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[Infographics] April Birthday Horoscope Personality

April Birthday Personality [Infographics]

Let the April birthdays Infographics presented by Sunsigns.Org give you an exclusive insight to your birthday personality.

So how similar or different people born on different days? Or maybe born in the same month? You will be surprised to know that each birthdate has its own unique personality traits.


If you are born in the month of April, then you fall under the zodiac signs of Aries (April 1st – April 20th) or Taurus (April 21st – April 30th).

The April birthday zodiac sign Aries signifies a person who is charismatic, kind, bold, a leader, innovative, authoritative, dynamic, patient, poised, intuitive, independent and sophisticated. Being ruled by Mars, the Planet of War and Passion, you are always ready to face a battle! Diamond is your lucky birthstone.

Similarly, the birthdate horoscope for Taurus is symbolic of a person who is humble, cautious, enigmatic, impeccable, adventurous, mature, persevering, balanced, practical and affectionate. These birthdates are ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love and Finance. Emerald is your lucky birthdate stone.

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