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7 Ways To Bond With Your Father-In-Law

7 Ways To Bond With Your Father-In-Law

So, you want to bond with your father-in-law. Whether you’re the husband or wife in this equation, this article can help you out.

Both men and women can use these simple parenting compatibility tips to get to better know their father-in-law and bond with him. If you follow all of these tips, then the two of you are bound to have a great relationship afterwards.


#1. Simple Conversation

One way to bond with your father-in-law is to simply talk to him. Don’t bog him down with talk of politics and religion, and don’t bore him by talking about the weather either.


Find a common interest and base it off of that. Maybe you both like a certain movie or sport. Talk about the things that interest the two of you. Don’t make the conversation stressful, or it is likely that he will not have a good time talking to you in the future, which can make bonding with him a lot harder.


#2. Ask for Advice

Fathers-in-law love to feel like they are useful and helpful in their children’s relationships, even once they are already married. If you are having a troubling love situation, whether it is about your spouse or not, don’t be afraid to ask your father-in-law for advice.


It is likely he will be able to shed some light on the situation and tell you some encouraging stories about the things that he did when he was younger. Who knows? Maybe he had some of the same struggles in his own life at one point.

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#3. Let Him Help

Just like fathers-in-law love to give advice to help, they also love feeling useful when they can help to fix things around the house or be useful in other ways. While they may not love doing your laundry, they probably won’t mind having a look at your broken laundry machine. Usually, they love helping their daughter-in-law fix things, and they don’t mind fixing something with their son-in-law. This way they can be helpful while teaching someone new skills. They may also love spending time with your children as well.


#4. Always Be Respectful

If you want to gain your father-in-law’s respect and bond with him, then you are going to need to be respectful as well. Even if you don’t agree with something that he says, it’s best not to fight him on it in his own home. However, he may respect you more if you are able to stand up for yourself. Learn the subtle art of picking your battles careful. This is a great skill to have, especially when it comes to talking with your father-in-law.

#5. Spend Time Together

Spend time with your father-in-law doing the things that he loves to start out with, and then maybe one day he’ll want to try some of the things that you like. Figure out what your father-in-law likes to do and try to join him.

Taking interest in the things that he loves is a great way to spur conversation in the future as well. Who knows? You may even find a new hobby that you enjoy because of this. If you both have a shared hobby then this is even better!

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#6. Share Meals

The easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so one great way to bond with your father-in-law is to make him his favorite meal or take him out to eat.

If you pay for his meal or take the time to make him a meal then it shows that you really care about getting to know him and bond with him. While you are eating you can talk about your families, your hobbies, and the other things that you love. You may find a common interest that can keep the conversation going. Planning weekly or monthly meals together is a great way to keep your bond strong as well.

#7. Keep In Touch

Lastly, if you’ve made a bond with your father-in-law, then the last thing you want to do is lose it. Remember to keep in touch with your father-in-law and talk to him often. This can help to keep and strengthen the bond between the two of you. Plus, it will make him feel important when he is updated on your and your spouse’s life.

Hopefully these tips can help you to bond with your father-in-law and improve your family ties.

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