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Fish aquarium feng shui

Is An Aquarium Good For Feng Shui?

What Is The Importance Of Aquariums In Feng Shui?

The aquarium is an integral part of Feng Shui, and you should consider purchasing a fish tank if you decide to perform Feng Shui. Before diving into the specifics of fish and aquariums in the art of Feng Shui, it is essential first to understand Feng Shui in the first place. Hence, Western culture often simplifies this ancient art as a redecoration technique. However, Feng Shui has deep roots in Chinese philosophy.


Feng Shui is a mixture of arts and science. It is used in harmonious environments. But the aim is to adjust your home and work settings to invite positive energy. Those who practice Feng Shui do not claim to guarantee health or happiness.

However, it is a way to add some form of control to one’s life, as fate and luck (two of the five influences on success) are uncontrollable. While Feng Shui has developed and evolved, culminating in several modern schools, the core concepts remain the same.


The first concept is yin and yang, or the idea that nature is forever changing. The balance is disrupted when there is too much “one” or “other.” Qi is a natural force generated by both physical and abstract sources. It affects how a place feels.

Finally, Feng Shui aims to physically or metaphorically represent the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal). But each relates to a specific compass direction, color, shape, season, family member, and body part and can be used to influence a space.


#1. Benefits of an Aquarium, according to Feng Shui

Nature is considered peaceful and can have an anti-anxiety effect on people. It is proven that keeping an aquarium can reduce stress, possibly because it brings nature into a living space. Researchers from the National Marine Aquarium at Plymouth University found that watching fish swim can lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Aquariums have the opportunity to represent all five of the elements above and, therefore, may be a key to Feng Shui. The water in the tank means the water element. Any plants present represent the wood element.


The structure of the tank itself represents the metal element. Then gravel represents the earth element. The fire element can be represented by the bright colors of the fish and the lighting used to illuminate the tank.

Aquariums can stimulate luck and favor in career and finances if you keep a fish tank near the entrance. Money is not the sole purpose of a fish tank; however, having one can also ward off negative energy and bring luck to your love life.

#2. Feng Shui for Placement of an Aquarium

To determine an aquarium’s best placement, one should examine the concepts of the four celestial animals. The concept revolves around the idea that four creatures guard the world, each tied to one of the four cardinal directions.

These divine animals also represent a sector of the house. The Red Phoenix represents the front of the house, where you should place the fish tanks. When facing the front of the house (from the middle), the Green Dragon represents the left side, so placing the fish tank to the left of the door should bring luck, as dragons favor water.

Fish Tank and Feng Shui:

Further positioning of the tank may require professional consultation, as some forms of Feng Shui require knowing the placement of the stars and other changing elements.

Aquarium owners beware, however, as incorrect use of a fish tank can bring great misfortune. But do not place a tank in your house’s entrances as it may result negatively. Placing an aquarium in one’s bedroom can disrupt a favorably static environment due to the movement of the fish and cause a distraction that may affect your sleep. The fire element represents the kitchen can clash, with the vital water aspect of a fish tank, causing an imbalance.

#3. Choosing Fish

So deciding what to put inside your aquarium is as vital as deciding on a location. Numbers are an essential tool to utilize in Feng Shui, and it is crucial to consider the number of fish to put in an aquarium.

Each number between zero and nine has a specific meaning in Feng Shui. Eight represents abundance, and nine represents an accomplishment. But eight sounds like the Chinese word for prosperity, and nine sounds like the Chinese word for sufficient, strengthening the belief these numbers bring great fortune.

Many people choose to have eight or nine fish in their fish tank. It is common practice to have eight gold-colored fish and one black-colored fish. What is the purpose of the black-colored fish? The blackfish is the most important because it is intended to absorb any negative energy as it enters your home. So this fish is your protector. If fish is in the aquarium, the blackfish die. It absorbs negative energy.

#4. Care for Your Aquarium

To maintain the benefits of your aquarium, maintaining its health is vital. First, ensure the water is always clean and circulating with enough oxygen so the fish are comfortable in their environment.

Also, you want to design an exciting environment. For the fish to exist, it should balance all five elements. So, the elements can be symbolic. But having healthy and happy fish will radiate and circulate positive energy.

#5. Conclusion

Fish are not challenging pets to maintain as long as you keep up with regular but simple maintenance and feeding schedules. Feng Shui may rely on understanding many concepts, but resources and experts can help you best apply the art in your home or business.

The information is presented by choosing an aquarium for your home. Do research before continuing. But Feng Shui is very personal, and many decisions will rely on your judgment.

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