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7 Feng Shui Tips For Peaceful Apartment

Feng Shui Basics For Apartments

Feng Shui for apartments is not an easy thing to practice it is quite time-consuming and it requires a lot of adjustments and a lot of time spent learning before you can adequately get the hang of it.

However it is worth it in the end when you walk around your house, and you get that burst of calm energy that fills your body and calms you to the point where you feel as comfortable and as at peace as possible. Houses are all well and good, but what if you are living in an apartment, and not a very large one for that matter?


Even though this might prove to be a bit of a challenge at first, you can still practice Feng Shui in a small apartment. However, there are a few sacrifices and some clever workaround that you can use to make the most out of it without having to sacrifice anything significant.

Here are a few Space Saving Ideas for Apartments.

How to Maximize Apartment Space

#1. Limiting the different spaces in that apartment

This is a widespread problem with small apartments, and it is something that can negatively affect your Feng Shui. The various spaces in your apartment must be appropriately defined and separated from one another. Make sure that there are transitional areas like hallways, or at the very least doors and curtains that you can separate these spaces with. The last thing that you want to happen is to have the bedroom energy flow into the office and kitchen.


#2. Declutter

Clutter is a severe problem for a lot of people, and the place where it tends to build up the most is in small apartments. This is due to a lot of reasons, most of them revolving around laziness and procrastination. However, that is not important.

Just make sure that you declutter your apartment regularly and that there are no buildups, dirty laundry, garbage bags, etc. lying around.


Feng Shui For Apartments

#3. Keep it simple, keep it clean

Another prevalent problem with small apartments is the fact that things tend to get very jam-packed with stuff. Although a lot of those things hold sentimental value, or maybe you have merely moved to the new apartment. Perhaps you have not found a place for everything yet. The entire idea is to keep things as simple and as elegant as possible, and packing everything onto all the shelves, bookcases and so on is not a good idea.

What you can do is grab some boxes, select a few things that will remain on display, as well as things that have a practical purpose, and deposit the rest in boxes, in dressers, closets, etc.

You can also donate some things to Goodwill or even sell items online to get a bit of extra money, or just rent out a storage unit and deposit everything there.


#4. Lights

Natural lighting won’t always work in your favor. This depends on the positioning of the apartment, the visibility, the size of the windows, the general orientation, and many other factors that are out of your control. What you can do, however, is supplement the lighting with artificial light.

There are a lot of cost-effective ways in which to do that, and also hidden and aesthetic options that will not interfere with the Feng Shui of the apartment, to begin with.

You can opt for economical lighting, smaller ceiling,g, and floor mounted lamps, or hide them inside fake beams or around counterfeit obstacles, the possibilities are endless, and if you go for the more economical lighting options, you won’t feel the increased electric bill.

Feng Shui For Apartments

#5. Colors are your best friends

This might be a bit tricky to pull off, but it is essential in the long run. The colors that are around us play quite a significant influence on our moods, our energy,y and the state of mind that we are in.

Generally, you will be looking for bright colors like cream, bright red, bright green, yellow, baby blue, and so on.

Painting the walls is the standard and straightforward procedure, that can’t be avoided in this scenario, and make sure that you go for pastel colors and generally bright accents when painting the walls.

The furniture is usually where things get a bit complicated. One option would be to replace all the furniture, which would be expensive, time-consuming, and downright wasteful. A more economical choice would be to modify the existing furniture to suit your needs.

For example, cover the shelves, bookcases, and other hard surfaces with adhesive foil. You can give them a matt look, a wood grain finish, or even a metallic or plastic visual feel if you so desire, but make sure to be very careful when applying it and to pop any bubbles that might appear. You can also paint them if you so wish.

For soft surfaces like upholstery, you can either change the upholstery itself, dye them, bleach them, or a crowd favorite; sun bleach them. Please note that these things tend to not work well with leather.

#6. Positioning

The positioning of the furniture itself is not hard, but it can play a crucial role in the Feng Shui of your apartment. First and foremost, make sure that the seating accommodations (couch, chairs, etc., are placed in the close vicinity of a window.

Second, make sure that there is always an ample amount of center space in the room. You can put a coffee table or a small bit of furniture in the center if you feel that it is too empty.

Third, always make sure that the bookcases, shelves, dressers, and other hard-surfaced furniture are placed firmly against a wall, with no space left between the wall and said piece of furniture. Read about bed positioning.

Fourth, make sure that the furniture arrangement in every room allows a person to have access to everything without any effort, and that the same person can circle the room without encountering any obstacles.

#7. Plants

Plastic will not do here; only healthy living plants will do to achieve proper Feng Shui in your apartment. Make sure that they are either medium or large plants, and that they are as dark green as possible.

They will contrast with the bright lights and bright colors, bringing a bit of balance and at the same time a burst of positive natural energy, not to mention that the apartment itself will look a lot more lively and a lot more inviting with them.

Something to look out for is plants that tend to spread odors, either pleasant or unpleasant. They are generally not recommended. However, there have been quite a few instances where the pleasant smells helped the level of Feng Shui in that specific apartment. However, results may vary.

One last thing to mention here is the fact that even though the plant itself has to be as dark green as possible, and as pretty as possible, the pot that it will be sitting in will have to match the color of the room that it is being placed in.

That being said these are just a few simple tips that can and in fact,t will help you with the Feng Shui of your apartment. Just remember that the entire idea is to create an environment that best suits your needs and recharges our energies, not the rest of the world. So make sure to pick the colors that you want, the colors that make you happy, and above all else, respect the spaces, the corners, and the limitations that they impose.

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