Friday, April 12, 2024

It’s Time To Give UP On Him: How To Tell

When Do I Give UP On Him?

Positivism improves our livelihood to another level. Be it love or career. It unleashes growth. Be proud that you have tried to entice him without success. You’ve done your part. Good. You are now in charge of your own feelings and emotions. Choose happiness instead of sorrow, and life goes on without a hitch. Learn to grow through what you are going through right now. The best man is yet to come. That’s why it’s time to give up on him and embrace the present. Giving him gifts and fixed breaks won’t matter if his heart isn’t ready to say YES!


You Feel Right Now

Single, again? It’s tough to face reality right now. You don’t have a mere clue of who you are. You are not able to describe your current feeling. What happened questions still haunt you till dawn. It’s impossible to move on and pretend like you didn’t have a crush on someone. You know the truth but in a real sense, living, in reality, isn’t a sure thing.

Possible signs were there and are still there, but it’s daunting to grasp the present. Ignoring your feelings is what you do best. You don’t want to compromise in the name of giving him some time. Till when? Turning back the clock isn’t worth a dime.


Have you realized that he is not that into you? Possibly NO! It’s pretty good and thirsty-feeling to put his needs first. However, making things work for good is unpredictable. I don’t see why you should sacrifice to see if he’s worth a keep. What’s degrading to you is the love that you have for this guy. Sad to say, the landscape won’t change for a better view. At times trying out different things or people is applicable. More so, taking a relationship break is also recommended.


What to Do Instead

You’ve got a huge task ahead of you. Falling in love is easy but falling out of it is a dream. Luckily everything you do right now is in your conscious mind. Follow your thought and lead the right path. Pinpoint major reasons why it’s possible to leave and forget about him. Although your heart might tell you to stay, your conscious thought wants to leave him for life.

Determine whether you want to stay or leave. Don’t try to settle for less. Face what you are going through like the strong lady that you are. Have some alone time and analyze how your relationship is taking its course. Having doubts means that you are yet ready to make a clear decision. Call spade and a spade. Face the situation and love yourself first.


Agree/Disagree: He Wasn’t Meant for You

Truth be told, it’s either he loves you or not. It’s tedious to determine whether this person is thinking about you. If he really loves you, I wonder why you are scrolling for more. Keep reading, but remember that he doesn’t love you. Why? If he’s madly in love, he will truthfully mirror you in his thoughts. Your own body language will be his to have and to hold. Let go of these hints and give up on him already.

Too little too late, this person is probably in an anxious mode, whether to fall for you or not. For this reason, you are misinterpreting this with something else. It isn’t a doubt that you’ll have signs of him liking you and sometimes not. Such misinterpretation brings forth what is called misfortunes and heartbreaks. Please don’t force yourself in a place where it’s hard to fit in. The moment you realize that he isn’t interested, you’ll thank the heavens. Be on the loose when luck is still on your way.

Not a Perfect Match

He has lost interest when he doesn’t recognize you as his soulmate. Let go by not trying to chip in with good vibes and all. From the word go, there’s no compatibility in this relationship. If your personal traits don’t match, girl, run and don’t look back. He’s a puzzle to you, and it’s hard for him to scrutinize your life. Believe that there’s someone somewhere ready to complete this puzzle for you. What are you waiting for? Pick up the broken pieces and look beyond your nose.

He Isn’t Interested

Love is a fairytale. Some are lucky to fall in love at first sight. Sorry to say, you were not created for this list. Be ready to fight for true love before finding the perfect match. Don’t stay because of peer pressure or what other people will say about you. It is your life.

It’s time to give up on him when you sniff a reverse of fortune. Consider what you have in store with this guy, other than loving him. Think about your single life and determine if you’ll be happier when alone or in a relationship. If you have relationship issues, don’t rely on this guy as a cover-up. Face the dragon and conquer the world. Confront your personal aspects first. When he doesn’t seem to care, it’s time to let go.

You Deserve Better

It is incredibly daunting to imagine how you are about to find the right rib for yourself. Every damsel dreams of a caring and intelligent man by their side. If the person you are admiring is taking you for granted, it’s time to re-focus. Giving up on him means that you are ready to welcome the thought of imagination. It will be easier to visualize sweet and caring guys. Leave behind the worst and move on steadily.

If he cares less about your emotions and all he does is show a dramatic approach, think twice. It’s time to act like you don’t care and grab a chance of being loved by someone else. Try not to have a close attachment with this guy. If he’s not ready to fight for you, he better be placed on a bygone list. Don’t try to fight for something that isn’t worth it in the end. Imagine that he’s here to teach you a lesson and move on. Wasting time doing nothing at all should be your last wish. Draw a line in the sand, learn from it, and be on progress.

Desperate for Love

The full-time kind of love is desperation and nothing else. For once, re-check yourself and claim that you deserve better. Settling for less shouldn’t be your business right now. If he’s not comfortable with you, it’s time to give up on him already. Being in love means that the other person appreciates your flaws. Talk about being funny, witty, and overall beautiful. Giving up is the most painful thing to think about, but you have no option here. Realize that you deserve better than seeking someone who doesn’t treasure you. Desperation will, in turn, produce weak endings.

Lowering Your Standards

That is to say that you don’t mind giving people second chances. Dropping your standards means that you are ready to love him even when he doesn’t give a dime. You know it’s time to give up when your standards don’t match at all. At the end of it, he will be good at disserving your energy coupled with attention. Don’t try to chase him as if he’s the last living soul to live on earth. Be the real you and up your standards. Do yourself a favor and love yourself.