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[Infographics] November Birthday Horoscope Personality

November Birthday Personality [Infographics]

Here is the online edition of the November Birthday Infographics brought to you by Sunsigns.Org. Get instant birthday horoscopes for everyone born in the month of November within seconds in the form of attractive images and pictures.


So if you are born in November or know someone who is, then spend a minute in knowing some interesting facts about the November birthdays. Get free birthday astrology predictions for each day of the month.

The month of November has two zodiac signs namely Scorpio (November 1st – November 22nd) and Sagittarius (November 23rd – November 31st). We already know each birthday personality trait is influenced by the zodiac sign and ruling planet for that day. So what do these two zodiac signs symbolize?

Scorpio represented by the Scorpion is ruled by Mars, the planet of Karma. People born under this zodiac sign are known to be psychic, supportive, passionate focused, determined, sensitive and devoted. But at the same time they can be aggressive, arrogant, bullying, blunt stubborn and volatile.

Sagittarians symbolized by the Archer are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck. Your birthdate meanings show that you might be courageous, brave, adventurous, generous, confident and spontaneous. But the negative Sagittarius traits include being impatient, conceited, restless and unorganized.

Share these November birthday Infographics and enjoy laughing at your funny personality traits.

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