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The Best Feng Shui Colors For The Bedroom

How To Pick Bedroom Colors For Good Feng Shui?

Feng Shui has a structure, but it is also about personal energy. One can put a lot of time and meticulous effort into deciding the Best Feng Shui colors for the bedroom. However, if you want a simple answer, Feng Shui offers some standard go-to solutions that will work for any person in any room. You are probably drawn to some colors and not others; pay attention to your preferences. If you have not thought much about what colors attract you, consider what clothing and shoes you tend to choose for yourself.


You might also think about your car or bicycle color and less obvious things. Do you like dark wood or light wood? Red, yellow, or black cushions?

Take your time with this reflection. There are no wrong answers. Like many people, you will have more than one color that repeats in your life. That is okay too. According to Feng Shui, different colors have different kinds of energy; none are inherently evil.


Skin Tones

If all of this self-examination seems overly complicated and time-consuming, you can always resort to skin tones. These tones cover the whole spectrum of human flesh, from pinkish-white to ebony. They fall primarily under (or “express”) the earth and wood elements in the Feng Shui tradition. Their energy is warm and embracing, so any bedroom can benefit from including them. You do not have to pick just one, of course. Having an array of skin tones can mean a variety of energy.

The best part about these skin tones, as opposed to other possibilities, is that the energy they create is restful. That characteristic makes them a suitable choice in any room, particularly in the bedroom, where you probably want to create a soothing atmosphere.


On their own, skin tones work wonders for calm and nourishing energy. Surprisingly, a dash of green makes a great addition to a bedroom decked out in skin tones. Green has bright power that keeps the skin tones from potentially weighing down the room too much. If you spend a lot of time awake in your bedroom, adding some green is said to improve your mood with its happy touch.


What Is The Best Feng Shui Color Scheme?

You can take it as a general rule of thumb that no matter what color scheme you choose, a small dose of its opposite makes for good Feng Shui. For example, a feminine or yin room (with soft pinks, corals, whites, sculptured lamps, and so on) can benefit significantly from some metal or masculine colors sprinkled in. Brass and related colors are a good option for bringing in the yang side of the yin-yang equation.

Ultimately, having all five Feng Shui elements represented in your environment is critical, but they do not all have to be in your bedroom. Some combinations work better than others. Pay attention to proportions, as well. To understand how Feng Shui elements relate, you can think about how fire, wood, water, metal, and earth interact in the real world. Water feeds wood but douses the fire. Fire burns wood and metal cuts wood, but the land allows the wood to grow. Wood makes fire possible, and so on.

This explanation is somewhat simplified. The complexity of Feng Shui elemental relations is too broad, to sum up fully in this brief space. However, it would be best if you got a basic idea from the above notes – enough, at least, to help you set up your bedroom appropriately.

Birth Elements

Hence, many people decide on the best Feng Shui colors for their bedroom by relating them to their birth elements. You can discover your birth element (if you do not already know it) by checking your birth date against a chart of Feng Shui elements.

Most people have a birth element and then add elements as part of their character. For this reason, do not be too focused on what your birth element tells you. If the chart is accurate, you will probably discover that your birth element gels with what you already know. The colors you like are the ones that express your birth element.

But you probably also like some other colors in different degrees or contexts. That is normal. Your bedroom can be personalized by discovering the right balance for your combination of elements.

For instance, if you are a metal person, you might feel at ease around fire colors. That is not an issue. Make sure to highlight your birth element and add a few fire touches where appropriate. Another possibility is to combine the skin tone colors with your element. This approach can be trickier since you do not want to create an atmosphere with destructive energy.

What Is The Luckiest Bedroom Color?

Hence, lots of fire colors with a few touches of wood might end up squelching the effect of those wood colors. The reverse – lots of wood with a touch of fire – will probably work out fine.

Ultimately, there is no simple answer if you want to go beyond skin tones. The situation becomes even more complicated if you share the bedroom with another person with a different birth element. But do not despair! There are ways to make it work effectively for everyone involved. But if you are painting or buying furniture, you might not have the time or money to try several combinations to see what works. The easiest solution, once again, is to stick to the skin tones.

For couples (heterosexual or otherwise), focus on the yin-yang situation discussed above. So create a balance between feminine and masculine energy that reflects your relationship.

Decor Items

So remember that the excellent Feng Shui energy in your bedroom is not limited to colors. But simple décor items can also enhance or inhibit your relationship with others in that space. Never have a mirror facing the bed or art depicting negative emotions.

A headboard is always good for positive Feng Shui; choose a color that either matches or complements the elemental or yin-yang energy you have chosen as your primary scheme.

The colors you are generally attracted to are probably the best choice for you. With that in mind, remember to avoid very bright and very dark color schemes. This advice applies to children’s bedrooms as much as your own. Bright and dark colors can be added to the décor with splashes of color, but the walls and other significant areas should generally stay in the muted, earthy spectrum.

As something of an aside, to figure out how to paint a child’s room, spend some time watching what color toys or clothing they prefer. But if the child is not yet born, you can gain some insight by approximating their birth date and discovering their birth element.


Finally, always remember that Feng Shui can be tricky. When in doubt, pick a few colors that make you feel calm and grounded. Once you have established the main color scheme, you can always place some small accessories around the room to brighten or darken according to your sense of energy.

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