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Mayan Galactic Tone 4: Kan – Measure

Mayan Name: Kan

Maya Day Number: Four – Self- Existing

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Measure, Stability

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are stability, creativity, foundation, spontaneity, roots, relaxation, and balance.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The fourth Mayan galactic tone is called Kan or Stability or Measure. It is known as a self existing number and the tone of form and measurement.The fourth Mayan galactic tone is called Kan or Stability or Measure.

It flows with the natural movements of the earth and brings forth a solid foundation for everyone to create and bring forth structure for all of humanity.


Positive Traits

The fourth sign of the Mayan galactic numbers represents foundation and stability. It is the structure that is needed to hold up creation. People born under this energy will work hard to create a solid, secure base. They have very practical minds and will set up routines in order to ensure they always have that solid foundation to refer back to.


The Mayan galactic tone 4 are down to earth, humble and practical by nature. They prefer to work in the background, but will be of great help to anything they feel has a solid foundation. They will serve as the solid, hard-working employee of any company. They don’t mind working hard in order to achieve their goals and expect nothing less from those around them.


They have strong ideals and make very loyal friends or partners. In relationships they will be the strength and security of the relationship. They need to keep their home environment in good working order. If their homes ever become disorganized or too full of clutter their physical health could be in jeopardy.

The Mayan day number four are attracted to careers that have a lot of stability and operate under strict guidelines such as construction, accountant, engineer or accountant. They may even volunteer in order to use their skills to help other people have more discipline and routine in their lives.

Negative Traits

The Mayan day number four or Kan have a very rigid way of doing things. They can be so detail oriented that they become inflexible and bossy. They don’t do well with changes. If things go off their plan they can become agitated and hard to be around. This can cause them to miss new opportunities because they weren’t a part of their original plan.

When their negative side comes out they can lack tact and will divulge their true thoughts. They talk all kinds of hurtful things which could alienate them from the people they care about. They can lack spontaneity and become very boring and satisfied with themselves. This can make them stagnant and stunt their growth.

If these Maya galactic tone four people get too far out of balance, depression can take over and negatively affect their health. They have a hard time relaxing, but need that down time to recharge their minds and spirit. In order to enjoy life more and be less predictable they should do things out of the ordinary. Take an unexpected trip or do something they’ve always thought of doing.

Kan / Measure Days

The energy of the Maya measure number is a good day to focus on manifesting your dreams. If you have any creative projects you would like to start, ask for the stable foundation of four to help you get started and complete it.

Take any ideas you have and give them physical form and discipline. Ask to have a firm foundation and a place of security for those you love. Focus on the abundance of the earth and the foundation it provides for all of humanity.

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