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Tips to boost energy

7 Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Energy

How To Boost Your Energy and Positivity with Feng Shui?

As most practitioners will tell you, there is no such thing as a “quick pick-me-up” in Feng Shui. The entire concept of Feng Shui is a complex system of balancing the flow of Qi or energy of the person, the earth, and the heavens. There is nothing “quick” about it. Do not let that discourage you, however. There are 7 Feng Shui tips to boost your energy. You can do some common sense things to improve the energy in all three areas. First, you need to identify what kind of energy you want to boost. In this case, we will examine personal points.

#1. Clutter In Your Space

While this is not the total of Feng Shui, a great place to start is to clear the clutter in your space, whether it be your home or your office;  Because energy must have the ability to flow freely. The mess gets in the way, and it has an emotional impact on you as well.


It creates stress (even if that is subconscious), and pressure is a literal energy-sapper. Both the seen and unseen affect the energy within and without. If the thought of clearing your cluttered space leaves you feeling overwhelmed, remember that you do not have to do it all at once.

Try working on it in stages and take breaks (perhaps as long as a day) between those stages. After each set, take the time to celebrate moving one step closer to freedom. Do not stop at clearing clutter, however. Often, unfamiliar people with Feng Shui will only do one or two things and wonder why there is no miraculous change. This is only a very general first step.


#2. Good Light

This may also seem like common sense, but the amount of light in your space will affect personal energy levels. If your vigor and zest for life aren’t there, it could be that there isn’t enough light (which symbolizes the fire element, the symbol of power) in your space.

If you have heavy drapes, consider replacing them with something lighter. Then windows are permanently closed; open them! Let in the light and air. Light some candles and lamps. Brighten your space.


It is also a well-known fact that living in darkness can lead to depression. Full-spectrum lights may help as well, but nothing beats good old-fashioned sunlight.

#3. Entrance

The space where you live and work directly impacts your energy; therefore, begin with the energies that enter your area. The front door or “mouth of Qi” is where energies (good and bad) enter your home or office. If space is not treated correctly, it will amplify negative energy.

Invite positive energy into your home or office by following a few simple rules. Keep the space clean and clear of debris. If a light fixture is broken, don’t hesitate to replace it quickly. Paint the front door the appropriate color for the direction it faces (south = red, east = green, west = white or gray, and north = dark blue or black).

This is because of the Bagua of the home, which is based on the direction the front of the home faces. Each direction is associated with an element (there are five) and, therefore, specific colors. Doing these things will improve the energy flow into the home.

#4. Eliminate stress and Boost your Energy with Feng Shui

Eliminate stress from the outside world as you enter your home. One Feng Shui tradition is to leave your shoes outside the door. Why? It is for both literal and figurative reasons. You carry the dirt, germs, and negative energy of the streets on your shoes.

Who wants to drag that into the house? It means you must leave your anger, arguments, worries, work, stress, etc., outside the outside world. Do not bring that negative energy inside the home. The home is supposed to be the sanctuary for you and your family.

Remember, Feng Shui is concerned with balancing Qi, the energy flow. Do not let negative energy have the upper hand. Doing so will only sap your energy and weigh you down.

#5. Colors

Colors will affect mood and personal energy, but be sure to use them in the proper balance. Fiery reds and oranges offer motivation and vigor; earthy yellows improve the exchange of ideas and mental stimulation; metallic colors mean clarity; wood element green encourages calm and restoration; and water element dark blue inspires inner harmony and serenity.

Each of these colors has its place in the home. Wearing these colors may affect your energy as well. If you need more stimulation, wear fire colors. If you need to calm down, look to greens and dark blues or black. Again, it all comes down to balance and knowing what you want.

#6. Elements Improve Energy

Little things that have to do with the elements will improve energy. The presence of water (in balance – not too much or too small) in the southwest corner of the home or office is a good thing.

Your body is mainly made up of water, and it is also a well-understood fact that drinking enough water throughout the day will hydrate and improve energy levels. Another Feng Shui tradition is to display nine oranges in a bowl while fresh. If Nine is a lucky number, and orange is a fire element color. It is good to place fire elements south of the home or office.

#7. Boost your Energy with Feng Shui Bagua

If you are serious about boosting your energy using Feng Shui and understand that it will not happen overnight, consider mapping out your home or office’s Bagua or energy map.

There are two ways of doing this: the classical method, which uses a Feng Shui compass, and the Western method, which uses a preset grid. If you are a more traditional person who doesn’t want to take chances with newer interpretations of Feng Shui, then the classical style is for you; keep in mind that it will take time and research to learn how to use a Feng Shui compass.


If you want to do things more quickly and easily, then the Western method is for you. Regardless of the method, the result will show you how the different zones of your home are connected to the different aspects of your life

If one or more of those aspects are not where you want to be, you now have Feng Shui tools to change those aspects. Going through this process will boost your energy and make you a happier person in the long run.

Do not expect an overnight miracle if you do or even some of these things. The flow of Qi takes time. Experiment to see what you find pleasant and what you don’t like. Implement change in small doses at a time. Don’t try to do everything on this list in one weekend or even a week, so give each suggestion a little time to take effect, and then move on to the next.

Feng Shui began with simple observations, and over thousands of years, it has developed into what we see today.

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