Angel Number 448 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 448

Number 448 has become your shadow. Following you everywhere. It is getting really weird. You have found a way to get used to it. You even tell your friends about it and they think you are crazy. I am telling you today that you are being entrusted with some information by the ministering angels.

The purpose is a stamp of angel number 448. It means the reason for your existence. You need to search within yourself. You are on earth for a higher purpose.

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You need to find this purpose and use it for the greater good. Start charities that help people. Be in movements that save souls. Be a person of greater action. The universe will reward you for our service.

angel number 448

Angel Number 448 Meaning

Angel number 448 has a wide variety of meanings. I will give you a summary. Number 4 means protection. This shows that you are secure and should not worry about anything. Number 8 means never-ending possessions. Number 44 implies intuition and dedication. It means a shield from evil. 48 is a show of blessings from a higher being. It means you have been given a favor by the universe.

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Wealth is a signature of angel number 448 symbolism. This is to tell you that you are going to acquire a lot of wealth. You are being prepared mentally so that you can handle it properly. The universe is about to bless you abundantly so you need to be ready for it. You are being asked to show courtesy in this reception.

Responsibility is a message from angel number 448. The angel numbers want you to act in a responsible way in your dealings. Make wise decisions in everything you do. Be the voice of reason in every meeting you take. You need to use your possessions responsibly. You have been blessed but this does not mean you should be careless.

Foundation is another sign given by angel number 448 meaning. The angels know that you are planning to start something. Maybe a new business. You are building a new home for your family. The angels want you to focus on the foundation. Do not rush into decisions. Make sure you have a good foundation before moving on. This will save you a great deal in the future. This is a long journey. Keep walking.


  1. Thank you! Being prepared mentally is a make or break situation it seems! It’s taking me thru a lot super quick, and it’s very hard for me!! It makes since to me now why i’m feeling the way that i am as of late! Knowing is half the battle! Failure is not an option for me “GOD”! Thanks again!

  2. It is in my understanding that for every time someone searches for information on a specific number that it’s supposed to be tailored to and for each individual’s needs…correct? Is there any way at all this message could be interpreted to match more accurately what really is and what’s not?
    This is about trust. This is about wanting to know exactly just how accurate you can be in your readings to determine if this message changes to each individual request or if everyone gets the same message regardless of any circumstances. Trust me if you will. I’m not one to fool so easily. Impress me please!

    • Guardian angels are real thats the exact message they are telling you however angels are from Divine being they are ministerng agents to helps us on our daily life but they are only servants like us we worship Jesus you ate bless and guided since you came through to this site

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