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Angel Number 389

Angel Number 389 Meaning: Sign of Courage

Angel Number 389: State of Mind

Angel number 389 implies that you need to do things in your life that will reduce the anxiety you have towards your future. Besides, you have to refresh your mind in order to focus on something great in your life. Basically, you need to start listening to cool music that can cool your soul. Perhaps, whatever you are doing will need your full concentration. Equally, what matters in your life is how to respond to the changes that you are facing.


Significance of Angel Number 389

Things you should know about 389 is that living a good life is only a matter of patience. More so, you have to focus on doing the right things in all your endeavors. Equally, it is about time that great things will come your way.


Courage is a symbol from angel number 389. You are just about to get married, and you feel like you have made the wrong decision. Besides, you are not sure if you will make your future spouse happy or if your future spouse will, in return, make you happy. You are not sure if you can live the rest of your life committed to one person. The nerves are beginning to have you second guess your choices and even yourself. You want to run and not look back.


389 Numerology

The guardian angels are sending you a message telling you to remind yourself why you are here, how you got here, and what it has taken for you to get here. Do not be afraid, do not be scared. Be brave. Do not be worried or anxious, for the angel numbers confirm to you that you are where you are supposed to be.Angel Number 389

Angel Number 389 Meaning

Forgiveness is a sign from angel number 389. You have been harboring lots of bitterness from an old friend. This person has not spoken to you for many years. You feel like what they did was the utter worst thing a human being can ever do to another person. Especially, one person they say they love.


However, it has been disturbing your mind; hence you are seeing the angel number 3 repeatedly. Well, angel number 8 is sending you a message saying that it is time to resolve and move forward. Not forgiving is a torturing state of mind and the angels encourage you to meet with this person, tell them how much they hurt you, and tell them you forgive them. And when that happens, move forward.

What does 389 mean?

Communication is a very key element in every relationship, says angel number 9. If you have been recently married, you can attest that your spouse has been telling you more than enough times how you do not communicate if you are a poor communicator.

Well, angel number 389 is a sign for you to initiate talks between the two of you. Say where you are going and when you shall be back and keep your word on it. When you are asked to perform a responsibility, ensure that you do it, and if you are not able to, let your spouse know.

Angel number 389 says that good or bad communication is the solid foundation of every relationship. The angels are telling you that they will continue to be by your side at all times.

Biblical Meaning of 389 Angel Number

389 spiritually means that you need to have a secrete that will add you energy whenever you’re down. More so, you should not learn to complain because complaints don’t matter anymore.


Seeing 389 everywhere implies that you need to keep waiting for your doors to unlock. In other words, you should never lose hope but keep going because everything will be great soon. Equally, your life should not be too complicate but try to live simply.

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