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How Venus Retrograde Can Affect You?

Introduction: Venus Retrograde

Essentially Venus Retrograde is about assessing where we are at regarding our Relationship with Life. Venus is about how we relate to everything: people, food, money, objects, and the Earth and God or the Creator of it all. It’s about how we proceed through our moment-to-moment experience, the mark we leave, and the impressions we take.

For me, what I’ve noticed has come up in these first days of Venus Retrograde is some old habits that I had already released, and yet they have come back as a sort of test to remind me that I have already let them go; that I have been living free of them. They have attempted to pull me in again, entering my space as if they are familiar with how to get in unnoticed through the secret passages only intimately known by the closest to me.


Summoning the Strength

I admit that I was shocked to realize, “You again? How did you get back in here?” was my first thought.

In their return, I am reminded that I had already successfully achieved the process of summoning the strength to be rid of them occupying space in my life and how easy it would be for them to set up camp again in my psyche if I allowed it; if I let down my shield and succumbed to the temptation wanting to distract me from my center. But no, not this time.


Messages in Dreams

Persephone speaks to us through Messages in Dreams.

On the Eve of the first day of her retrograde, I dreamed that I was looking for a companion to take with me to the wedding of two people in my family who were not in Love and going through the steps of having a second marriage ceremony. This, to me, represents the reality of people going through the motions of Life without having True Heart in it. And how alone I feel in my Life (as I was seeking out a companion who would be with me), and how alone so many are with these behaviors. In reality, in my life, I am married to my True Love. However, we are countries apart, physically from one another.


Past Relationships

As I was figuring out who I would go through this grueling evening of false Love with, I looked into my memory bank of past relationships to see which would be a suitable pick. This act of going back to see with new eyes who I was then.

I landed on my “first love relationship.” In real life, the partnership was a bittersweet battlefield of broken dreams destroyed by weapons of perpetuated unhealthy patterns and confused notions of Love – in the hands of innocent children. We eventually grew far apart, and the marks we left upon one another remain to haunt me and teach me deeper of the Mystery of Life and Love and the marks we leave…


Remembering Relationships of the Past

On the Eve of Venus Retrograde, my daughter was brought back to the strong friendships she had had her whole Life while living in Hawaii. She cried, releasing her sadness over missing these particular friends and feeling all the Love in her Heart. We have now been gone from that place that was our Home for a month. I lived there for 20 years, feeling nourished and supported by that land’s fantastic beauty and Mana. My daughter lived her nine years there, and it was similar to her Life was abundant with joy, friendship, Love, fun, and beautiful nature.

It was this past June that the time came. That time I had known for many years would come – that we were going to leave Hawaii. That Life would guide us to other lands to discover other aspects of ourselves. And a life that is only there in these other places.

So now we are embarked on a year ahead of uprooting and re-establishing ourselves in new lands and going through the process of becoming residents of another country, a time-constraining process riddled with obstacles and hoops to jump through.


In the meantime, we are not “homeless” since we have family welcoming us all around the world, but we are, for about the next year or so, going to be without our own Home. Reminiscent of times past when we were nomads traveling lite with everything we owned by our side. Without a stable foundation, we can set down our roots and call somewhere “our place/our home.” We are travelers “visiting” destinations of the moment. From Hawaii to Florida to England over the next year, we will spend only 2-3 months in each place before jumping over to the next. I do admit though I am a gypsy at Heart. It’s a bit daunting because I love the comfort of Home and thrive in the Sacred Nests I love to create.

Soul Journey

But for now, it is a time and experience of a True Initiation of our soul journey. We have chosen to surrender to it. Go where we feel our hearts and spirits calling us, essentially into The Unknown. Into the Dark of the Mystery of our soul path and where it shall lead us. With any great Pilgrimage, there is first the calling. And, once heeded, the sacrifices made or the release and death of aspects of oneself so that rebirth and renewal can occur.

My little cub and a large family of (stuffed) animal spirits joined us along the way…realizing the true power of “Home is where the Heart Is.”

Saturn Cycle

Going through the last two months of the three-year Saturn cycle through Scorpio, all around me, I witness ancestral karma being assessed and dealt with as we are guided into revisiting the bonds and ties that have been weaved. The web of unhealthy and unholy patterns has been passed from generation to generation. It is like an open wound begging for attention to be treated and healed.

This is the intensity of Saturn Retrograding in its last 55 days of Scorpio, about to finish the past three full years of traveling through the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is about the deep and powerful attachments that bind us. Saturn shows us the limitations and burdens that have been carried through time at the hands of these contracts, commitments, and bonds. We are being shown what needs to die. For example, the manipulative misuse/abuse of power and personal authority, oppression/suppression over others, or how we will perish at its expense.

Unearthing the Truth

These past years have been much about Unearthing what is there in the depths of us to be looked at and faced straight on in the truth of what is. There is nowhere to hide anymore, as we can see more and more it is all being revealed with time. All that has been buried, denied, rejected, and overlooked is coming to the surface. For many, it is boiling over, as we can see clearly in our planet’s condition.

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