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Mercury Retrograde Dates – 2016 – 2017

2016 Mercury Retrograde Dates

January 5th 2016 (Aquarius) – January 25th 2016 (Capricorn)

April 28th 2016 – May 22nd 2016 (Taurus)

August 30th 2016 – September 21st 2016 (Virgo)

December 19th 2016 (Sagittarius) – January 8th 2017 (Capricorn)

2017 Mercury Retrograde Dates

January 1st 2017 (Capricorn) – January 8th 2017 (Capricorn)

April 9th 2017 (Aries) – May 3rd 2017 (Taurus)

August 12th 2017 (Leo) – September 5th 2017 (Virgo)

December 2nd 2017 (Sagittarius) – December 22nd 2017 (Capricorn)2016 Mercury Retrograde Dates

Revisiting Mercury Retrograde

Any one who has the slightest knowledge of astrology beyond their own zodiac sign knows that Mercury retrograde can be a very frustrating time. Wires get crossed during failed attempts to communicate with others. Technology goes on the fritz. Accidents happen on the road.

God help you should you sign a contract during a Mercury retrograde! Invariably, there will be something wrong with that contract. Either something crucial will have been overlooked or the agreement will fall through in some way, usually with very dire consequences to one or more parties involved.

People seem to live in fear of Mercury going retrograde, which is understandable, but silly, since it happens three times every year. Mercury only stays retrograde for three weeks at a pop, but if you don’t know what to do in order to weather the storm, those three weeks can feel like an eternity.


Mercury Retrograde Meaning

Zodiac Communication Sign

Date of Birth:

Mercury retrograde is all about slowing down and being more mindful. Communication is more difficult (but not impossible) during a Mercury retrograde period. Be patient with other people and be more present in your own expression.

Nine times out of ten, this compassionate deliberation will get you through. In that rare case where compassionate deliberation is not enough, it might actually be best to put the interaction off until Mercury goes direct again in a few weeks.

Mercury retrograde calendar encourages us to slow down in all aspects of our lives. Our modern mindset forces us to constantly go, go, go. We never seem to relax, and, what’s worse is that, we always seem to be jumping from project to project in an attempt to accomplish something new or better. Too often, this urge to succeed prevents us from being thorough in the projects that we do take on. We don’t strive to get them done right, just to get them done.

Mercury in retrograde gives us a chance to go back and redo it the correct way. By slowing down, going back over our previous work, and tying up loose ends, we will be more inline with the energies present during a Mercury retrograde.

Aligning ourselves with these energies will prevent us from fighting the current, which will make our own lives easier during these frustrating times. Ultimately, by going retrograde ourselves (going back over our work), we will avoid man of the pitfalls normally associated with this period in the planetary cycle.

As I have been saying throughout this entire series of articles, the wise choose to go with the flow and not fight the current of life. There is a time for everything, and if you approach everything in its time, you will succeed effortlessly.

What Do We Learn From Mercury Retrogades

So, how do we, as mere mortals, learn from the ways of the wise?

The answer: Apply this astrological knowledge to your mundane life. Consider all of the projects you are currently working on. Next time Mercury goes retrograde, stop attempting to progress on each of your endeavors.

Instead, comb through those projects and find where you can go back, review, edit, redo, re-evaluate, change tacks, or simply slow down and check your accuracy.

Use Mercury retrograde periods as a welcome reprieve from the crazy break-neck pace that society requires you to take the other 302 days a year and slow down.

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