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December 16 Famous Birthdays

December 16 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 16 probably are not infatuated with money. As a Sagittarius, they are pretty smart and have the ability to invest their money so that they can make a profit. They plan for their retirement years as they picture it being relaxing and stress free from money worries.


Having their bills paid means more to them than having material assets. Since they are independent, they prefer to be in control and not others. It’s not uncommon for someone like them to take matters into their own hands.


Famous December 16 celebrities have a sixth sense and one can depend on it to help them make the right decisions. Besides, doing things by themselves only means that it will be done the way they want it.


Their good health will last longer if they are mentally stable, get enough exercise and get their beauty sleep. This also improves their focus ability and stress levels.

Famous people born on DECEMBER 16th are Sagittarius with a great attitude. They are trusted by many of their friends and family members. On the other hand, they have a way of intimidating people. They’re stubborn and like to do things on their own and their own way. They should learn to be stress free.

December 16 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

16 December Good Traits:

  • Fendly
  • Funny
  • Unconventional
  • Inquisitive
  • Rational
  • Unbiased
  • Positive
  • Focused
  • Artistic
  • Revered

16 December Bad Traits:

  • Rash
  • Hasty
  • Complicated
  • Confused
  • Anxious

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December 16 Famous Birthday Personalities

AJ Allmendinger, 1981, Race Car Driver
Alcides Escobar, 1986, Baseball Player
Alexey Shved, 1988, Basketball Player
Alfred Hill, 1869, Composer
Alfredo Allende, 1962, TV Actor
Alice Parker, 1925, Composer
Alicya Eyo, 1975, TV Actress
Alison Laplaca, 1959, TV Actress
Allen Kurzweil , 1960, Novelist
Alori Joh, 1986, R&B Singer
Amanda Setton, 1985, TV Actress
Amy Rose, 1990, Novelist
Andy Razaf, 1895, Songwriter

Anna Popplewell, 1988, Movie Actress
Anna Sedokova, 1982, Pop Singer
Antrel Rolle, 1982, Football Player
Arianne Phillips, 1963, Fashion Designer
Arlo Bates, 1850, Essayist
Arsonal, 1986, Rapper
Arthur C. Clarke, 1917, Novelist
Axle Whitehead, 1980, Pop Singer
Aziz Behich, 1990, Soccer Player
Barbara Kent, 1907, Movie Actress
Bart Oates, 1958, Football Player
Ben Cross, 1947, Movie Actor
Benjamin Bratt, 1963, TV Actor
Benjamin Kowalewicz, 1975, Punk Singer
Benny Andersson, 1946, Pop Singer
Berleezy, 1992, YouTube Star
Bill Hicks, 1961, Comedian
Bill Young, 1930, Politician
Billy Gibbons, 1949, Guitarist
Billy Ripken, 1964, Baseball Player
december 16 famous birthdaysBoris Cabrera, 1980, TV Actor
Brandon Beal, 1983, Pop Singer
Brandon Blackstock, 1976, Family Member
Brandon Evans, 1994, Pop Singer
Brandon Rodgers, 1993, eSports Player
Bryce Robinson, 1999, Movie Actor
Buddy Parker, 1913, Football Coach
Calvin Richardson, 1976, R&B Singer
Candice Crawford, 1986, Model
Carla Matadinho, 1982, Model
Carlton Morris, 1995, Soccer Player
Carol Browner, 1955, Politician
Cassper Nyovest, 1990, Rapper
Catharine Daddario, 1992, Family Member
Catherine Of Aragon, 1485, Royalty
Chris FamilyFunPack, 2009, YouTube Star
Chris Newman, 1987, TV Actor

Chris Polk, 1989, Football Player
Christopher Biggins, 1948, TV Actor
Christopher Ellison, 1946, TV Actor
Cliff Robinson, 1966, Basketball Player
Cody McKenzie, 1987, MMA Fighter
Colleen Jones, 1959, Curler
Cora Keegan, 1992, Model
Corey Brown, 1991, Football Player
Craig Goodwin, 1991, Soccer Player
Craig White, 1969, Cricket Player
Dan Le Batard, 1968, Radio Host
Daniel Christopher Preda, 1992, Instagram Star
Daniel Cosgrove, 1970, Soap Opera Actor
Danielle O’Hara, 1983, Model
Danny Brooks, 1951, Blues Singer
Dave Rublin, 1986, Bassist
David Johnson, 1991, Football Player
Deborah Pratt, 1951, TV Actress
Dennis Wise, 1966, Soccer Player

