Thursday, October 6, 2022

Reading My Tarot Cards: How Not To

How Not To Read Your Tarot Cards

On a recent rainy afternoon, I was stuck indoors with a cold and decided I would read my Tarot Cards myself for fun. I grabbed my deck of cards, shuffled with my eyes open while half-heartedly asking the same question I’d asked the last time I did my Tarot reading, and spread the cards into formation on the area rug.

Reading Several Times

It wasn’t until I’d redone the reading several times, having never been satisfied with the cards I drew, that my mind was scattered, and I was barely taking any time to shuffle the cards. I kept asking the same question over and over. Why not? It wasn’t like I was paying for this service or taking up anyone else’s time.

Reading My Tarot Cards

Shuffling The Cards

By contrast, when I do readings for other people, I always ensure the table is clean before I begin. I light a candle. Also, I take my time as I shuffle the cards, waiting for a moment that feels just right to cut the deck, and I shut my eyes to focus. I don’t draw the cards until my mind feels clear and calm.

It finally dawned on me: why had I stopped allowing myself this same respect? It would be beyond frustrating for me if the Tarot were a person.

Reading My Tarot Cards

Personal Relationship

Something had to be done. I had to fix my relationship with the Tarot. How could I make my Tarot readings as insightful and helpful as those I gave to other people when I had spent a long time failing to honor the cards when reading for myself?

I decided to go straight to the source: I asked the Tarot! And let me tell you, it gave me a good reading that I felt no need to redo. Read on to discover my two essential questions and the Tarot’s answers…

Question 1: When I give myself readings, what am I doing that limits me from getting your message across to me?

Tarot’s Answer: The Star

Reading My Tarot Cards

The Star

The Star is a lovely, positive card all about hope and positivity. So how am I doing too much of this when I read for myself? Well, I think The Star shows up here to say I am too hopeful in my interpretations. When doing readings for oneself, it’s normal to want good news. But enjoying the cards to convey a specific message can be dangerous — because it limits the ability to be open to what the cards want to say.

I’ll admit that when I do readings for myself, I gloss over the unsettling meanings of the cards even though these cards can offer the most value. As I’ve learned from doing tasks for others, the negative-seeming cards are often blessings in disguise. Honestly, some of the most beautiful messages can be winnowed out of difficult cards.

Question 2: To increase my understanding when I give myself readings, what should I do more of?

Tarot’s Answer: Knight of Pentacles (reversed)

Reading My Tarot Cards

The Knight of Pentacles

Once again, the meaning here comes to me quite quickly. This card means that I need to get out of my routine. It means I’ve been called “stuck.” When interpreting cards for oneself, it’s easy to fall into a way, and sometimes too much routine can become unhealthy. For example, maybe I should stop asking about romance so much, or at least stop asking the same question repeatedly. I should shake things up a bit.

Relationship With The Deck

I need to refresh my relationship with the deck by trying new things and looking at my old favorite cards in new ways. Overall, I take this card to mean that I should stop being bored, and by being boring, in my relationship with the cards. They are intended to excite and inspire, to transform my life as much as I use them to help change others’ lives.

Reading My Tarot Cards

Objective Reading

Because again, when I give readings to others, it is easy to be objective and see the full scope of mystery about a card. But when I do tasks for myself, I understand now that I’ve fallen into the bad habit of seeking only security from the cards.

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