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What Are 6 Precious Stones In Feng Shui?

Precious Stones in Feng Shui

A spiritual journey of the mind and body has always been the answer or definition of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is familiar with Chinese culture, and they use the five elements of nature. Many use crystals or precious stones in Feng Shui that trigger specific benefits or blessings throughout the path of life. The stones are believed to be essential and hold great power. There is no better feeling or saying in the world than it’s all-natural.


There are several different components to understanding what it is. If you wish to incorporate Feng Shui into your life, you must select the Feng Shui utensils, tools, surroundings, and thoughts to enhance your spirituality and bring peace overall to your life.


#1. Andalusite

The first beautiful gemstone is known as andalusite. Mostly found in Brazil’s native lands, its characters are usually yellow and green colors that are transparent. Though it is rarely seen or used, it is one of the larger mass gemstones.


In Feng Shui’s realm, andalusite was used as more of a meditation stone in the older ages. It was mostly seen as a calming stone that opened the mind to self-awareness, boosted memory, and leveled the act of kindness in one’s mind frame.


Andalusite is one of the stones less likely to grab attention as it is challenging to come across in the modern-day but is mostly worn as fashion jewelry in this daytime.

#2. Opal

Next up, we have the stone called opal. This gemstone can also be called a pearl with its white and yellow-like appearance. It is a very distinctive stone that is one of the most popular, and a majority of the world’s supply comes from Australia.

Opal is ubiquitous as it is mostly worn in occasional fashion because it can be quickly melted and formed. One of the stones casts out a rainbow when reflected in the light and comes in many varieties of color.

Opal is one of the strongest stones ever used in Feng Shui. It is said to be one of the stones found in the making at the start of all living things. It is believed it have great healing power and aid in depression. True love can be found wearing or placing this precious opal in its correct space. Opal is one of a is class.

#3. Peridot

Peridot or obsidian is more than a deep dark-toned stone and does not add a sparkle to the eye as other gems. Though it isn’t shiny and glows, it is used to sharpen thin metals such as those used for surgical tasks when it is broken down.

That is pretty fascinating! Its origins can be traced back to the Roman days, and they are mostly found in areas that have experienced some volcanic activity in the past or present years. Though rough-like in appearance and texture, it is seen as protection against negative energy.

Often, obsidian is referred to as the stone of truth as it can easily make people spill out their secrets and unseen emotions. Peridot may not make your eyes tinkle but still is precious in all its ways.

#4. Amber

Next, we go inside the makings of Amber. This is a rather exciting gemstone. It appears golden-yellowstone in color and is formed uniquely. The amber resin is created after a mixture of tree resin with high temperatures and pressures after it hardens into the copal.

It is a very exact process, and the amber resin formation is said to be traced back nearly fifty million years ago. Also, unlike other gems, its low density makes it floatable on top of the water.

Amber is mainly located in western Russia but can also be spotted in the Baltic and Dominican Republic, where rare blue-toned Amber is found. This crystal is used primarily for its healing agendas and is still used today in Feng Shui to cure several things.

#5. Jade stones

Looking back at one of the more popular gemstones, Feng Shui is Jade. It appears in olive shades of green and is very hard in texture. The meaning of Jade comes close to that of purity. The best jade stones can be found in Myanmar. But once can find it even in locations such as Russia, New Zealand, the Swiss Alps, China, and Guatemala.

This has been the most sought-after gem in China, so its significance in the Feng Shui lifestyle is crucial. But Jade will bring considerable good fortune to one’s life. This is one of the gemstones that brings along good luck and balances out harmony. It is also a good source for treating liver and kidney problems. It indeed has one of the most precious stones you will ever encounter.

#6. Tiger Eyes

Tiger eyes stone is also one of the top seeking gemstones in Feng Shui. It is a yellow-brownish mixture-color gem that comes in many beautiful shades. It is very easy on the eyes and is one of the most vital stones.

Its origins are mainly from Japan and China and are prevalent stones. And, it is very cheap and available almost anywhere. This stone is to bring a fulfilling marriage and fertility of children. It carries excellent creativity and presents a sense of strength when worn or placed in a tight setting.

Precious Stones in Feng Shui: Conclusion

Together these stones bring a whole different meaning to a person’s life. Feng Shui is about enlightening the mind, body, and atmosphere around you. Andalusite is an earth stone bringing growth in career and individuality.

Opal is a water stone that balances out one’s give and spirit. Peridot, firestone, may not be as precious but packs a powerful tactic in self-confidence or self-encouragement.

Jade, the most popular earth stone brings forth a harmonious balance like no other. Lastly, the famous tiger eyes, also an earth stone, give a calming strength throughout one’s mind and space.

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