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Pisces Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Pisces Man Leo Woman

Can Pisces men and Leo women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The most likely meeting place where the Pisces Man and Leo Woman meet is at an expensive store. They both have extravagant tastes but do not share very good love compatibility.

Besides this initial meeting, it is unlikely that the Pisces Man will want to pursue a Leo Woman till marriage. While she likes to live a life of luxury, he simply enjoys surrounding himself with nice things.


Pisces Man And Leo Woman Compatibility – Pros

The Pisces man and Leo woman start dating because both are attracted to each other’s unique personalities. But this doesn’t last for long. The Pisces and Leo friendship might be short-lived unless both try too hard to look beyond the initial attraction.


The Leo Woman is often a gorgeous person who is surrounded by friends constantly. In High School, she was the popular girl with all her friends. She lives a stylish lifestyle but puts effort into helping others.

The Leo female loves others admiring her and will enjoy listening to the Pisces Man. He will be interested in her lifestyle and might be able to share some of the praises she desires.

But he will have a hard time keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyle of the Lioness. This is the same problem in bed, where one is sexually passionate while the other is dreamy.


Pisces Man Leo Woman Relationship – Cons

The Leo Woman is constantly on the move. She likes to think up new ideas that will help her accomplish her goals that she can then brag about to all her friends. She doesn’t act out of greed or want, but just wants to put her talents to good use.


The Pisces Man won’t be able to understand why the Leo Woman relies so heavily on other people even if her work is praiseworthy. He can be considered independent even though he spends most of his time at home. He simply enjoys his personal space while she wants to fill her space with friends.

It is hard to find the Leo female ever at home. She lives in the present and always wants to know what is going on in her community. She wants to be the first to experience it and then tell all her friends about what happened. Many people can rely on her for information because she always knows what is going on.

The Pisces male won’t have a clue as to why she isn’t home again and where she might be. He functions more emotionally and spiritually while the Leo lady is analytical and forthright. She might be able to dominate him but he won’t want to be one of her groupies.

Even if the Pisces Man Leo Woman falls in love, he will want to possess her like one of his prized pieces at home. She cannot be contained and if he tries to convince her to stay home more often, he is most likely going to hear the roar of the lion.

She is known for her angry roar and is bound to ‘win’ in any argument. Once the Pisces Man sees this side of his lover, he will be running in the other direction. This is one of the main reasons for a Pisces Leo breakup.


Pisces is a water sign that is mutable and Leo is a fire sign that is fixed by nature. The compatibility gets a THREE Hearts love rating.

There isn’t anything that these two Zodiac signs could offer each other. They both might enjoy finer objects in life but won’t even be able to keep a conversation with each other let alone a relationship.

In the relationship, he will see many things ‘wrong’ in her lifestyle which will not only deflate her energy but also make her angry. She doesn’t want to stay home with him.

He doesn’t have what it takes to convince her to return to his home every night. The Pisces Man and Leo Woman soulmates should remain friends rather than get their hearts broken.

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