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5 Easy Ways To Get Into Shape After Pregnancy

How To Get Into Shape After Pregnancy?

So ladies you have been through the pregnancy, including the indignity of being much bigger than normal, albeit for being a proud mum! Now you want to get back in shape, at least a bit. Where on earth do you start?

Most importantly you want to gradually build up your former fitness, lose weight gradually, not go hard on your body!

As it is, your body has been through a super marathon, sustaining two people instead of the usual one and then that final challenge of labor. Us men simply do not know how easy we have got it, right?:-)

PregnantSo despite all the health magazines that show various models in perfect shape two weeks after junior popped out, you are not them with a nanny and all  their housekeepers.

Not only have you and hubby or your partner had to adjust to sleepless nights, long days at work and learning on the go.

But you don’t have all the help celebrities have. Of course they are off to the gym as soon as they can to get that body that probably makes them money back in shape. It is probably in their contract!

Before you start, wait at least 4-6 weeks after the birth of your child to be safe and sure. This is especially the case if you had a rough pregnancy.

In fact you really should check with your GP before starting any exercise. You have been so careful until now, why spoil the habit!

Anyways so what sort of exercise should you start with, apart from putting the first foot out of the door.

##1. Start Walking

Anything from an even pace to a power walk is good. You will start to lose weight as soon as you do this. Also it will radically lift your energy levels and mood, since the early days. Weeks of having a baby can be quite overwhelming at times, throwing previous routines into chaos!


##2. Swimming

It is generally safe after 6 weeks from birth to start swimming. However check with your medical professional. Also while swimming is low impact do not over exert yourself on your joint muscles.


##3. Yoga

Doing yoga is great after pregnancy and is also social where you get to meet other people instead of doing it on your own.


##4. Sit Up Exercises

Get approval and then possibly start to light sit up exercises. This would probably be about 8 weeks onwards since it appears some women are advised even six weeks is too early.


##5. Running

Most women find that they can run again, initially a steady sprint from 6 weeks to 3 months. Again it is essential to get the go ahead from your medical specialist before undertaking any rigorous exercise post-birth especially something as active as running.


So, it is possible for losing that pregnancy weight but be patient and realistic. You may be impatient to get back that former shape but your long-term health is far more important.

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