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I Hate My Ex Husband! How To Move On

I Hate My Ex-Husband! How to Move On

Why do I hate my ex-husband when falling in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world? The thing is, nobody tells us that love is not only a good feeling, but it can hurt! You don’t know how things will turn out when they were so beautiful in the beginning.

We all have to make compromises in our relationships. However, when you make too many sacrifices and are not justifiable, it’s time to part ways. It’s not going to be an easy decision, but you must decide. When things go bad, you can either leave and be at peace or stay and live in an unhappily ever after relationship.


*Love yourself first for someone to love you back unconditionally. If your husband doesn’t treat you right, it means he stopped caring a long time ago. Don’t force him if he doesn’t want to.*

I Hate My Ex-Husband, so It’s Time to Move On

How do you get over an ex you still love? It’s tempting to hold on to someone hoping the relationship will be better. You must understand, however, that when the situation worsens, not letting go will hinder your progress. How do you move on?

If necessary, get rid of his photos, love letters, and any memorable gifts within reason, of course. Don’t return the luxury car or 4-carat diamond ring, but let everything else go. If you want to move on, that’s the only way out.


Did you ever think he doesn’t deserve you? This guy may never change. Understand marriage is a contract. Of course, you are not the only woman experiencing this trauma. In fact, there are worst states than you can ever imagine. It will take time to get rid of him in your thoughts and daily life. In all, it’s worth the effort. Use this guide to help you learn how to let go.

Write out Your Feelings

How do you let go of someone you love who can’t be with you? It’s time to rise like an eagle and be truthful for once. Pour out your feelings in the form of writing, speaking, and attending counseling groups. Even though you don’t have any intention of hurting anyone, please do it for yourself. Seek solace in everything you love to do. Writing about how you feel is the fastest way to emotional wellness.


Try out New Things

How do you let go and move one? Shift your focus to something you have neglected for some time. Sometimes relationships make us forget about our well-being. In doing so, we tend to overlook our hobbies. Love yourself more and understand why you hate your ex-husband. Above all, employ respect and self-love. Take into account you are more precious than jewels, and you deserve a loving partner.


Make a Positive Turn

I hate my ex-husband, and I want to move on. If you are ready to move on, it’s time to stop thinking about the what-ifs. Rewrite your life and examine it from a positive angle.

Don’t worry about what his friends or family will say. We can’t weigh our character according to other people’s perspectives. Sadly, we believe what others think about us.

Remind yourself you are better alone than in a toxic relationship. Don’t try to hang on to someone who doesn’t treat you right. One of the bravest decisions is to focus on the future. Realize leaving is just a step in the right direction.

I Hate My Ex-Husband, but I Will Forgive Him

How do I stop hating my ex-husband? Learn from your past mistakes. Realize the guilty emotions and regrets you experienced from your past relationship. Don’t let the past haunt you! Do not allow the past to determine your future.

How can I hate my ex-husband when I have a warm heart? I understand we all make mistakes and want to settle without a grudge and move forward. You can’t change the past, but you can change what’s in front of you.

Let it be a lesson you never repeat. At the same time, forgive your partner. Forget about any negative memories he caused you.

Don’t Cling to the Past

Why do we stay in relationships, and we don’t want to be there? One of the reasons is because we’re thinking about what it used to be. It is the worst mistake, anyone in this position can make.

Don’t lose yourself in a relationship you don’t want to be in anymore. Life doesn’t and will never exist in the past moment but will forever live in the present and future.

Best-selling author and philanthropist Tony Robbins suggests we decide to live in peace and tranquility by visiting the present first. Anger only hurts the person feeling angry, physically and mentally.

Avoid this by concentrating on your future rather than your history. Focus on something bigger than yourself, like helping a senior or disabled person in your neighborhood. There’s nothing better than giving to others. Besides, you can’t go back in time no matter how you yearn for the past.

I Hate My Ex-Husband, but There’s a Lesson to Learn

I hate my ex-husband and his new girlfriend, too. Moving on from a past relationship means you are willing to learn from it. You can only do this by learning he came into your life for a reason.

Probably it was a test and lesson that taught you loads of things about relationships. Now, it’s time you both moved on. Try to learn from the lessons and improve on some qualities.

Practice Self-Love and Care

It isn’t easy to forget about your past relationship, and you certainly can’t do it in a few minutes. However, if the grief is too much to handle, seek help and guidance. Would you mind not overwhelming yourself when you can’t handle it alone? Take care of your needs first and choose to love yourself more.

One way to practice self-love is to begin your day with a ten-minute silent meditation and eat healthy meals. Get the proper rest, and you will continue to heal, but remain true to yourself—welcome new friends in your new life.

Seek External Help If Need Be

If you need outside help, go for it! Forgetting about someone you love is a long journey. That’s why you’ll need a shoulder to lean and cry on. The last thing you want is to drain yourself emotionally because someone else made a mistake.

Share your feelings with someone who understands how you feel. In this case, a therapist will help you heal from this process and, above all, make sure you are free from regrets.

Take off the Blinders

At first, you thought the fairy tale was real, but not anymore. For once, you see things for what they are, and sadly, your ‘forever’ relationship is ending. Jennice Vilhauer, Ph.D., a clinical faculty member in the School of Medicine at Emory University, says a large portion of the grief comes from believing in a relationship that doesn’t exist.

The worst mistake is to expect perfection and to live in a dreamland. Remember, however, not all men are bad; some come to build you up. Even if you say you hate my ex-husband now, he was once the love of your life. But now it’s time to move on, forgive yourself and the situation. You will never move a step to a successful relationship if you don’t learn from this one.