Derek Minor, 1984, Rapper
DJ D-Wrek, 1969, DJ
Dominique Da Diva, 1987, Radio Host
Don Orsillo, 1968, Sportscaster
Donald Carcieri, 1942, Politician
Donovan Bailey, 1967, Runner
Edward Ruscha, 1937, Pop Artist
Edward Ruscha, 1937, Pop Artist
Elizabeth Hawes, 1903, Fashion Designer
Eric Belanger, 1977, Hockey Player
Eric Forsberg, 1959, Screenwriter
Ethan Dolan, 1999, Vine Star
Eulalio Gonzalez, 1921, Movie Actor
Florencia Lozano, 1969, TV Actress
Forsen, 1991, Twitch Star
Francis Thompson, 1859, Poet
Frank Deford, 1938, Novelist
Frank Hunt, 1861, Politician
Frankie Ballard, 1982, Country Singer
Gabi Galinsky, 1990, Music Producer
Gaby Moreno, 1981, Songwriter
George Santayana, 1863, Philosopher
Georgie Parker, 1964, TV Actress
Giana Lopez, 1988, Instagram Star
Graham Lee, 1975, Horse Jockey
Grayson Dolan, 1999, Vine Star
Gretchen Palmer, 1961, TV Actress
Hallee Hirsh, 1987, Movie Actress
Harshvardhan Rane, 1983, Movie Actor
Hector Santiago, 1987, Baseball Player
Helmut Damerius, 1905,
Hozumi Hasegawa, 1980, Boxer
Huey Mack, 1991, Rapper
Ian Payne, 1962, Sportscaster
Imran Nazir, 1981, Cricket Player
Jack Hobbs, 1882, Cricket Player
Jack Krizmanich, 1978, TV Actor
Jake Cinninger, 1975, Guitarist
Jake Hardy, 1990, Guitarist
James Mangold, 1963, Director
James Moore, 1929, Novelist
James Thompson, 1978, MMA Fighter
Jane Austen, 1775, Novelist
Jasmine Johnson, 2015, Family Member
JB Smoove, 1965, Comedian
Jeff Carson, 1963, Country Singer
Jenessa Grant, 1988, TV Actress
Jim Gibbons, 1944, Politician
Joao Vasconcellos, 1996, eSports Player
Joe Farrell, 1937, Saxophonist
Joel Adams, 1996, Pop Singer
Joey Dorsey, 1983, Basketball Player
John Abercrombie, 1944, Guitarist
John Hartranft, 1830, War Hero
John Kirwan, 1964, Rugby Player
Jon Tenney, 1961, TV Actor
Jonathan Scarfe, 1975, TV Actor
Jose Aparicio, 1773, Painter
Joyce Bulifant, 1937, TV Actress
Justin Hall, 1974, Blogger
Justin Mentell, 1982, TV Actor
Jyoti Amge, 1993,
Katie Leigh, 1958, Voice Actor
Kelenna Azubuike, 1983, Basketball Player
Kendra Wecker, 1982, Basketball Player
Kevin Yern, 1995, Freerunner
Kiara Muhammad, 1998, TV Actress
Kim Porter, 1971, Family Member
Kole Nedelkovski, 1912, Poet
Kris Trindl, 1987, DJ
Krysten Ritter, 1981, TV Actress
LaChanze, 1961, Stage Actress
Lalah Hathaway, 1968, R&B Singer
Lance Lim, 2000, TV Actor
Lesley Stahl, 1941, News Anchor
Lisa Ruocco, 1987, Family Member
Liv Ullmann, 1938, Movie Actress
Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770, Composer
Luke Harper, 1979, Wrestler
Manny Montes, 1981, Reggae Singer
Margaret Mead, 1901, Scientist
Mariza, 1973, World Music Singer
Mark Hood, 1990, Pop Singer
Mason Trueblood, 1990, TV Actor
Mats Hummels, 1988, Soccer Player
Matthew Dobson, 1986, Rugby Player
Matthew Reese, 1974, Movie Actor
Maxime Chaya, 1961, Mountain Climber
Maximo Banguera, 1985, Soccer Player
Mei Finegold, 1982, Rock Singer
Melanie Smith, 1962, TV Actress
Michael McCary, 1971, R&B Singer
