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[Infographics] August Birthday Horoscope Personality

August Birthday Personality [Infographics]

Welcome to the August birthdays Infographics! Find out more about personality traits for each August birthdate from images.

As we all know the zodiac signs for the birthdays in the month of August are Leo and Virgo. Are people belonging to these two sun signs totally different or do they share some common birth date characteristics?


The birthdate horoscopes for the Leo sun sign (August 1st to August 22nd) show that the Lions are charismatic, dominating, generous, loyal, energetic, trustworthy, organized, materialistic and ambitious. As these birth day personalities are ruled by the Sun, Sunday is their lucky day and Ruby is their lucky gemstone.

The birthday meanings for the Virgo sun sign (August 23rd to August 31st) predict that the Virgins are practical, earthy, sensible, flexible, meticulous, loving, obsessive, cynical and expressive. These birthdays are ruled by the planet of communication Mercury, Wednesday is their lucky day and Sapphire is their lucky gemstone.

When you see each of the birthdate in detail, you will realize how the birthday astrology predictions for each day is different and plays an important role in molding the personality of the person born on that day.

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