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[Infographics] May Birthday Horoscope Personality

May Birthday Personality [Infographics]

Hi! Here is the new edition of the May Birthdays Infographics! Know your birthday personality traits better from easy to understand pictures.

So let’s find out more about the zodiac sign and associated birthday attributes. The May birthdays come under the star sign of Taurus (May 1st – May 19th) and Gemini (May 20th – May 31st) in astrology. Both these astrological signs have their own unique personalities.


The birthday astrology meanings for Taurus the Bull, show that people born under this sign are usually responsible, organized, focused, optimistic, hard-working, sensible and caring. On the negative side they can be demanding, bossy, insecure, selfish, impractical aggressive.

The birthdate horoscope for Gemini the Twins predicts that these people charming, communicative, energetic, independent, funny, fearless and enterprising. The negative Gemini traits are that they can also be revengeful, moody, nervous, snobbish and frivolous.

As Venus, is the ruling planet for the Taurus birthdays, you will love living full size. And as Mercury is the ruling planet for the Gemini birthdays, you have excellent communication skills!

Now that you know each birthday meaning has its own positive and negative points, use them to your advantage in dealing with your loved ones.

Do share these May Infographics with your friends and family and enjoy yourselves. Know more about their quirky habits and much more.

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