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Is Your House Unlucky For You?: 7 Feng Shui Ways To Know

7 Tips To Protect Your House from Lousy Luck

Feng Shui is regarded as a serious science and art with much power. Although many consider it a bunch of Mumbo Jumbo, it dates back thousands of years. As an old art, Feng Shui was misinterpreted by many people only. The following tips will help you determine whether your house is unlucky for you, the Feng Shui way! Let’s get started!

As such, many have consequently steeped it in cultural state stereotypes. This means that Feng Shui only works when one believes in it ultimately. This energy art comprises many concepts concerning time, space, or dimension. In other words, it may be defined as the acupuncture of space.


Among the many aspects of Feng Shui lies the most persistent one, which relates to houses. Did you know you can align your home’s energy using Feng Shui? Have you ever heard of ways to do Feng Shui in your house? Through various ways, you can tell whether your house is lucky or unlucky for you. As an ancient Asian practice, it is believed that the strategic placement of auspicious objects inside or outside your home can release either positive or negative energy.

To better understand Feng Shui and your home’s relationship, you can utilize it for optimal understanding and alignment.


Is The Feng Shui In The House Unlucky For You?

#1. Your house number starts with the number 2

In Feng Shui, the number 2 is always associated with a fatal illness. It brings about severe and terminal sickness. If you decide to move into a house containing the number 2 most, especially on the door, you may suffer the ill fate that comes in the form of premature widowhood, miscarriages, and other forms of ailments.

The number 2 is associated with the mountain star, which comes into your bedroom and brings bad luck. Anytime you light a fire in your kitchen, it is believed to strengthen the negative energy that brings illness into a house containing the number 2.


#2. Does one big tree block your front door?

According to Feng Shui’s beliefs, nothing should stand in the way of good energy. Many people believe that energy should flow freely.

The front door should act as a pathway that lets positive energy into the house (Chi), and in case there is any form of blockage, for instance, a large tree that stands before your front door could symbolize a lot of bad luck. The best way to eliminate such negative energy is by cutting down the tree or moving away from the house.


#3. Your house does not have a main entry

Many houses are constructed with a single door that lets you enter without going through any main entry. This unlucky symbol does not welcome, strengthen, or channel positive Feng Shui energy inside the house. The main entry aims to absorb good Feng Shui energy and transfer it to the entire house.

On the other hand, if your front door is aligned with the back door, good energy will escape quickly. Luckily, the energy has to enter through the main entrance and be channeled to all other rooms, such as the kitchen and the bedroom, for your house to be considered.

#4. Your house is full of clutter

Cluttered closets, basements, and garages show bad, stagnant energy in your house. The basics of space clearing should be applied every week. Good, new Feng Shui often expresses itself in clean spaces by passing on meaningful energy.

As everything around us is a constant flow of change, clutter should not stay in the house for too long. It is essential to be mindful of not creating stuck areas in your house. After all, stagnant energy (Si Chi) is harmful and should always be kept at bay.

#5. Your main bedroom is over the garage is unlucky for a house Feng Shui

When you bought your new house, you were probably excited about the main bedroom being over the garage. This way, you could have a bird’s eye view of everything in this part of the house.

However, this contradicts everything when it comes to Feng Shui. As a general rule, a bedroom over the garage brings about nervous energy inside the house. Garages involve many moving in and out, so you do not want this instability inside your home. A bedroom also located over the garage does not promote good relaxation and sleep when it comes to rest.

#6. The house does not have any painted doors

Not everyone loves painted doors. A few people love keeping things plain and simple. If you do not have brightly painted doors, this could cause a lot of misfortune inside the house.

Feng Shui believes state feat the color of your door determines the good luck you will have inside your house. South-facing doors should always be painted red or orange as these colors do an excellent job of ‘absorbing’ any bad energy directed towards the house. On the other hand, north-facing doors should be blue or black. If your doors face the west side, ensure they are painted gray or white, while east-facing doors bring about luck by being painted brown or green.

#7. A house that lacks the five elements of Feng Shui

If you do not have substances inside the house representing the main five elements of Feng Shui; wood, earth, metal, fire, or water, you are in for more bad luck than you imagined. It is essential always to stay grounded in your living environment. If you cannot afford to get these things, it is also significant to incorporate colors representing all elements. These include black, green, red, yellow, tan, or brown and white. The colors represent water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

Good Feng Shui Tips to Keep the Bad Luck Away

Position mirrors well to increase energy flow. Miners should not reflect anything negative. Make your bedroom restful by using the right bedding and décor. This will bring restoration, balance, and peace.

Use bright lights to keep up your energy. The higher the wattage, the cleaner your house will be. Inviting good Feng Shui energy involves removing everything mentioned above. It is as simple as moving a few things moving around.

As your living space reflects your life, Feng Shui strives to achieve balance in both. By following all of the applicable rules, you will bring back luck, wealth, and opportunity into your house. Therefore, Feng Shui’s brilliance clearly shows in the interconnectedness of all forms of energy around you.

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