Michael Mumford, 1955, Pentathlete
Michael Pearce, 1992, Instagram Star
Michal Breznanik, 1985, Soccer Player
Michelle Smith, 1969, Swimmer
Miho Nishida, 1992, Reality Star
Mike Hranica, 1988, Rock Singer
Mike Weber, 1987, Hockey Player
Mikkel Bodker, 1989, Hockey Player
Miranda Otto, 1967, Movie Actress
Molly Gilinsky, 1992, YouTube Star
Monica Sherer, 1990, TV Actress
Murray Kempton, 1917, Journalist
Nancy Valen, 1965, TV Actress
Natalie Von Bertouch, 1982, Netball Player
Nicholas Courtney, 1929, TV Actor
Nigel Hayes, 1994, Basketball Player
Noel Coward, 1899, Playwright
Nya Lee, 1989, Reality Star
Orlando Woolridge, 1959, Basketball Player
Owen Vaccaro, 2005, Movie Actor
Paddy McCourt, 1983, Soccer Player
Paris Latsis, 1982, Film Producer
Park Seo-joon, 1988, TV Actor
Pat Quinn, 1948, Politician
Paul Leyden, 1972, TV Actor
Paul McGinley, 1966, Golfer
Paul van Dyk, 1971, DJ
Paul Vogt, 1964, TV Actor
Peter Dante, 1968, Movie Actor
Peter Dickinson, 1927, Children’s Author
Peter R. Orszag, 1968, Economist
Peter Seaton, 1942, Poet
Philip K. Dick, 1928, Novelist
Qimmah Russo, 1993, YouTube Star
Quentin Blake, 1932, Cartoonist
Rachel Bright, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Rafael Alberti, 1902, Poet
Ralph Adams Cram, 1863, Architect
Reece Oxford, 1998, Soccer Player
Rene Redzepi, 1977, Chef
Rick Sofield, 1956, Baseball Player
Rob Riches, 1983, Bodybuilder
Robben Ford, 1951, Guitarist
Rodion Shchedrin, 1932, Composer
Roger Webster, 1960, Trumpet Player
Ronald Allen, 1930, Soap Opera Actor
Ryan Babel, 1986, Soccer Player
Ryan Gauld, 1995, Soccer Player
Sam Robards, 1961, TV Actor
Scott Bailey, 1978, Soap Opera Actor
Scott Storch, 1973, Music Producer
Sebastian Croft, 2001, TV Actor
Shane Black, 1961, Director
Shane Guerrette, 1996, YouTube Star
Shigeki Hosokawa, 1971, TV Actor
Sid Eudy, 1960, Wrestler
Sonja Graf, 1908, Chess Player
Stephan James, 1993, TV Actor
Stephen Sutton, 1994, Activist
Steve Arpin, 1983, Race Car Driver
Steven Bochco, 1943, TV Producer
Stuart Ashen, 1976, YouTube Star
Sylvain Distin, 1977, Soccer Player
T3ddy, 1994, YouTube Star
Terence Knox, 1946, TV Actor
Theo James, 1984, TV Actor
Tim Green, 1963, Football Player
Todd Glass, 1964, Comedian
Tom Brookshier, 1931, Football Player
Tom Rogic, 1992, Soccer Player
Tony Hicks, 1945, Guitarist
Triple Entray, 1995, Rapper
Tyler Adams, 1987, Reality Star
Tyler Iacona, 1998, YouTube Star
Vera Nebolsina, 1989, Chess Player
Veronica Schneider, 1978, Model
Vincent Cyr, 1989, YouTube Star
Vincent Matthews, 1947, Runner
Vinny Paz, 1962, Boxer
Warren Adler, 1927, Novelist
Wassily Kandinsky, 1866, Painter
William Perry, 1962, Football Player
Xander Berkeley, 1955, TV Actor
Yousef Host, 1987, YouTube Star
Zac FamilyFunPack, 2009, YouTube Star
Zara Larsson, 1997, Pop Singer
Zeljko Bebek, 1945, Rock Singer
Zeljko Kalac, 1972, Soccer Player
Zukreat Nazar, 1980, Makeup Artist


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