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Dating Your Boss: 10 Things To Keep In Mind

10 Things To Keep In Mind While Dating Your Boss

Love has no barrier, and in history, there were many times some masters fell in love with their slaves. This is a reality of life and can never end. Having said that, dating your superior comes with some rules. Yeah, strict rules and regulations! Dating your boss is not like any other relationship, and you keep that in mind. The last thing you should do is broadcast the relationship or create any form of suspicions at the office. Here are some other things to keep in mind when dating your boss.


1. Draw the Line

Many organizations have zero tolerance for office romance. However, it is something no one can avoid and would exist in the books. So it is like you can date but don’t be caught. With the number of hours people spend in the office and its challenges, the emotional attraction between workers is inevitable. With this, they find it more convenient to date among themselves.

However, you should know where to draw the line when it comes to your office work and the relationship with your boss. You chose to date your boss, so you should know how to manage it. Some organizations don’t allow office romance because it tends to affect productivity. Therefore, you need to be cautious with such relationships and ensure that they affect your professional delivery.


2. Know How to Manage Situations After a Breakup

A breakup is inevitable in every relationship. As mostly said, everything that has a beginning surely has an end. But, how do you manage such a situation after a breakup with your boss? Will you still feel comfortable working in the organization and deliver your duties dispassionately? It would help if you had a backup plan when going in for your boss to prevent any bitterness after a breakup. You can either go into a contractual agreement to safeguard your job or mutually discuss any aftermath.


3. You Can Lose Your Job

As stated in point one, some organizations do not allow office romance, and the ultimate consequence is dismissal. Except your boss is the company’s sole owner, be ready to lose your job when your affairs come into public.


4. “Shush” and Act Maturely

The best way to keep your relationship and job is to keep mute. It would be better for you if no one in your organization knows about the relationship. Don’t be so excited about dating your boss to go about broadcasting it to the entire world. It would help if you always were careful what you say and act when around your boss because people are watching. Also, be careful not to disclose it to anyone, not even your best friend. Be ready to deal with it when the secret eventually comes out.

5. Hold onto Office Formalities

The fact that you are dating your boss doesn’t mean you can disregard office protocols. Yeah, there are times you can genuinely forget yourself and get personal while in the office. Some can even get intimate at the office, which is very dangerous. Since it can be tough to hold back your emotions, remember point 3. Losing your job can be detrimental than losing your relationship, so be careful. You should act professionally and keep your distance as much as possible when at work.

6. Don’t Expect Preferential Treatment

Naturally, human beings are opportunistic, so we take advantage of anything that comes our way. However, taking advantage of the relationship with your boss to demand preferential treatment is dangerous and unwise. When you do that, you open the floodgate for speculation, which can be shooting yourself in the feet. For God’s sake, you are just a secretary so, don’t act like a general manager because you are dating your boss!

You should rather improve your performance to avoid any criticism from colleague workers. Working lackadaisically and seeking unjust treatment would only put your boss and sweetheart at a tight corner when criticisms arrive. This can be unhealthy for your relationship and prevent it from working as you use to.

7. What Happens At Home Ends There

Just keep it cool and take it as if you work in different organizations. I mean, don’t use the office as an extension of your home and act childishly. You fought or had some disagreement last night, justified, but you can’t continue this war in the office. Please, cut it; the office is not a war zone to settle personal scores. You can continue with fight home, but while at the office, act professionally and relate to them as your boss and not a lover.

8. Don’t Cling to Your Boss

Clinging to your boss would only raise suspicions. Your colleagues will start asking questions about your new closeness to your boss, which wasn’t so in the past, why you keep long when you go to their office, and leave the office late recently. To prevent all these suspicions, arrange your dates after work than at the workplace.

9. You Maybe Seen as an Opportunist

Your colleagues may see you as an opportunist when news of your relationship comes out. The worst thing is that all your past work achievements may relate to your relationship with your boss. People will start discrediting your effort, and that can be discouraging.

10. Keep Your Jealousy to Yourself

The irony of life is that we would always compete with others for the things we want. Don’t ever think you are the only one with an interest in your boss, others colleagues have the same interest. So what would you do when you see them exchanging glances with a co-worker? Are you going to act jealously, or can you control your feelings and talk about them later? During such a situation, the best you can do is to keep calm and turn a blind eye to it. You can later confront him when you close from work. Anything opposite can create a scene at the office, and I hope you wouldn’t want that.

Dating your boss comes with this adrenaline feeling of excitement with its associated favors. But, remember that can cause both personal and professional damages. You should, therefore, tread cautiously when going into such a relationship. Be well prepared for it, and don’t go for the fun of it. Also, if you notice your boss is not that serious about the whole thing, end it fast before it causes any harm.

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