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7 Feng Shui Tips for Better Parenting

How To Use Feng Shui Tips To Improve Parent-Child    Relationship

You may think, “I have kids—my home already has enough energy!” However, when you use the principles and elements of Feng Shui tips for better parenting, you will find that all your kids’ energy (as well as your own) is more easily directed to positive and productive ends. Here are a few Feng Shui tips for better parenting.

Everyone wants a cleaner, more beautiful home—but that’s not always possible with kids around! It may seem impossible to have the house and décor of your dreams while being a parent. If you haven’t heard of Feng Shui, it’s an ancient Chinese art that aims to help the energy of the universe (also known as “chi” or “qi”) to flow naturally throughout a space.


Feng Shui Tips for Better Parenting: Be A Good Mom or Dad

#1. Declutter

This is an essential step that cannot be overlooked on your journey to a more peaceful, organized home. Extra items in a household create a sense of anxiety. This anxiety creeps into your daily interactions with family and friends; even your children are more susceptible to this feeling than you may know. Taking the time to declutter your home thoroughly will diminish this anxiety and inspire a sense of healing in your spaces.


If you haven’t already, invest in “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. The KonMarie Method centers on removing items that do not give you joy and are not otherwise essential.


As you eliminate unnecessary clutter, your children may learn from your example; you may be surprised to see them taking charge of their possessions before too long.

 #2. Do not ignore the problematic spaces

You put off organizing spaces in your home, such as your garage and storage areas. While it may seem as though these spaces do not need a second look, the negative energy you get upon entering them will seep into your experience in the rest of your home.


Be sure to declutter and optimize these spaces. You’ll find that you enjoy them more when you’ve given them the attention they deserve. Getting out your tools for a particular project won’t be a hassle; maybe you’ll even be inspired to create more!

#3. Create purposeful spaces and optimize them

Many kinds of activities take place in your house: work, play, and relaxation. Do your kids know where they ought to play? Where ought they to work? When they sit down to work, how easy is it for them to focus?

One key to an attractive, peaceful home is a separation of energies. It will be enormously helpful to your kids to have spaces designed for their specific uses. Use the five elements of Feng Shui—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—to design spaces with a purpose.

For example, use designs inspired by the Fire element in their play spaces. This encourages freedom of expression and passion. Use the Earth element in a library, as it promotes knowledge and nourishment.

The Metal element is ideal for workspaces since it aids with focus—decorate with this in mind when finding your kids a homework corner.

#4. Decorate your kids’ rooms after their core element

Your children are all individuals; they have different personalities and desires from everyone on earth! How can you encourage them to find their most authentic selves and fundamental desires?

Figure out what their energies are and cultivate their spaces accordingly—a child with a creative spirit may do well in a Water-centered area, but a Fire-themed space will help them thrive truly.

#5. Feng Shui Tips for Better Parenting: Get your kids involved!

This doesn’t only mean tidiness; get them involved in creating their spaces! If you declutter, your kids may follow suit. But keep your home tidy. They may be inspired to take more care in keeping their rooms clean.

As you carefully choose the décor with which you fill your space, you may find that they are more thoughtful about their rooms and optimize the energy in the home.

Encourage your children to use their personal spaces as a form of self-expression, keeping their aptitudes and aspirations (but keep the purposeful areas focused; you wouldn’t want a workspace to become too distracting).

Having space, can cultivate a sense of confidence and fulfillment in a child and a passion for self-expression. These are invaluable benefits of Feng Shui in the home.

#6. Incorporate plants into your home décor

Although it may seem like a waste of time, having plants in your home can be a fantastic opportunity to teach your children about life and growth. Plants can seem like a luxury—but if you discover that these first few tips have been successful, leap!

Helping your children to choose, cultivate, and tidy up after a plant can be a bonding experience for you. It can also teach your kids patience in the face of a long task and appreciation for the rewards of that hard work. (It can also be an excellent testing ground for that dog they’ve been dying to get, and you can know how willing they are to care for a living thing!)

#7. Do not sacrifice practicality for beauty

We all want to have a lovely home! It’s natural to want visitors to be amazed at the seemingly un-lived-in living room or the immaculate kitchen. However, emphasizing aesthetics over function can make your children feel excluded from their homes.

Ensure your spaces are still practical; let your children feel like this house is for their development and comfort, not simply for your vanity.


Beauty is a worthy goal, but the absolute joy of your home life will be discovering the fun you can have with your children. Think less about the carpet than their giggles at the spilled jelly.

Conclusion: Focus on energy and practicality

It is beautiful to have a clean, pretty home, but it is even more incredibly fulfilling to have a home that facilitates the healthy movement of energy from one room to the next.

Feng Shui is a tool that can help you and your children achieve balance in your lives, whether in work, play, or the development of interpersonal relationships. As you apply these tips moving forward, remember that energy is what keeps the world moving along.

When you create space for it in your home and are thoughtful about the areas you keep, you’ll find that energy works for you more often than against you. Your children will be encouraged and enlightened by the spirit you’ve fostered in your home.

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