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9 True Reasons Why You Should Not Date A DJ

Reasons One should not Date A DJ

DJs normally have a good life in pursuing their interest turned career. Playing and mixing the hottest tracks in the system makes DJs one of the important personalities in the music industry. However, this fame also has its negative implications, especially when it comes to their dating life. Here are reasons why you should not date a DJ.

There is no way you can eat your cake and have it back, so it is always about choosing one thing over the other. So from playing at concerts, clubs and joining musicians on tours, among others, DJs mostly have limited time to make their relationship work.


The irony of this whole thing is that DJs, especially male DJs who are my focus for this article, are the dream guys of many women, especially the music lovers.

He is handsome, charming, gets you to the dancing floor and a whole lot of interesting things, but wait, do you want to date someone with a nightlife career.

A person who will leave you home at night to entertain others in the clubs, pub or concert while you sleep alone? All right, love is strange, but I am here to give you ten reasons you should not date a DJ.


1. You May Never Spend the Weekend Together

Weekends are scorching days for DJs, and they never want it to pass without displaying their music-playing capabilities to patrons. The only available option to be with them is to join them wherever they go. But how long can you do this? The most worrying part will be when they travel out of town for that weekend gig.


2. They May Cheat on You

To the ladies who always say men are cheats, chase anything in a skirt, wait, and prepare for a super cheat if you want to date a DJ. DJs have numerous women ready to give them a nightstand with no strings attached.

Some women are ready to fall to their feet because they plated their favorite song. With this temptation, the tendency for him to cheat on you is very high.


3. He Will Give More Time to Work than You

DJs spend more time arranging their songs to make their next gig a success as their job demands. With this, they will only have limited time for you, and that can hurt.

Just imagine yourself seeking the attention of your partner, but he is busily working on a compilation and leaving you for a booked program. Is that what you want in a partner?

4. You Maybe a Second Choice

A DJ considers his gears and music collections a top priority, and any other thing becomes a second in line. So instead of becoming the real queen of his life, he will rather choose music before considering where to place you.

5. Some DJs fall for Bad Habits

Having a nightlife career comes with several negative implications. It is either they fall for alcohol, drugs, or both. This is mostly because they party a lot, and to be able to live up to the hype and fame, drugs become their solace.

6. High Risk of Contracting Diseases

Remember that many other ladies also have him on their wish list just as you wish for him. So it now becomes a survivor of the fittest and the one who presents more on the table. If this guy is not good enough, he may fall for any woman who comes his way, and that makes him at risk of contracting diseases.

7. Why You should not Date A DJ: They End up Broke

Unless he is money conscious, many DJs end up being broke after their career. Most often, DJs have a short career span and end up in financial distress because they made no backup plan. This happens because they blow all their money thinking they will be young or on top of the game forever.

8. They Gradually get Hygiene Issues

The neatly shaved, gently looking DJ you fell in love with may gradually turn out to become the opposite. They gradually get into this mess, especially as they get more gigs to play. Their busy schedule will prevent them from cleaning up, washing, and other important self-hygiene needs.

9. They Hardly Keep a Partner

You better don’t even try wasting your time on that prince charming DJ as he may never take you seriously. DJs hardly keep a relationship, as they usually want to flirt and enjoy their life as much as they can. Don’t also forget that they have many ladies who which to have a piece of them.

I do not mean to say all DJs have the same habit or character. However, the above are some of the challenges you may encounter when you date a DJ. I wish you can stay away from them but, there is no harm in trying.

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