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You Have An Entitlement Complex: 12 Signs

12 Signs That You have an Entitlement Complex

The feeling of entitlement complex is something everybody has experienced before. Sometimes we feel like we need to be treated better than we are currently. This usually happened when we were children, and we felt our siblings had been treated a special than us. But some people couldn’t leave this behavior behind as they grew. Even in their old age, they still have an entitlement complex. They can’t be patient enough and wait for their time.

Always they feel bitter and throw tantrums because a colleague was promoted at their expense. They wanted it to be them and nobody else because they thought they were unique to others. Wait, this kind of mind can lead you to self-destruction. Maybe you don’t know but have an entitlement complex when you show the following signs.


Symptoms Of An Entitlement Complex:

1. You Want Everything to be You

You have an entitlement complex when you feel that every good thing must happen to you and no one else. Often you develop the mindset that you must be considered first or are the first in line for every opportunity. To you, everything must revolve around you. This kind of self-love thinking is terrible and can affect your relationship with the people around you. In the end, you end up harming yourself.


2. You Feel Unique

You are always under the impression that you are more unique than any other person. This sense of feeling may not be entirely deficient, but when it goes to the extreme, that is the problem. It makes you relegate the effort of others as you raise yourself so high. You feel that sense of uniqueness and begin to think that you deserve better. When you start having this kind of feeling, then you are developing an entitlement complex.


3. You Always Seek Special Treatment

People suffering from entitlement complex always want to be given preferential treatment everywhere they go. So you will feel like everybody owns them a favor and deserve to be treated uniquely. You will always want to jump the queue to be served first because you know the person in charge. When at work, you would like to work on the best projects or be excluded from specific tasks because they think you are above them.


4. You Become Selfish when You have an Entitlement Complex

Selfishness is the ultimate quality of anyone suffering from an entitlement complex. So you become selfish in all aspects of your lives, at work, at home, and even among friends. You always want things to go your way and nothing else. Talk of increase in salaries, promotions, or travel opportunities. When such opportunities elude you, you begin to backbite and badmouth the one who received them. You will end up losing most of your friends.

5. You Make Unrealistic Demands

I need this. I need that all because someone in the family has it. You make crazy and unrealistic demands to be par or overtake others. You end up putting unjustified pressure on your family, friends, employers, or employees.

6. Self-Pity

After making all the unrealistic demands and finding yourself unable to achieve your target, you feel pity for yourself. You can’t hide this feeling because it would be shown as you become angry with yourself.

7. You become Angry When People Fail To Meet Your Expectation

People with entitlement complexes quickly become angry when people fail to meet their expectations, give them what they want, or do what they want. You will find ways to hurt or punish such people unjustly.

8. You Create Happiness at the Expense of Others’ Feelings

You will be under the illusion that you deserve to be happy even if you end up hurting others. Invariably you may go to the extreme to achieve this, and by so doing, you end up stepping on other people’s toes.

9. You See others as a Threat

While at work or even at home, you will see other people as a threat or competitors. This mostly happens when you think the person is better than you are. You will see them threatening your promotion, salary increase, and other opportunities.

10. You Become a Walking Contradiction

You always feel entitled to do something, but others can’t. If you want, you can go to work late but will talk when others are late, you believe you have the right to some things, but others cannot have the same right. Your life becomes full of contradictions.

11. You want to Dominate Others

You will want absolute dominance over other people when you are in positions. Many times you are likely to exhibit a show of power and superiority over others.

12. You Wouldn’t Want to Compromise on Anything

You begin to see compromise as a weakness or defeat and, therefore, wouldn’t want to compromise in any way. This is mainly seen when you are leading a negotiation. You see yourself compromised.

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