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The Work-Wife Balance: Ways To Achieve

Ways to Achieve the Work-Wife Balance

We live in a fiercely competitive world these days. Our life is like a race against time. The professional commitments of our life leave little room for other social activities. In these circumstances, maintaining the work-wife balance is gradually becoming a difficult proposition. However, a successful professional career needs to be supplemented by a happy personal life as well.


A happy personal life cannot be achieved without active support and bonding with one’s spouse. To achieve such work-wife balance, a person must have an organized and methodical approach towards their life. A point-by-point discussion will facilitate more clarity of understanding about the steps necessary to achieve the required objective.


1. Time Management needed for Work-Wife Balance

Time management is the most important aspect of a healthy and happy personal life. A successful person is bound to have less time for his personal life due to the professional commitments of his career. A great deal of time is spent fulfilling such commitments. Hence, to avoid losing out on spending quality time with your spouse, it is imperative to plan well.


Keeping a planner and trying to follow it rigorously will help a lot in this regard. Rescheduling of works can be done wherever required. Evaluation at month-end will reveal the loose ends and enhance the chances of further elaborate planning, which will facilitate more balance in your work-wife equation. It is important to find out the anomalies in the schedule and subsequently narrow down on the areas which require more attention and rescheduling.


2. Communication

The channel of communication between couples should, in all circumstances, be easily accessible. In today’s hi-tech world, person-to-person contact is instantaneous. Always staying connected poses no difficulty for resourceful people around the world. For a couple, staying connected will help them find their common space of time to spend and enjoy quality time together.

It may be in the form of having breakfast/lunch/dinner together. It may be in the form of a concurrent time to go to bed together every night. And it is these small little things that create wonders in a person’s personal life.

3. Creating boundaries between professional and personal life

We work day in and day out to sustain ourselves. The process creates stress and tension within us. At the end of the day, when we come home, we need relaxation. A carefree state of mind is what we require to spend our time with our beloved ones. To have that relaxing state of mind, a person needs to keep his work-related anxieties, stresses and pressures outside the boundaries of his personal life. To successfully achieve this, one must identify some common activities in which both husband and wife have a mutual interest.

The activities may be simple enough to the extent of reading a book both partners are willing to share and need not be expensive and/or long drawn out. In a nutshell, it can be said that a person has to find out an activity of common interest which both husband and wife enjoy doing to unwind themselves away from work-related worries. The attraction of such activities should be contagious enough for both partners to look forward to each day eagerly.

4. Steer clear of blame games

In today’s world, people live on their edges due to the inherent challenges the day-to-day life poses in a person’s life. Most successful couples are working couples. They both have their responsibilities towards their career as well as towards their families. Nobody is perfect in this world. Human beings make mistakes. It is most likely that one or the other person of the husband-wife duo may commit a mistake, even a serious one, in discharging either of their responsibilities. The mistake may hamper the smooth conduct of their day-to-day life.

However, one has to be wise, reasonable and justified enough to restrain themselves from resorting to any blame game with their partner. Such an unnecessary blame game has the dangerous potential of ruining a relationship. It is best to impartially observe the fallout of such mistakes and then shrewdly try to blunt its impact as far as practicable.

5. Avoid infidelity

A single instance of infidelity may ruin a relationship forever. It has often been observed that people enjoying high power positions often tend to cheat their less dominant counterparts. There is a growing trend towards neglecting the partner in such cases. In these cases, the common perception is that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. People ignore the fact that it is their negligence that is responsible for such a thought. It is the person’s fault that he. has not watered his own grass in time. Had the person been caring enough to extend unconditional faithfulness to their partner, such a situation would have never arisen.

6. Breaking the rigors and monotony of daily life

People need to unwind in a completely serene atmosphere. To have such an atmosphere, a couple needs to break away from the daily routines of life. Both short-term and long-term breaks are instrumental in rejuvenating a couple’s life. In case of a short-term break, all you need is a space of 24 hours.

In these 24 hours, you can visit a commonplace of interest, such as a picnic spot. Whatever you do, it will help break the rigors and monotonous nature of your daily life. It will help reenergize the two of you.

On the other hand, long-term vacations are a complete overhauling and rejuvenating package for a working couple. This will help establish a tranquil work-wife balance.

Striking this balance is extremely important in any relationship if you wish to lead a blissful life with your wife.

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