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Dating A Taller Girl: Is It Really That Hard?

How to Date a Taller Girl?

There is a myth that a man must be taller than his partner or be the same height to date a girl. This enables men to have a certain level of physical dominance over women. This crude mentality is dying because of the waning gender stereotype. So you are free to ask that pretty girl with long legs out. But before you do that, there are some “rules” to follow. Now let’s go through how to attract and start dating a taller girl.

Dating A Taller Girl: Do Guys Mind?

1. Accept It and Feel Comfortable

Feel comfortable within yourself that she is taller than you, and there is nothing you can do about it. So far as I know, there is no way a person’s height can be reduced through surgery. Prove me wrong if there is!


Instead of making her height a topical issue, think of important ways to strengthen the relationship. Draining yourself over unproductive and something you cannot change would only harm the relationship.


2. Don’t Talk About It

Why should you channel your energy into discussing something you cannot change? The whole world knows she can pluck a mango with just a stretch, so there is no need to remind her. Apart from her height, she is intelligent and beautiful. So instead of talking about the size, tell her she is gorgeous and smart. It would help if you didn’t even joke about the topic.


Never ask if she has ever played basketball because she is tall. This may sound funny on the surface, but deep within, you may feel insecure. You are probably new to each other, so talk about important issues instead of trivial ones.


3. Be Confident

It would be best if you had a high level of confidence to approach that tall and good-looking girl in your hood. You want her as a partner, but she is tall and may look dominant when you start dating, so you are dragging your feet.

Why don’t to put up your self-confidence and go for what you truly want? If she is tall, you are also short or middle height! Feel good about your size and never allow hers to make you feel uncomfortable.

4. Let Her Look Special If You Are Dating A Taller Girl

One way to cure any discomfort on your side is to appreciate your partner and make her feel special. Talk about how glamorous her height is and how satisfied it makes you think.

Tell her she is one of a kind among all taller girls, and you wouldn’t leave her for anything. Making her look special is a way to feel good.

5. Why Don’t You Dress to Look Tall

OK, case closed! You want to be the same height as her, dress to look tall. If you still feel uncomfortable about the size, try the external method.

You can get yourself shoes that can make you feel taller. This should be the last resort because you may look weird.

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