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My Boyfriend Cheated On Me, I Can’t Believe It

My Boyfriend Cheated on Me, I Can’t Believe It.

My boyfriend cheated on me. I can’t believe it! Why me? If this is love, then love presents itself in mysterious ways. It carries forth loads of definitions, but it is never dishonest. What’s sad is he can’t take responsibility for his actions. While you deal with the pain of betrayal, he’s making plans for the weekend like this has never happened. Who’s sure if there will be a tomorrow and if so, will I want to spend it with him?


Not only did he cheat, but my boyfriend cheated on me with a guy! I don’t know what to do. I know the healing process takes time, but this will take a lot of time.

*When it’s too much to handle, you have to let go of what’s killing you in the first place. It doesn’t matter if it’s damaging your soul. You have to let go.*


What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Cheated On Me?

He may act like a holier than thou man, but don’t fall for what he tells you. Your boyfriend needs to feel how you feel. Allow him to wear your shoes for a while. The best advice would be to weigh out the options in a normal situation, even if he promised heaven on earth, but this is serious. Still, here are a few suggestions as to what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you.


Get Upset

Yes, that’s it! You have all the right in the world to show your most genuine feelings. Instead of throwing something at him or ripping the leather seats in his antique car, let him know how you feel.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Tell it like it is. Let him know you feel betrayed, hurt, and angry. I know how you think. I thought maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much since my boyfriend cheated on me with his ex, but it hurt bad. He should know cheating is not acceptable, and you will not tolerate this behavior.


My Boyfriend Cheated on Me, Should I Forgive Him?

Forgiveness may seem like an arduous task after finding out your boyfriend cheated on you, but it’s better to tackle this issue head-on. I agree, he broke your trust, and you won’t stay around if there should be the next time.

However, if you are ready to give him a second chance, forgive him. It’s unfortunate this has happened, but understand he’s human, too. Having a wandering eye is normal. You still love and adore him, but learn to start over. Trust again and give him a second chance.

Take Some Alone Time

Take some time alone. Do something that interests you and makes you forget about him in a while and how your boyfriend cheated. Think about what you want and your expectations in this relationship.

Of course, he will beg your forgiveness and ask you to stay, but don’t accept his apology yet. If he’s asking for forgiveness, it could mean he is genuinely sorry. Even if you forgive him right away, don’t take him back right away.

Wait about a week or even a month, but don’t wait too long. That way, he will know you’re serious, and it will give him some time to think about his actions and what he wants.

What Not to Do When He Has Cheated on You

My boyfriend cheated on me twice, so I understand the need to have some alone time. However, don’t take too much time. It may make the situation worse than before. There are a few more things you should not do. Let’s check them out.

Your Boyfriend Cheated, Don’t Blame Yourself

Please don’t fall into the trap of being obsessed with him. Don’t blame yourself – it’s NOT your fault he cheated on you. Having self-doubt should be the last thing on your mind. Learn to confront him and tackle the situation calmly and wisely.

Don’t Entertain Thoughts of Revenge

Even if you don’t feel like re-igniting your love, don’t get into revenge cheating. It doesn’t matter if he isn’t ready to ask for forgiveness; taking revenge won’t solve anything. It will haunt you, and guilt will start to pile up.

Walk-in silence if you are not willing to mend the relationship. Two wrongs will never make a right.

Don’t Forget What You Went Through

My boyfriend cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend, too. Just like any other disturbing experience, it’s hard to forgive and forget. If your boyfriend cheated on you, it means he still has some growing up to do. That is to say. He is not yet mature. Love is honest and is not deceitful. If he is not ready to stay, however, let bygones be bygones.

Your Boyfriend Cheated, What Next?

It is never going to be over until you say so. Don’t complicate matters by allowing your emotions to rule. It is never easy to make a paramount decision when it comes to relationships.

Weigh out your options. If you have had more good times than bad, he’s worth keeping, perhaps. However, if your boyfriend cheated constantly, it’s time to call it quits. There’s no doubt you should call the relationship off.

I don’t know how many times someone has said, “My boyfriend cheated on me, but I still love him.” We understand this, but you should take this time to discover what you want and what makes you happy. Is it someone who treats you like a queen or treats you as though you’re dispensable? There are good men out there. You don’t have to settle. Good Luck!

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