harness this element albeit with great care. When thinking of gearing your new home or a new office or new business establishment, knowing who to approach for assistance will ensure achieving the success and serenity you crave.

Choosing a Master

When choosing a master of Feng shui, it is important to research a particular consultant’s expertise in this particular field. Choosing one that turns out to be a hoax can expose your home or business to negative energies which can be hazardous to the well-being of people living in your home or the future of your business. Renowned Feng shui masters are, often, educated, trained, and have substantial experience in honing his or her craft. Often, their years in active service and the number of loyal clients are notable thoughts of their expertise.


Substantial Apprenticeship

Substantial Apprenticeship and Sound Credentials: Take note of the credentials. A Feng shui master often undergoes formal training and/or apprenticeship with renowned Chinese teachers or trained by authentic ones. Most “educated” Feng shui masters can explain the rationale behind every recommendation specifically.


He or she can tell you point-blank why the place is desirable or not, or whether there is a chance to bring in positive energy. Never be afraid to ask questions. Requesting a brochure or scanning their websites can give you a clearer perspective. Feel free to ask about methods and equipment used, teachers and credentials, competency accreditation, professional affiliations, and so on. Feng shui masters make use of several methods that have stood the test of time.


Some fuse Feng shui, Ba Zi, and geomancy to create a perfect balance of energy from both interior and exterior elements of a home or business establishment. Each master in Feng shui makes use of a distinctive “compass” called LoPan. The design of this equipment often depends on the method used. Some tech-savvy Feng shui experts make use of laser tripods, too.

Choosing the Right Feng Shui Master

Try to Assess the life

Walk the Talk:  Try to assess the life of your prospective Feng shui master. Is he displaying modesty and humility? If he is, there is a good chance that you have found the right one. Most experts “walk the talk” when it comes to their craft. Renowned masters espouse living modestly and ethically even during modern times. It goes to follow also that this master can charge reasonable fees and not rip you off your hard-earned money.

Word of Mouth Recommendations

Word of Mouth Recommendations or Testimonials: When it comes to gauging a Feng shui master’s expertise, collecting testimonials and unbiased reviews about past services can be a good source of information. Reaching out to a friend a next-door neighbor or a business colleague is one good option.

Take extra precautions on ones done online as these can sometimes be paid to work to his or her advantage. Strong word-of-mouth recommendations are great sources of first-hand ideas.

Indeed, there lies a huge challenge in creating a thriving home or business establishment. A reliable Feng shui master can help you achieve such a lofty endeavor. With the growing numbers of masters in Feng shui, finding one requires a lot of careful analysis and nitpicking. When done accordingly, you can guarantee a prosperous home or a flourishing business.

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