Monday, August 2, 2021

Feng Shui for Car Colors

Car Colors in Feng Shui

The color of the car is affecting someone who drives it, but there is not yet a scientific test to show what is the degree of influence. The influence also depends on the individual, some will spend more time in the car every day, some will spend less time in the car every day, maybe once a month they drive their car, as such the influence of the car color can be ignored.


If you are using the correct car color which matches you, then you will always have the pleasure of driving. If the car color does not match you, you may encounter a car accident.

Choosing Car colors

Just look at this red color car, someone who drives it may feel very happy if they match with red color, the other who not match with this red color car, they may feel excited when driving, as the emotion has been affected, the chances of encounter accident may increase.

In 2002 Car Accident Statistic in the USA, there was an estimation of 6,316,000 car accidents, 2.9 million injuries, 42,815 people get killed in a car accident. In 2003 Car Accident Statistic in the USA, there was an estimation of 6,328,000 car accidents, 2.9 million injuries, 42,643 people get killed in a car accident. In the 2005 Car Accident Statistic in the USA, there was an estimation of 6,420,000 car accidents, 2.9 million injuries, 42,646 people get killed in car accidents.

It shows almost 115 people die every day in a car accident or around one death every 13 minutes. Some of them may be millionaire or billionaire, as long as you are on the road and accident take place, the result will be the same, because your body is not made of steel, and you cannot resist the high impact of the car accident, but you can do one thing for sure, be more careful on the road. It is good that you have done your part, but others will hit your car accidentally, this is not avoided by just be careful by yourself.

If you have faced the accident before and you still cannot figure out what was the cause, we can help you to suggest to you your car color according to the Feng Shui Color theory. Once the color of your car match you, there is a special condition you need to know, although these things rarely happen, just for your consideration.

If one day, you plan to take a flight to another city, you have prepared everything to include bringing the luggage, your family member sends you to the airport using your car, during halfway driving, your car breaks down to cause you to miss the flight, we may consider that the car has helped you avoid any accident, there may be a plane being hijacked, or there may be a plane disaster. You miss the plane, indirectly you have avoided the accident happen to you.

There was a case, one of our guest asking from us his lucky car plate number and the lucky car color before he buys a new car, we have manually recommended to him the car plate number and the best car color, within three months, he is involved with an accident, he car was damaged but he was not hurt.

Lucky Car Colors

The answer is, although anyone uses the lucky car color, there is no guarantee that you will avoid from accident, we stress that the lucky car color use for Feng shui purpose is to minimize the accident, as long as you use the best car color, you can feel relaxed when you are driving, your emotion is calm, that is the effect of colors for Feng shui, it is already worth what you paid for. (this apply to a normal condition where you are not disturbed by the environment like; sadness due to someone pass away, angriness of just quarrel with someone).

Car accidents may due to a lot of factors, by yourself, by others, or by the road condition. What we want to say is do whatever you can on your part. Protect your self and your family by increase the percentage of safety follow the Feng shui theory.

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