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Lunar Scheduling

Moon Magic & Astrology

In my article Moonlight Madness … or Genius?!, I mentioned that the Moon represents balance and the cycles of life when considered from a magickal perspective. This esoteric fact may hold little value to you at first, but hopefully this article will help you recognize its true worth.


Our modern society requires a lot of us. It wants us to always be productive, always be achieving, and always be bettering ourselves. There really is no room for periods of rest in between the constant productivity for most of us.

This gross imbalance can quickly root itself in the unconscious of our psyches and throw our entire lives out of whack. Remember what I’ve already said about the Moon.


Aside from representing the balance of cycles, it also rules over our unconscious. The key to coping with the pressures of our work-a-day world stares us in the face every night after the Sun goes down and the Moon rises.


Next time you are feeling off-kilter, adopt a more magickal mindset. Rearrange your calendar according to the phases of the Moon. Magickal people have been scheduling their lives by the Moon for centuries.


Lunar Scheduling

First, look at the phase of the Moon. Is it Dark? The Dark Moon is the phase between waning and waxing when the moon appears to disappear from the night sky altogether. Is it waxing – growing from complete darkness to full light? Is it it Full, or waning – going from full light to complete darkness again?

Once you have established the phase that the Moon is in, re-arrange your priorities to mirror the Moon’s current position in its cycle.


Dark Moon

If the Moon is Dark, schedule some “downtime” for yourself. Use that time to recollect yourself. Stop all your projects, your rushing around, and your hectic pace, and focus on recharging your battery. Do whatever makes you feel most relaxed and comfortable.

New Moon

A perfect time to start any new project on your calendar is when the first crescent of Moonlight reappears in the sky (“the New Moon”). If you can hold off on starting a new project until this phase of the Moon cycles back around again, you will be glad you did.

I know that it is impossible to run your calendar completely by the Moon in our modern times. Maybe your boss expects results tomorrow, regardless of what phase the Moon is in. Maybe a client insisted on starting something yesterday.

It’s almost impossible to do this perfectly, but, if you’re creative, you may find it is easier than you think to re-arrange your schedule according to this model. For example, how many unfinished projects do you currently have on the back burner?

Instead of starting a new project, move one of those “burner bums” to the front of the line until the proper cycles rolls around again. Nobody can argue with the fact that you are extremely busy. They don’t have to know why you can’t get to something immediately.

As the Moon travels from New to Full (waxes), this is an excellent time for attracting more attention to yourself, your work, etc. It is also an excellent time to implement positive changes in the status quo or conceptualize ideas.

If any of your projects require real creative thought, this phase of the Moon’s cycle might be the perfect time to do some brainstorming or to garner more support for what you want to accomplish.

Full Moon

The Full Moon is a time for transforming things, creativity, embracing the emotional element of a situation, making money, and things coming to a peak. Regardless of what field you work in, every schedule can benefit from this energy.

Right now, we live our lives as if this is the only energy in existence. Therefore, the Full Moon might be an excellent time to do many of the things that currently clutter your calendar.

As the Moon wanes from Full to New, it is a good time to put the finishing touches on old projects, eliminate excess from your calendar, and break bad habits (in any area of your life).


Take a look at your calendar and identify the projects that need finishing. Move them to a period of time when the Moon is waning, and you may find that many of your urges to procrastinate or ignore the simple tasks that would resolve these projects simply disappear.

It’s weird to think of magick in this mundane context, but, once you begin opening your mind to magickal thought, you realize that magic is everywhere … including setting up our schedules.

If you find that your life is chaotic and you would like to gain some control, follow the path of the wise and rearrange your schedule to the cycles of the Moon. I think you will find that your life becomes much more manageable.

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