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Celebrity Astrology – Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Celebrity Couple Profile – Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Wedding bells and a baby (though not in that order) – let s hope they do live happily ever after. A tall order for a Hollywood couple, but they do have several astrological factors going for them. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are born on the same day, September 25th. I do like it when people are the same Signs, and I particularly like two Libras together.

And these two have several other favorable things going for them as well. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones both have stelliums in Libra (each a total of four planets), with her Libra Mercury and Jupiter contacting his Sun, Mars, and Venus. They even have a double Venus/Mercury contact, with her Venus in Virgo conjunct his Mercury in Virgo.

With these two planets pertaining to communication (Mercury) emotions (Venus), there should be much positive sharing of thoughts and feelings.

Michael’s Moon (the deepest part of a person) in Capricorn is conjunct her Mars (how one acts) in Capricorn. This strong logical and practical Earth will help ground their very idealistic and romantic Air (Libra) influence.

They will, however, potentially run into some difficulties in terms of their clashing Moons – her very emotional Water Moon in Pisces clashing with his logical mental Moon in Capricorn. People with Earth Moons have a real tendency to resort to that matter-of-fact type of energy when attempting to relate to another or comfort them.

So when she is very upset and really needs him to be there for her and understand how she is feeling, his earthy Moon will be inclined to come up with hardcore logical reasons as she shouldn’t be feeling what she’s feeling. She will perceive him as not really understanding her – as though he is dismissing her as being too emotional and explaining why his rational take on the situation should make her look at it differently, and therefore automatically feel differently.

Michael’s judgmental Mars conjunct his Sun in Libra could present a real challenge for them. His having Sun and Mars conjunct (particularly in the Martian and controlling Element of Air) gives him a very powerful feeling that life ought to be lived according to his view of things.

Catherine is no pushover with her Mars square (by Signs) to her Sun, thereby giving her a real emotional intensity and brand of confidence, and need for respect similar to what Michael has with his Sun/Mars conjunction.

If they are both mature enough to show each other enough respect, then these intense energies could work for, rather than against them. Certainly, all his Libra influence makes Michael a real charmer, and he may just coerce Catherine into doing a lot of things his way.

The final issue that may work against Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones would be his Martian Venus in controlling Air (Libra). This produces an enormous need for the perfect relationship – always needing the perfect romantic behavior from his mate – always needing to be viewed as her knight in shining armor. This kind of thinking tends to clash with the real world.

Unfortunately this “perfect “Venus also causes him to feel diminished as a man whenever the woman in his life is not happy – preferably, perfectly happy! At least with his Venus and Mars conjunct, he possesses a tremendous desire and urges to act out (Mars) his love (Venus) for her. This gives him a real urge to do things for her. And with his Neptune there in Libra also, he no doubt has the feeling that being together is their fate and destiny.

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