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8 Feng Shui Tips For Handbag

#8 Feng Shui Tips for Your Handbag

The handbag is the essential accessory a lady carries around since it carries nearly everything in a woman’s life, the daily breath mint, a safety pin to avoid inconveniences, deodorant baby toys for the moms, etc. Below are some Feng Shui tips for a handbag.

The design, size, and color can tell a lot about a person. Reading about Feng Shui confuses most people with lots of misconceptions. In reality, Feng Shui balances the surrounding environment.

Many may wonder why their purses are either empty or filled with jingling change (which is very embarrassing). Well, the reason is quite apparent. Only you do not know it’s all in the way; you treat your money bag both in and out.


How to Feng Shui Your Handbag

#1. Choosing the most appropriate color code

Basing this on your horoscope, choose a color that corresponds to your element and projects your personality, i.e.

Shades of Red relates to Fire and passion.

Shades of green compared to wood.

Yellow/cream /beige relates to earth.

Black /blue corresponds to water.

White/silver refers to Metal.

Those are the five essential elements, matching your outfit, i.e., a dress or a pair of shoes, to your bag coordinates harmony.


#2. Consider the shape and size of the handbag

The kind of bag you carry around portrays a lot about a person. Choosing a beautiful yet serviceable bag is not as easy as it seems. Chances are, if you get a cute bag, the size won’t be right, whereas if you get a sizable bag, it won’t appeal to your eyes.

In this case, bigger is not always better. Love yourself enough to be able to find the most suitable bag for yourself.

Purchasing a shallow bag minimizes the chances of one carrying around clutter. Keeping many unnecessary keys in the key holder can be a nuisance. Try taking only the necessary keys with you.


#3. Feng Shui tips for your handbag: Accessorize

Placing shiny and cute ornaments on your bag beautifies it and increases the pack’s Feng shui volume.

#4. Arrange the inside of your handbag

Just like humans like to be in clean and organized surroundings. They should also extend that to their handbags. In that, everything that is in the handbag should have a purpose.


I don’t get the need to have so many credit cards crowding in one handbag. A maximum of two credit cards is enough to help one throughout the day. Organizing them so they do not get lost in the bag is also effortless.

As for the coin change, avoid throwing them to the bottom of the bag (also regarded as disrespect for money). Putting them in a small zipped purse inside the bag will make the bag more organized.

Receipts are kept as souvenirs for something you purchased or somewhere you traveled. It does not entitle them to a place in the handbag. As far as papers go, money is the only valuable paper in the bag. If necessary, it should be put in order of value.

Carrying a pen in the bag is also essential; just one pen is enough for one bag.

Some people love filling their bags with pictures of their families. It is entirely understandable, but a single image is enough. As for the rest, there is always a phone gallery with a lot of space for photos. The good thing about it is that it is always with you, just like the handbag.

A calm environment is essential for the smooth flow of money in and out of the bag.

#5. Value your handbag

Ladies, ever seen a man’s wallet on the floor? Unless he has lost it, the wallet will always be in a safe place.

Placing your bag on the floor signifies disrespecting your financial standards. It contributes to the famous superstition of don’t put your money bag on the floor. You will stay broke.

Instead of placing it on the dirty floor, one might consider putting it on top of a table, or a chair, or even holding it on your lap. It won’t bite.

#6. New bag, untapped energy

Second-hand bags may be affordable without causing much strain on the pocket. As much as this is true, Feng Shui discourages it without second thoughts. Because every handbag has energy, purchasing a new one comes with new and untapped energy.

Buying second-hand bags comes with weary energy, which is not so good for anyone. It is also recommended that once a purse feels old and looks tired, a replacement should be done.

Giving it out as a gift is also an option, instead of throwing it away. The only Feng Shui rule is never to give out an empty purse. Filling it with cash will ensure a constant flow of money since the capital will attract other currencies.


#7. Protect thy self

Always have an extra phone battery or a charger for communication purposes. A small army pen knife can come in handy, and the essentials a lady might need when she is outdoors, e.g., a mirror, makeup bag, etc. These things are not cluttered but convenient things for a woman.

Crystals are said to give one a clear mind. Keeping one in a zipped pocket inside the bag guarantees you a clear mind throughout the day.

#8. Love at first sight

Do not purchase a bag because a friend has the same type or color. Buy it because you love the bag. You will never disrespect anything that you love. It will always be close to you. You will keep it clean and organized, unlike buying one, and then realize you never liked it in the first place.

In return, the purse will attract good fortune and wealth. It will only start reciprocating the love. See, showing the bag some love is not that bad after all.

The Feng Shui principle also states that keeping $10 in every purse you own attracts more finances. Money given to you by a wealthy person may also act as a magnet once put in the wallet and not spent.

For safety purposes, it is recommended to keep your money bag close to avoid pickpockets. A lock coin inside the bag can also assist in keeping thieves away from your belongings.

A bag with actual Feng Shui volume is big enough with the right shape to fit the owner’s belongings, clean and organized, stunning with shiny ornaments, and makes you feel amazing just carrying it around as if you are in control.

Modern handbag designs are taking up the Feng Shui ideas. More compartments in the bags, more color, and a few shiny objects are hanging on the bags. Some have money-like images to attract real money.

With the many designer brands of bags coming up, let the Feng Shui ideas give you a reason to get yourself a Gucci or Dior, a classy and beautiful bag to reflect your personality and increase happiness.

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