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Aries Man And Aries Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Aries Man Aries Woman

Can an Aries man and Aries woman have a successful relationship mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The idea of two fiery, independent, head-strong individuals coming together doesn’t sound like a recipe for success.


Still, when you have two people who are as stubborn as the Ram and love to fight as much as the Greek God of War, should you expect them to give up easily? Read on to know more about Aries man Aries woman love compatibility.


Aries Man And Aries Woman Compatibility – Pros

When you are born under the Zodiac sign Aries, passion is expected. Passion for life, love, and a good fight are the hallmarks of people born between March 21st through April 19th. They are always willing to take the first step, to lead the way, and to risk it all.

If you are looking for someone to complete the impossible? Ask an Aries. Need someone to tell you the truth, no matter what? Ask an Aries.


You will never wonder what an Aries thinks about your clothes or your plan. They will tell you without a second thought.

These traits help them in business, as well as in personal relationships. So what happens when an Aries man and an Aries woman fall in love? Can two people predisposed to taking control of situations ever truly fall? Aries was the Greek God of War.


The ruling planet for this sign is Mars, the Roman God of War. For them, everything is a battle to be won! It is no mistake that the symbol for these men and women is a Ram. They are made to butt heads.

Aries’s element is Fire. When they get together, expect fireworks! Think of your favorite couples from television. The ones who hate each other at first, fighting at almost every turn. Then suddenly, they are passionately kissing. That is what you can expect from an Aries-Aries relationship.

Aries Man Aries Woman

Relationship – Cons

But here’s the rub – that kind of passion is hard to sustain, even for Arians. Eventually, all that fighting and making up leaves scars behind. An Aries woman does not want to lose control, but she expects her Aries man to protect and provide for her. The Aries male wants someone to look up to him with devotion, but he also expects his Aries female to challenge him.

They both can experience jealousy when they feel their relationship is threatened, but they also refuse to let anyone chain them down.

They demand independence while expecting some submission. Even in a sexual relationship, there is competition between the Aries men and Aries women.

At times, they can each become inadvertently selfish in their search for pleasure. In others, their fiery personalities can bring about a sexual energy that is both explosive and uncontrolled.

Without compromise, the relationship will burn itself out long before its time. That’s the worst-case scenario if you are an Aries man or woman. It will take a massive amount of work for the pair to have a successful relationship.


Aries is a fire sign that is cardinal by nature. The compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts love rating. The best-case scenario is a life-long partnership with a person who shares your love for a life filled with adventure, confrontation, and passion.

The couple will both have to fight their natural tendencies to find a middle ground that works. Each must listen to the needs of the other, and decide if they can be comfortable with the independence the other requires.

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