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8 Healthy Ways To Gain Weight

Healthy Ways To Gain Weight

In our modern society we are always hearing of tips on how to reduce our weight. What about how to healthily put on a few pounds or kilograms if we are underweight or need to be a bit more solid?

This article explores the less often discussed topic of how to safely increase your weight by keeping to a healthy diet as you add the kilos. Before we investigate specific ways to gain weight it is worth noting that one way not to gain weight is to eat a whole lot of junk food.

Sure you will put on the kilos but in the wrong places, you will make your body unhealthy and you will probably keep putting on the weight long after you want to stop.

In addition you want to avoid eating sugary sweet things to gain the kilos. This is not healthy and you will form the wrong kind of new weight. You might also end up getting diabetes.

gain weightSo what we want to do is gradually increase our weight by eating mostly healthy food. The odd healthy pizza or dinner out is fine but go easy and make sure you always drink lots of water and order a salad at the same time.

Also have some wine or alcohol but don’t unbalance that healthy, growing body by having too much!

Specifically here are 8 methods to put on weight while you are still maintaining a healthy diet:

#1 Eat Small Meals

Eat more meals in the day but keep them small and full of nutritional healthy food.

#2 Eat More Proteins & Carbohydrates

Specifically eat more protein and carbohydrates – this includes meat, milk, fish, cheese and eggs. If you are a vegetarian eat beans, rice and soy products.

protein food

#3 Drink A Lot Juices

Minimize soda and coffee. Instead have low fat smoothies and freshly made juices (using a slow juicer).

#4 Snacks

Feel free to snack on peanut butter, nuts, avocados and dry fruits plus any other natural snack foods. Your local supermarket should have a wide range of snacks. If not go to an alternative health food store and see what you can find.

dried fruits

#5 Change Big Meal Times

People who want to lose weight have larger meals earlier in the day and have a lighter meal at night. The opposite is the case if you want to gain weight. Make sure you have a large main dinner after 8pm and feel free to indulge in that dessert!

#6 Weight Training

Introduce weight training to your gym routine. This will add body muscle weight which will add to your overall weight. The new weight lifting will also add to your appetite and make it easier to have those six meals a day.

weight training

#7 Carbohydrates

Ramp up your intake of carbohydrate intake. This includes brown potatoes, whole grains, rice and pasta fall into the approved category.

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#8 No Other Exercise

Other than the weight lifting, do not do additional exercise apart from perhaps your gym exercise. This more sedentary program for a while will add the weight on that you need. Of course it is not advisable to keep to the couch potato lifestyle for long, just until you have reached your desired new, heavier weight.

Once you have reached this new bulkier and larger you, make sure you keep up the weight lifting. If you don’t that muscled physique may eventually go to fat and you will loose the overall muscled shape you have.

All the time you are doing the weight increase diet make sure you still have plenty of water, keeping the body cell re-generation going and keeping your body constantly hydrated to adjust to the new you. After all at the end of all your efforts there is now more of you to look after:-)

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