Angel Number 142 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 142

The numbers in our lives have a special meaning. To some of us, it could just be a date or time but if you look deeper there is something special attached to it. There’s a reason why you were born on a certain day and a particular time. Or why your first day on that new job is on the 15th and not the 1st of the month. If the angel number 142 has been a constant feature in your life, let’s delve dipper and find out what it means.

The message from angel number 142 symbolism is to work towards your goals but don’t lose touch with the people around you. Discipline and following laid out systems will help you too. Trying out new things will also motivate you.

angel number 142

Angel Number 142 Meaning

Letting go of the old and starting a new is always a breath of fresh air. That is the message from angel number 1. You need a fresh start, a new beginning. When you wake up in the morning and 2 hours later you are feeling sluggish, why don’t you change your morning routine?

Instead of a cup of coffee take a morning run or hit the gym and see whether you’ll be more energized. If you live a few blocks from your place of work, instead of taking your car, take a walk and enjoy the beauty around you. By doing this you will have the motivation to face your day at work.

In our places of work we may have set targets or goals and at times we may think that they are not achievable. But if you have self discipline and you know how to follow laid out rules, this will not be hard to achieve. That is the message from angel number 4.

Personal or corporate goals are there to challenge you positively. What you have laid down to help achieve your goals is what matters. If you are well-grounded, patient, a good planner and determined. You will achieve your goals in a reasonable amount of time.

As much as you are striving to achieve your goals don’t get lost in it too much. You need to balance everything. Your work or school life should not affect your family life or friendship ties. Always be ready to give a helping hand when the need arises. That is what angel number 2 meaning is all about.

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Overall, angel number 142 meaning asks you to balance your personal and professional life without one conflicting the other.

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